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Oklahoma City new homes | The Best Decision to Make

Oklahoma City new homes | Getting You What You Want

Today we’re talking about Oklahoma City new homes and the steps necessary to get you there. Thank you so much for taking the time out of your busy day to read this article and gather all the information so you can make the best decision for you and your family. Um, the, what we’ve created is called a path to your new shaw home with 10 easy steps, you from where you are now into your Oklahoma City new homes, in previous articles we’ve

gone over the first six steps. So today we’re going to cover the last three or four steps here. But to recap those first six steps, the first step that we always take our customers on for your Oklahoma City new homes, it’s called the model home tour. And the reason we do this is we want you to see all of your options so that way you can make the best decision. You know, we have over 70 different floor plans and over 25 different communities to build your Oklahoma City new homes. So that’s why we do the model home tour so you can make the best decision for you and your family. Um, the second thing we always do is connect with one of our three preferred lenders. So the second step is financing. One of the best things you can do is know exactly where you’re at financially. So that way you know where you need to be whenever you’re ready to move forward for your Oklahoma City new homes. Uh, these three preferred lenders are spirit bank, Bank of Oklahoma, and First Oklahoma Bank.

Step number three is called the home site reservation. Either homesite reservation is great because it allows you to take off your, one of a kind of home site, the one that you love and maybe backs up to a pond or trees or a pasture, wherever it might be facing a certain direction, but once you find your one of a kind of home sites, we allow our customers to take that home site off the market so that way they block competing customers. And this allows our customers to slow things down, take their time, get all of their questions answered, and not feel pressured that someone else was going to sweep in and take their home site. The way you reserve it is a thousand dollar deposit. That’s refundable for seven days. We don’t even cash the check, so if something comes up or if you’re just not ready to move forward after seven days, we literally just hand you the check back at 100 percent refundable. After that. Step number four was the price out. This is where we allow you to build your Oklahoma City new homes on paper, and you get to

pick out the floor plan that fits you and your family’s needs. Pick out the community that you want, whether you want amenities or location, whatever it might be. You get to find that community that fits you right down to the home site. You get to find out what home sites are available and find the one in the direction it faces and up to a pond or whatever homesite you’d want in that community. And then we’d go through all of our upgrades. So with the floor plan in that community, with all of the upgrades, you’re going to see that bottom dollar price. What it would cost you to build your Oklahoma City new homes with Shaw homes. And you’ll have that bottom dollar price, we print this off with itemized pricing for every little detail. That way you have all the information so you can make the best decision moving forward

if you’re ready to move forward. After that. Step number five we talked about before is the purchase agreement a, this is where you watch an informative video. It’s about one hour, um, all of the structural options or final and the home site selection is final. So the floor plan and the community and the home site you want to build it on. But all the cosmetic features are fluid in the design studio so you can change those at any time for your Oklahoma City new homes. Um, and then also your earnest money deposit is due at the purchase agreement, so either five, 10 or $15,000 depending on the price of the home. So if it’s between zero and $250,000, it’s a $5,000 earnest money deposit. If it’s between 250 and $300,000, it is a $10,000 earnest money deposit. And if it’s between 300 and $350,000, it’s a $15,000 earnest money deposit. Anything over $350,000 is

five percent of the purchase price. After that step number six, like we talked about before, is going to the design studio. Um, this is our customer’s favorite spot because they get to work hand in hand with a professional designer to really help them through the process of designing their home. Oklahoma City new homes, it can be overwhelming picking out all of these selections because we have a little over 400,000 options. But having a designer there to help you through this process is priceless. There are three easy meetings in the design studio, um, and after you are finished there, we literally hit a button and all of our purchase orders go out to all of our trades and suppliers. And everything starts moving. At this point, you can no longer make changes to your selections. And we are ready to start building the home that you have already decided on.

Now, step number seven, after you get out of the design studio, that’s whenever shaw homes timeline starts. So depending on the customer, how decisive they are from step one to step number six after the design studio, typically it takes about a month to two months from step number seven on is whenever our timeline starts. So, so number seven is the plan review. This is where you get to meet with your builder a, review your selections and discuss your timeline, discussed the weekly and discuss your pre drywall meeting as well, and discuss the homeowner orientation or you get to meet at the main office. You get to meet your builder, the one that’ll be in your house every single day that you review the blueprints and review your site plan and discuss the grade of the land. Um, again, you’ll have you this builders contact information at this time. So if you have any questions or anything like that, you feel free to call your construction manager or email your construction manager for your Oklahoma City new homes.

But they discussed those weekly updates. So here at Shaw homes, one of the things we’ve started doing is sending out weekly updates to our customers. Um, it’s an open job site so you’re free to go on the job site anytime, but if you’re not, we’ll send out an email with photos and text so that way you can stay informed with what’s happening on your job site and what’s going to be happening the week after. I’m disgusted pre drywall meeting as well, so you’ll meet with the builder before the drywall goes on. Um, that way you can look at all of the guts of the home. So the wiring and electrical and HPAC need to see where everything’s at and there’s a lot easier to add an outlet or a light at this time rather than after the home is sheet rock. They also discussed your homeowner orientation. So after the plan review about seven to 10 days after the plan review, they’re going to break ground on your Oklahoma City new homes. So step number eight is building. So once they start building, once they break ground, it’s about five months until they’ll be walking into your brand new home.

They do what’s called a homeowner orientation done onsite. Once your home is 100 percent finished, now lock the homeowners through that home and show them how to light pilot lights or how to operate the sprinklers or anything else that the homeowner would need to know to maintain the home. You have to enjoy the progress. Since everything has already been decided, you don’t have to stress out through this process. You just get to sit back and relax. Enjoy those weekly updates. We welcome all of your questions as well, and then that [inaudible] meeting is done onsite. Some other questions that our customers have is how soon until after the design studio do they break ground and it takes about a week to meet with your builder for the plan review and then about a week to 10 days before they break ground, so about two weeks after the design studio, but we like to say from start to finish with your shaw home, it’ll take about seven to eight months,

not six or seven months from start to finish for your Oklahoma City new homes. So if you’re looking to build an edmund new home, definitely check out [inaudible] dot com. This is where you’ll find all the information that you need to know regarding building your new home and you’ll see this path on there so you’ll know what it, what it entails. Um, but obviously the first thing you should do is join in on that model home tour. I’m a quick recap. Said marijuana was that model home tour for Oklahoma City new homes, finding that floor plan that fits you and your needs. Best. Step number two is financing. Finding out what you feel comfortable investing into your Oklahoma City new homes every month. And we don’t want to price a home out. That’s way too expensive for you. We want to find one that’s perfect. And, um, within your budget. And we worked with the three largest banks in Oklahoma, Spirit Bank, Bank of Oklahoma, and First Oklahoma Bank. Then we have a homesite reservation. You get to look at all of these home sites with your Oklahoma City new homes and find that home site that fits you and your family’s needs. Jesse Hancock (5)5 10-5-18

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