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open model homes near me | Best Builders

open model homes near me | Best Builders

Modular here with custom homes, broken arrow builders wanted to come back to you. We were just finishing up our last conversation about creating emotional experiences, the two open model homes near me types of experiences and how that differs from what we’ve, what I consider to be kind of war selling, which is all about demonstration. What a house can do, what a house can? What house can be? You know these kinds of things:powerhouse functions, those kinds of things which is demonstration versus experiencing a home healing back being in the heart of a of your buyers. Peeling back the onion of their heart, just level by level till you can get them from miliar I should help the buyer on an intimate romantic way. It’s not super hard I mean for showing gorgeous homes or industry and itself will create a romanticism people, love homes and they loved it that the thought of living in a beautiful home that fits them like a glove that that thought alone is euphoric in its own personal sense. So we just have to kind of steer the boat to that you for euphoria ism place that place, that happy place where people get excited and so, but to understand that place to realize what that place is to know how to get there. There has to be what I considered a open model homes near me great questions or also another way of putting that is insane curiosity and so creating rapport. It’s all about diving, deep into understanding people on a different level, then surface c kind of conversation so again, I’m talking to all custom home broken, arrow, builders, all custom home, broken ear agent, nigel arnold here with charles holmes number, is 918-518-1266 imo’s in arnold at charles homes.Com, let’s go into what we were talking a little bit about at the end of last time, our last podcast witches peeling back the onion of her buyers because of you can, for instance, I gave you a story where I took out a buyer and I was in the middle of kind of presentation. I haven’t got very far into my. You know my my trip my model home tour, which is the first step of our process here.

Shaw homes, custom, home, broken, arrow builders, open model homes near me haven’t gotten to that yet so, but before I could get too far, they came at me with a very emotional tipsy. The kind of hinted to me that we needed to explore that not tip was both deeply personal to the buyer and it affected their facial movement in vocal acoustics, which is both to tales of how you can tell people are doing. Are there in an emotional state, and they said these words. All we want is a flat driveway. So knowing that that’s an open door on the tour added in couple home site eye drops to make sure that we hit a couple flat home sites up and it ended up being their home site. They found a house they really liked and boom boom, where it contract quickly and so I save both pine money attention. You know all those things by just making sure that I understood what emotions motion with the emotional opportunity was there for me to capitalize on. So we talked about those five nuggets of emotional experiences and how to get the the buyer involved in that there’s. Two really types of experiences that we talked emotional experience transcends irrational physical attributes of the home, mike quality priced size. Emotional experiences are stronger than having a great house, a great big house, at a open model homes near me great price and the great location. You know that, like, for instance, you might have a huge house, a great prices, great location, which great size fits all their needs, but I had to slam. In this case of this fire has a slanted driveway and my house might be left square footage. More more money in a different location is not as good, but has a flat, driveway and I guarantee you would. They would have gone with my house because of that deep personal feelings that they had about making sure the driveway was straight. So emotional experiences will transcend natural elements. Absolutely and let’s go. Let’s talk a little bit more also about sensory experiences. Don’t want to leave that out. The open model homes near me next century experiences connect one or more of your key cycle physiological senses to the physical attributes, the home, for instance. You know-am I home right now. If you were to walk in my model home right now, you would be able to smell.

The house smells great because we have, you know, i, think it’s a glade plugins or maybe, if air wick plugins, and why do we have that? Because we want your sensory, it’s parents to recognize that when you walked in a shawl home, they smell good, and we want you to make that connection a sensory connection a lot of times. Our houses will have worship music play or you know you might not be a christian music. It might be whatever music it is. If that day, why do we open model homes near me have that? Because sound helps to create sensory experience, touch, helps to create sensory experience. Movement is a sensory experiences, so that’s the beauty of the tour moving activating those muscles activating those eyes and ears and seeing experiencing that I sent some space is also a nice one for instant. Sometimes what we can do, or actually tall are models. We have them all furnished and decorated, so the p get a stint up space, meaning that what happens many times when people walk in a home that they like they will already automatically in this is not something that I have to conjure up, but I do that if it’s the people I can tell people aren’t doing it. They’re automatically start putting their furniture in that home visually. Don’t start daydreaming about it, they’re start thinking about it and if they not doing that, I will entertain them open model homes near me by saying, if I can tell that they like the house, what how was your couch fit in this waiting room, this great room? How was your couch fit? Where would you put your tv I want them to imagine them living in that home because I’m, what am I doing, I’m, creating a sensory experience I’m connecting the sensory experience with the buyer, so I think that is a huge deal at their.

It was used to actually cook cookies for a buyer’s or we are at the cookies, hoping that somebody to walk through the door, because what is the smell of freshly baked cookies? What does that? What does that create you? If you said, since you were right, so she knows all custom home, broken, arrow builders in all custom, home, broken, arrow agents, open model homes near me sensory experiences are extremely important. Emotional experiences are extremely important important. We talked last time about creating having to go on a different journey, sometimes of getting to know your customer on a deep emotional level, and what that means is you need to be flexible, like we have special home custom home builders, we have scripts for everything, and so sometimes it’s okay to go outside the line. If you have an opportunity to make an emotional experience key and the case in point, going and seeing home fact on a model home for when the whole basis in point of model home tours to see houses and for them to get to know you and get to know them, but and I will tell you this, open model homes near me and this happens constantly on my model home tours I generally know and can tell which buyer buyer will pick a what on the model home store before they get to the house, that they love, because they will talk and openly about what they’re looking for.

And so you do get to know. You’re fired quite well open model homes near me in his model home tours, and then you have the opportunity. You know, because you’re spending time with them to create emotional experiences into the opportunity, create sensory experiences, which are all very important and also the opera piano very needful, to make sure that you can sell a home, so I feel, like I’m covered that quite well home buyers, desperately wrong being emotionally engaged with the home of their dreams. You might not understand this, so you might not ever thought this, but it’s absolutely true that home buyers want to fall in love if they want a love at first sight, experience they’re looking for that they’re wanting that, and so it’s important that you understand how to create that, because there might be a house, that’s just perfect for your buyer, but without peeling the onion by your heart, the peeling, the onion back. So you can see the heart of open model homes near me your fire. You might not be able to figure that out, because people sometimes in the cells they want to demonstrate the house with feature dumping or salesperson centric and talk about everything they like. As you know, and it’s just kind of like a check list for him, then go from feature to feature, but that’s not how we do it so I’m running out of time, united, ronald, custom, home broken, arrow builders,

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