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Oklahoma City new homes | What Our Customers Need

Oklahoma City new homes | The Last Couple of Weeks

Thank you for joining us for another segment here at Shaw homes. This is Jordan more at seven oaks south joining you in the Stone Brook v and so one of the specialty features that we are looking at over the next course of the last couple of weeks in the course of the next few as well is, are exciting news that we are expanding our family to Oklahoma City. Oklahoma City new homes is what we’re focusing on and that’s because shaw homes now builds in Edmond, Oklahoma. So that is exciting news and facts today. Uh, we have the director of sales and the vice president touring around with our salespeople and the Tulsa area to kind of give them a, get them acquainted with the way that we handle, uh, our process here in the Tulsa area. So that Kinda goes exactly with what I was talking about in that, you know, they will get exactly the same process that we have here in Tulsa.

And that’s the exciting part. Uh, I had several people come into this model yesterday and they just, and also had a tour on Saturday itself and they just appreciate the process that we have and how simple that we keep it. A, our sales manager tells us, and I can testify as well that our process for even Oklahoma City new homes is, we have done this a few thousand times, so you don’t have to. The idea behind that is we’ve been through it a lot and we know exactly what our customers are looking for. We know what frustrates customers, we know what customers like and what they don’t like, uh, and what they love and so on and so forth. So in our process, we really put that into our path for people to owning their shaw home. We’ve thought it up. We wanted to create a nice easy system. What I’ve found with other builders is there’s just a lot of unknowns, Oklahoma City new homes as you go into, start talking about the sales process and what it’s like to purchase the home.

Uh, you hear different things from different salespeople that everything has continuity and everyone’s telling that person the same exact thing. And so with us, we, we, our goal in streamlining it was that way that you’re hearing the same information from everybody. It’s not a game of telephone where it goes through one ear and a as, uh, makes it all the way round to the circle. Again, you hear something entirely a difference, uh, with Oklahoma City new homes are focused on doing that. Is that what you’re hearing the same information from everybody, uh, that I, as you can imagine, that could be pretty frustrating is if you try to communicate something to someone and as it came out the other end, uh, to someone else, it might not be communicated as exactly the way it was supposed to. And so with our path to owning a home, the idea behind that was that way every salesperson knew exactly what that step was to set the proper expectation for every customer coming through that door.

That customer doesn’t have to guess what’s next or wonder what’s next, or even kind of have to fear the build process. Because they don’t know what, what they’re going to be surprised with. We set the expectation up front with that path to owning a, your new show hall. No one else is doing this. Oklahoma City new homes, and even if they try, they wouldn’t quite have the same system that we would because we’ve just really honed in on the simplicity of making those decisions and chunking those decisions and bringing them together so that way it becomes that much more of an easy process. And uh, as I went through them last week, I think it bears repeating to talk about these things again because I need to stay sharp on it and knowing that and putting the important information out there for other people to use as a resource as well.

And so would that mean. So we’re going to talk about the path again and just the importance of it. Oklahoma City new homes, I, as I mentioned, I went on a tour with some of my customers on Saturday and by the end of it there were. They said that this is awesome. They thought it was great from a marketing standpoint. They thought it was great from an information standpoint and then just set that proper expectation for everybody all the way around. I’m communicating to them and so they found it very helpful. In fact, my first customers that I ever helped, they actually pulled out the path and said, so you’re telling me the next step is blah blah blah. And we were like, yes. And they actually referred back to the path and uh, talked about it before we went back to it again. And so that just really goes to show you the importance of knowing that you’re almost essentially training.

We train our customers to go by that path because it’s just easy. We want them to. We know that our customers have lives to live, they have jobs to work, they needed to go on and what they want is a Oklahoma City new homes and they don’t want to have to stress out about the process and we don’t want them to. So we really put this together in mind, trying to save the time for the customer, set the proper expectation expectation for the customer so they know exactly what they’re going to get. And where they’re going to go, I know as a, our sales managers put it to us. It’s if someone, uh, you know, you were hanging out with maybe one of your siblings or brother or sister and you yell upstairs too,

say, Hey,

get in the car and let’s go.

The first thing that they’re probably going to say is, well, where are we going? And if they don’t know that they’re probably not going to go with you, but as soon as you address and tell them we’re going to address it and tell them where you’re going to go. There are more than happy to hop in the truck and go with you. Um, so the importance behind that is they won’t want to go on the ride with you. Uh, I know as, as our customers would not want to hop in with us unless we told them where we were going. And so with that being said, let’s talk about where we’re going to go. So Oklahoma City new homes will feature this past to your Shaw Hall. This is actually what will hand every single one of our customers, uh, when they come into the model home and we booked them for a model home tour.

We give them a brochure pamphlet that will have the path to the shah home and then it’ll also have a map to all the model homes so that way they know exactly where each of them are and each of the features of all of those model homes as well. And so that is what’s in there as well as an included features list. I think that’s pretty awesome that we, uh, put that in there. It’s actually a legal sized document and it’s a front and back document as well. We put that in there because there is some idea that other builders sync that we don’t put anything included in our homes. And if you look at a front and back legal size piece of paper and size 10 font, maybe even eight, Oklahoma City new homes, there is a lot of things that we put in the home. However, what we allow our customers to do is to pick the options that they want.

If we fully loaded and decked out our homes for features that wouldn’t be relevant or work for them, then they’re paying more money than I need to for their home rather than paying for what they want in their home. Oklahoma City new homes so we put a website we put with inclusive that most people would want inside their home. And then we let people choose what they would like to invest in their home as far as upgrades go. But I tell everyone is, if you don’t have a dog and we put doggy doors included on our doors, that wouldn’t mean anything to you. So we want to make sure that we communicate that to you. And so we put that included features list just gave me an idea like, hey, are our homes do come included with a lot and we want to make sure that you go over that and then you know that.

And then when we go over the price out, which is something I’ll talk about in the next segment, uh, anything outside of that is what you would be charged for that, uh, from the base price of that home. Uh, and what else comes included in that packet is what our monthly incentive is now this month here in Tulsa, since it’s October, is $15,000 off the base price of the home or towards upgrades or towards closing costs now. That’s pretty awesome. That’s a chunk of change for sure. And we allow people to use it however they want and that can be the difference between making their budget and not making their budget. That can be the difference between them getting the hardwood floors of they want and not getting the hardwood floors. And so we like to give people a little bit of an allowance there, let them have fun and let them spend that money. It’s like putting money back in their pocket for letting for them, choosing us. And so that’s the exciting incentive that we have as well as a third car garage is included. And so, uh, I will continue to talk about it on the next segment, but thank you for joining us and, uh, our feature of Oklahoma City new homes and we look forward to talking to you on the next one. Jordan Moore 1 10-19-18

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