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Oklahoma City new homes | The Realtor Reward Program

Oklahoma City new homes | Working With Realtors

Hello, this is Jordan, more with shaw homes with another podcast and the village at southern trails with the exciting news of Oklahoma City new homes. So one thing that we actually want to talk to you about on this podcast is actually our realtor rewards program. Uh, today I actually had my first realtor meeting with someone from coldwell banker and she’s been doing it for about two years, but I feel like it went pretty well. And I think I see why it’s so important to meet with realtors. I think that there is a preconceived notion and idea of how builders usually conduct business and it’s so different than how shaw homes does. And so I’m pleased to say that I used to shoot photos and videos for almost five years for shaw homes and saw how great of a company that it was and decided to actually work for them when I used to just do freelance work for them.

And now I’m doing even more work is, I think it’s awesome that show homes works with realtors, um, and pays them well when a lot of other builders will actually cut them out of the deal and try to give the person I’m more money off the home and actually save money by getting rid of the realtor. And so we’ll actually go into that. A little bit of the importance of our realtor rewards program and why we like to do work with realtors in Oklahoma City new homes. This isn’t any different. We’ll actually use the same program that we use here in Tulsa as that we use here a as that we use in Tulsa that we’ll also use in edmunds as well. And so with the realtor reward program, the topics that we discuss are, um, the promise, the pay, the process and the product and we promise to never ever, ever steal a client from you or that realtor and all, all the realtor needs to do in order to work with us as to fill out one simple little form and they will be protected.

And it’s called the realtor protection. For him for a reason, Oklahoma City new homes, that’s the first point. The second one is we promised to give the same fair price to every customer regardless of whether they have a realtor or not. We know that a lot of builders use this tactic to entice buyers to ditch their realtor for a better price. We’re going to give our customer the same price either way and they’re not going to get a better deal for ditching the realtor. We encourage them to keep them and we pay them, uh, if they are your realtor and it won’t change if you drop them a. and number three, we promised to communicate with youth can communicate with the realtors throughout the process. So we’re always there always in the know and where we are and where we’re going. And normally we asked them if they have any questions here about the realtor protection form.

And normally what they would do is they fill out this form and give it to us and then let us know that someone’s coming over. So that way we have a heads up and they’re the procuring cause of the sale. I’m Oklahoma City new homes. Has An opportunity for the pay their commission upfront at contract and the other half I’m at closing if they prefer or they can take it all at closing, which is what most realtors do. We pay three percent on all SPEC homes regardless of whether or not they’re on mls or not. We typically list and when they are completed. But you can also bring us a buyer while they’re under construction and still get the full three percent. So the only reason why they’re not on mls is because we don’t have photos. Yeah. And it’s not a completed product. So that means that we have usually about 40 homes, uh, that are either in construction or 100 percent completed that will be moving ready at any given time.

And so with that being said, and so one is under construction and someone wants to buy that one because they liked the home site and it’s in the neighborhood that they want to see. Even the floor plan they want. The realtor can actually bring it to us and we will honor that for them and they’ll still get three percent on that sale. Then we would ask them if there were any questions about how their pay is. And so with Oklahoma City new homes, the buying of a specs processes is same and we purged the realtor to checkout mls the mls or shaw homes.com for our inventory.

And um, sorry there was a call there. Um, so with Oklahoma City new homes, it’s really no different for buying a SPEC. We encouraged the realtor to check out the mls for the completed ones or you can get on shaw homes.com. That’s s h a w h o m e s Dot Com for our inventory and that one will actually have the ones that are under construction as well as the ones that are completed. And then we would ask them if they would like to put them on a list and that we can send out updates to them and sometimes they have incentives for realtors on that list. If the home is on mls, it will have a central lock system box on it, uh, so they can get in and will be notified when they do that and follow up with them if they prefer. They can show our client the home if they prefer, we can actually show the client the home for them and duplicate their efforts just to fill out all they have to do is fill out that realtor protection for him and sent him to us and we’ll do the rest for them and actually report back to them.

And then we ask them if they have any questions again a, then we actually go over the process. And I know in my last podcast I went over the process with you guys, but just as a basic outline for the process, we go through the model home tour. Oklahoma City new homes, the reason why that’s important is they could to see six to 12 fully furnished and decorated model homes and about 90 minutes they follow us in their own vehicle. That way if anything pops up, they’re free to go at anytime and they, we really focused on the function behind the design of the homes floor plan and we don’t really talk about price here. We just want to find what fits and works for them best. Um, and then from there what we want to do is talk to them about financing. We actually have three, a preferred lenders and that is bok.

Okay. First Oklahoma mortgage and spirit bank and they are able to do closing costs, matching and interest rate matching and they are also, uh, we’ll be able to have any other kind of loan that anyone else would be able to want it at the bank. And that only takes about five minutes to do the application and we’ll find out in about 24 hours, usually even sooner than that, whether or not they have been approved for the loan. Oklahoma City new homes, the next one would be a homesite reservation. And the important thing about this one is reserving that home site. We can duplicate a floor plan all day long, but we cannot make more land. So once we find that piece of land that our customers wanting to build on, we asked for a thousand dollar, um, homesite reservation that kind of slows things down. They can make more decisions, they can actually even swap their home site from there.

Um, but it’s refundable up to seven days and we don’t even deposit the check, we actually just hold onto it until the end of that week. And so if you decide not to go forward with it, then we actually just tear the checkup or give it back to you and there’ll be no worries there, but this actually works towards the earnest money of your home anyway. The next prize after that would be the next step after that would be the price out. And, and Oklahoma City new homes, the price out a process is exactly the same. We just have people, um,

come in for their appointment afterwards and started going through the selections. This where they get the itemized list of how much the home will cost with all of their selections. There is no surprises and facts. We can price out several different floor plans on that same home site. So they know exactly what it’ll cost if they choose to go with either option because that might be whether or not they choose that plan or not as just how much it is. The next step is the design studio a sorry, is the purchase agreement and this is actually where, um, we go to contract with that customer and in Oklahoma City new homes, the purchase agreement is the same exact thing and they will sign the paperwork there. This is also when the rest of the earnest money is due for a, the home and then afterwards, uh, you know, the only thing that it can actually be set in stone at that point will be the floor plan they choose in the home site that they pick. Other than that, um, they are able to change a lot of their other selections. And so we appreciate you joining us for another podcast that’s about halfway through the realtor program. Uh, I’ll probably pick it up on the next one here. And, uh, we’re excited again to present Oklahoma City new homes as part of the Shah homes family. Jordan Moore 1 9-28-18

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