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Oklahoma City new homes | The Perfect Home

Oklahoma City new homes | Recapping

All right, today we are continuing on our path to our new shaw home. We are looking at Oklahoma City new homes. Um, so one of the coolest things about this article is that we’re gonna give you all the information so you can make the best decision for you and your family. So thank you so much for taking time out of your day to, um, gather all the information so you can make the best decision. Um, to recap really quick, um, the first thing that we always do is take our customers on a model home tour. I’m on this model home tour. We’re going to start in our community called Ashbrook, Ashbrook, those other larger half Acre home sites here in broken arrow. And the floor plan is called the Prescott and you can build the Prescott in Edmond. So that could be your Oklahoma City new homes. This Prescott is really cool because it has the most windows in the living area, so has really tall transom windows that are six feet tall, um, and a lot of natural light.

We actually redesigned this floor plan and push the back patio over off the end of the note to allow for a lot of natural light coming in those windows. The Prescott also has the most storage closets and a huge pantry with a late night laundry design. Winning the laundry room is really far away from the bedrooms, so if you’d like to put your laundry in at night and not here at going all night long, the Prescott would be the perfect Oklahoma City new homes. After that, we just cruised down the street to our community called Highland Creek. A highland creek is one of the best broken Arrow communities with amenities. It has a pool and clubhouse and two playgrounds and soccer fields and basketball courts, walking trails and fishing ponds, so highland creek has a lot of amenities. I’m the floor plan that’s built over here is called the Addison p. The Addison is our most efficient four or five bedroom floor plan as a two story. It is 2,400 square feet with five bedrooms or is it single story? It’s four bedrooms or three bedrooms with an office. It has a split floor plan, separation of bedrooms, and it’s a great plan for a nursery because one of the smaller bedrooms is right off of the master

and then the game room upstairs fits nice and comfortably. Um, after that we cruised down 101st street and we go to our community called seven oaks south. Uh, in sevenoaks south we have the Greenville and the stone broke. Both of those could be your Oklahoma City new homes of the Greenville has our most open design concept. I really tall ceilings, know the 13 feet and the entryway and 20 feet over the dining room. Even as a one story. The Greenville has these really tall ceilings as the largest area dedicated to the master’s suite to with a really cool expansion in the master suite where ads two rooms off of the master. Uh, the stonebrook is really fantastic floor plan as well. I could be your Oklahoma City new homes if you’re looking for a two story home for this number can only be a two story because the master bedroom is downstairs and the rest of the bedrooms are upstairs in the stonebrook. We have an oversized nook and a turned island, so the island actually faces the nook and the backyard, which is great because it kind of creates two separate entertaining spaces.

Oklahoma City new homes, it also has a preppers pantry I liked, we like to call it. It’s just a really large pantry that goes under the stairs. So great for storing your larger kitchen items like your blenders and crock pots and stuff like that. Um, the stonebrook also has a snooze button design and the master, so you can have two entrances and exits from the master. This is great for people who get up at separate times and one person can get up and close the doors from the master into the bathroom and shower and change and get ready and exit through the master closet. Not Having to go back and forth through the master bedroom to disturb their partner. So that’s why we like to call it the snooze button. Um, it also has a unique l-shaped vanity in the master suite, so one of our largest vanities in the master of the stonebrook.

So if that’s the kind of home you’re looking for, it could definitely be built in Edmond for your Oklahoma City new homes. Next, we just continue down 101st street to our community called village at southern trails. The floorplan built there is called the monroe to p, uh, the monroe to p, uh, is 2,700 square feet. It has the largest great room of any of our floor plans and the largest outdoor living space as well. It also has the master corner tub and a snooze button design. So the Monroe too, because our most versatile flint floor plan because there’s 15 different versions to the monroe. Some of the other versions don’t have that snooze button design, but in the monroe to pub there, there’s also a hidden hall bath. So the bathroom is kind of a little more private from the common areas, which is great for guests who want a little more privacy.

After that, we cruised down to 121st and shared into our community called Somerset. Uh, the model built there is called the Redford model. Again, we can build these models anywhere. So we could definitely build the Redford for your Oklahoma City new homes and the reference is really cool because it has a turned island design for backyard views and the most kitchen cabinets and countertops space of any of our floor plans with the backyard views from the turn to island. It creates two separate entertaining spaces are great for people who like to have a big gathering but don’t want a formal dining room. So since, since this kitchen nook is so big and it serves, it’s the best of both worlds, you’re getting a formal dining space and an informal dining nook.

Um, it has a unique hearth room design as well. And again that was the note. You can put a fireplace in there. And then in the master bathroom and closet. So you have his and hers vanity and his and hers closets as well. After that we continued down 121st street to our community called estates at the river. We will build the model. There’s the monroe one, I the monroe one eye is our most versatile design with 15 different versions. The largest great room for your Oklahoma City new homes, and the largest outdoor living space with the largest master vanity. We actually have to with a split vanity and the monroe versions after that we had over into genx to our community called Timber Creek. We’re looking at the Monterrey. Monterrey would be the perfect Oklahoma City new homes for you because as a true second suite on the master on the main level.

So two master suites. I’m the most private bedrooms. Have any plan. These bedrooms you have to go down a hallway to get to. So the private bedrooms out also has a powder bathroom as well. And then the most private upstairs bedrooms as well. And then we cruise down to your town, which is Spanish for a windows. Oh, sorry. The ventana is the floor plan that’s built there and Ventana is Spanish for windows. Um, it has a great size pantry as well. And the ventanas a perfect layout for a nursery. The upstairs kids should fight less because the bedrooms are separated by the game room. So that’s what the model home tour it looks like. You get to go through all of those communities and all of those model homes just to get to a sense of what that our floor plans look like. Um, step number two is financing.

Step number three is the homesite reservation. Step number four is price out and then purchase agreement and then to the design studio. Then you get to meet your builder. And in step number eight is building. And then again it takes about five months from the time, from the time we break ground to the time you walk into your Oklahoma City new homes. Step number nine is closing a, this is whenever we give you the keys and it’s time to move in with you to meet at the title company and fulfill any other downpayment that you’d want to pay down. Um, you know, if you only had a $5,000 earnest money deposit, but you wanted to put down $50,000 at closing, you just bring in another $45,000. This is also the day you signed for the mortgage and you pay your closing costs. And we transferred the title and your name.

Then after that you’re covered by Tulsa’s best warranty, which is a 10 year structural warranty, a two year mechanical warranty, and a one year everything warranty. You also have a 24 hour emergency line, which is really great. So if there is an emergency, we have warranty coordinators on staff here, a shell homes in our office. So whenever you’re moving into your Oklahoma City new homes, you’ll always have somebody that you can contact. If it’s not an emergency, it goes onto what we call a punch list. And then we do a 60 day follow up call and take care of this punch list, whatever we can. And then an 11 month followup call as well. So you’re truly covered for that first year and you’re covered by excellent service the entire time. So that’s. Those are the 10 steps to get you from where you are now into your Edmond new home. Definitely check out [inaudible] dot com for any additional information. And thank you so much for reading this article. Taking the time to gather all the information so you can make the best decision for your Oklahoma City new homes and you and your family. Jesse Hancock (6) 10-5-18

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