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open model homes near me | Accomplish More

open model homes near me | Accomplish More

Nitro on here, custom, home, broken, arrow builders super excited to be with you open model homes near me today again on our podcasting journey that we’re taking you know we it’s funny i, just a little side note these podcast man I used to just have it the same for him because and always talk to aaron, my boss, about it and say you know:i really never signed up to be a radio host and i. But what we do is we we reallyyou know. Podcasting is funny you actually learned quite a bit from podcasting, and so since that, since I’ve been doing that learning a lot because I’ve been studying a lot for them, I’ve enjoyed it because I am actually at heart a researcher one of my many personality talents I’m such a researcher, so I really like to research and dive into different topics in subjects. And so you know what I’ve been diving into is selling from a real estate side and we started out this journey kind of talking about. You know-and we still are talking about jess shores new book buying the experiencereal life, lessons about the way real people buy homes, and so what we were getting into we started off. Podcasting about is the four common pitfalls: custom, home, broken, arrow, builders and custom home broken. Arrow agents fall into the trap they fall into when they’re walking buyer sue homes in all. In so we talk about those four common pitfalls. So now we’ve gotten tiny into talking about two types of experiences, which is very good in its own right, very getting its own right, because you know, post-war way of selling home is all about demonstration. You know how cuz this house is that how you live in a house like this, and you do this for the house and we still open model homes near me actually have demonstration, but we believe that after the construction, guys and home from a sales perspective and cut the experience, we want to make an emotional attachment with our buyers when they walk to our homes, or we went to make a sensory attachment or connection with our buyers when I walk through homes. In so we went through.

We are going through the different ways to tell that you’re actually are accomplishing this as your touring people through homes and so from an emotional perspective. These five things will tell you that you are making connections emotionally if you’re, on evolving, both the buyers body and mind you are making a connection emotionally walking somebody to a home and then describing how does home works for them are talking about the functionality of the home after you figured out open model homes near me what the buyer, how to buy our lives would create an emotional experience. If you can make the house you need to the individual that you are torn through how to shoot a torium through to the individual. You are creating emotional experience if you can make it a deeply personal opportunity to show a home and it’s deeply personal or them a hint that something is deeply person of them. You’ve created an emotional experience. If you see their facial movements changing in good ways or their vocal acoustics changing in good ways, you created an emotional experience if it gives meaning to a situation or dealing with, for instance, they live in an apartment and there’s neighbors above them are constantly banging on the floor. This is a situation they’re dealing with. How can you give meaning to that anyhow? Can you saw that situation? You created an emotional experience. I like to I want to curl back around towards the facial movements and vocal acoustics funny story i, just we just I just booked a tour with mr. James baker for open model homes near me tomorrow night him and his wife came in yesterday-guess what they came in today and they’re coming tomorrow, so we’ve done good cuz I’ve only showed them to the two houses in my neighborhood and we’ve already created an emotional experience on one of them.

Okay, so we’ve done well so much so that they came back today for no reason at all, so by that house that day or sign a contract all in one day those kinds of things but I knew I create an emotional experience, because right when we open the front door for the greenville model that we have in 7up south on 101st in between lynn lane and county line, open model homes near me they said. Oh, my gosh, I love this or I think she said that and he said wow so I knew right then, because I know what am I so experience triggers what the triggers are for that, which is one of those affect facial movements or vocal coustics I knew we had that emotional parents there. So if you will know or see your triggers, then you will know how to capitalize on those triggers and move quicker since the better understanding, the triggers of emotional parents or even understanding how to set up sensory experiences, then you’ll move the through virus faster towards the goal which is contract. Sometimes we talked about this last time. You have to create a different little bit of a journey or you have to do different things to create these things, so we were talking a little bit about just to get back to kind of where we were using demonstrations of checklists, because that’s how we been trying not charlotte, because we have to get ready to show off, but we have time of our checklist and demonstrating home. This is it. This is open model homes near me dad. This is dave I love. This is that how you do this and going from checklist to how to create a solving experience? How much prefer back is custom home, broken, arrow builders agent to demonstrating stuff without taking a break off on a soapbox, real quick. If you, if you’ve, not explored insane curiosity and how to practice and develop that kind of cabot, then you will automatically revert back to demonstration, which is easier or would I like to call anonymous nonsense, caulking, which is also easier.

It’s not always easier to want to figure out your buyer or to invest your time in others. It’s much easier to invest in yourself, because naturally people can be selfish and we want to pay things to ourself. So if you don’t develop the habit of anything to riazzi’s and learning people and understanding people and getting to the root of the issue, because there is an issue when people walk through open model homes near me the door, they’re walking through there because there’s an issue-and if you can’t figure out the issue, then you can’t create the experience and if you have it, you won’t figure out that issue. So the way that the book talks about this, they say this frequently a relational chasm prohibits a salesperson from engaging on a deep and meaningful level with their customers. When sales people operate in this kind of emotionless mode, the entire home buying transaction is purely business. Maybe there’s a part of you that thinks it’s all business approach is completely acceptable. Let me challenge at thinking with the different perspective. Suppose you were selling a home not to a client but open model homes near me to your sister. What would be different-and they say everything and so I’m, getting close to my time here, but I want to dive into that question?

What would be different if you were selling home not to a client but to your sister? How would that change your process? How would that change your thinking all custom home broken, arrow builders? Would that change your thinking, I’ll custom, home broken, arrow agents? Would that change your process what’s different between your sister or your brother and your or your parents versus your clients? If you don’t have that same relational approach, open model homes near me meaning if you don’t have that kind of in roads are personal touch that you have with your parents, brother sister, then you’re not going to be able to have the same experiences with them, which means that the comfort level is not going to be. There certainly I’m not trying to say that do the 20 years, 30 years, 40 years, that you’ve known your parents should be overcome in a minute with a buyer, but you can get so good at it that you can get to a level that your buyer is so comfortable that they share every personal fault. They’ve ever had about a home to you or all personal details that they have, for instance, the second time around at the baker’s came by I’m james, baker wife came by today. open model homes near me After they met me yesterday, I was able to die, there’s credit score problems, and so I started to solve that issue. Because I started to talk to her and understand. You know her a little bit better and I’m super excited to talk with you again about experience how to hack make. Your buyer have an experience open model homes near me

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