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open model homes near me | Best Home Plots

open model homes near me | Best Home Plots

This is nigel arnold here with shaw homes, custom homes broken, arrow builders. open model homes near me My number is 918-518-1266. My emails in arnold at shaw homes.Com super happy to be here with you today doing a podcasting session. We just were kind of interrupted there at the very end of my last podcast talking about the four common pitfalls that comes with walking people through home or on number 4, which is salesperson. Centric and I’ll. Read you the definition in a minute, but I was on the story of one of the real estate agents in town, and we were I want to finish that story before we head right off into the next one. What we were talking about real estate integrity sells real estate agent, integrity I’ve been a part of a couple deals that have gone south because of issues with integrity, because 7 out of 10 millionaires are in real estate. We know and I think the nation from person to person pretty much knows that in real estate. There’s a lot of money, so open model homes near me people do hop in real estate for the money they absolutely do. And so, if you have all these people jumping in for money or even say they like the position, they like people that like working with people, they do like the money. That’s fine, but it’s those people that jump in for money alone that jeopardize their integrity for paycheck or a deal and I was finishing a story up with a friend of mine who are talking about this, and we were talking about when people jeopardize their integrity and what real estate integrity means, and it kind of goes back to being professional, with more morality and integrity and not jeopardizing your position, and he was telling me of a story where he had a friend who was the brother of a buyer. His friend gave this agent believe so dave called this call to leave call these people and they had said they had already started open model homes near me working with a realtor in.

So this agent did not press for a cancellation of a contract in to renegotiate andre rison with him. He just said:i want just to be an agent and information for you about able trust, trusting source. You can rely on and call for, because these people are looking at new construction in this agent had been a part of new construction for the past decade, and so he had a lot of experience and he actually is the number one agent and all of tulsa as far as revenue is concerned. So this was a big deal and he has a lot of knowledge and a lot to offer. So these people were floored by that comment because they could not leave you at all free services for free and so cuz. It’s all open model homes near me about a paycheck in our business. Unfortunately, not everybody, a matter fact:there’s 3800 religion in tulsa area, many of the custom home broken, arrow builders work with many of these and I work with several, and there are some very, very good ones that I would love working with love, talking to the love being a part of and but there’s also been some bad experiences. In so I’m sure some people had a bad experience with me, but never has anything with me ever been apart, because I would jeopardize my integrity. It’s always been because in the building industry problems with the way people handle timelines decisions, stress and those kinds of things. So when we are apart of it at one of the most open model homes near me emotional experiences that some people have in their lifetime, so I get especially building a property which in generally can be a little bit a little bit harder than buying a used all. So it’s a little bit better because you put your more emotionally involved in his home that you personally built and designed according to your taste. So it comes with the territory so but anyways. What? What a cool thing that’s realtor says just use me for a source of information.

I see it all the time when people come in here and they just wanted to learn about sean and of learning about us, custom, homes, broken, arrow, builders and so i. Don’t jeopardize my integrity and trying to win a buyer over and went to buy her back anything like that. So, but it’s kind of goes back to what we were talking about salesperson century. The definition of that is, it is the opposite of neglect. It is the sales person who inserts himself in way too much into the presentation about by talking about what he likes it every turn. open model homes near me I love this entryway I think this countertop is just gorgeous. Oh and look at this fireplace I would love to curl up in front of that on a cold night. At best, a customer is thinking who cares when cells people talk like this at work. Another two word phrases in their mind starts with shut-ins. What’s up I love, ryan’s pro-tip on this topic. He says this hear me out on this I think you’ll like it too. He says that’s one way to ensure that you switch from being salesperson. Centric to having a customer-centric focus is develop a skill. We call insane curiosity if you discover via amy’s pro-tip, above that you are salesperson centric. There is a good chance. You need to exercise your curiosity open model homes near me muscles and it’s human nature to be self-focused. It takes work to retrain your brain, to focus on other people. Give your curiosity muscles are regular work out by picking a different person to get insanely curious about each day, not necessarily your customers. You can practice some friends and family, the better you get at asking people about themselves and their lives the more natural it will come to do so with your customers. It doesn’t take long to take that long for it to become second nature, for you to ask open model homes near me about others verses telling about yourself that is rich extremely rich and I hope all custom home, broken, arrow builders heard that specially all custom home broken arrow agents, because that is like gold.

If you are not asking people about themselves, having that sense of insane curiosity about your buyers and such then, they were overly think it’s about you. They will think that you’re arrogant and they will think that you’re a know-it-all. You have to be humble, but yet be open model homes near me persistent, be curious, yet know when to take a step back, there’s a delicate balance in the selling of homes are becoming and starting relationships cuz. That’s basically what we do for our whole time working in this industry, it’s always about building a new relationship and how good you can be at building or new relationship. Now here’s a funny story that you might actually find funny. Maybe you won’t but I do, but we actually have an agent on staff that I feel like it’s an insanely good at this step, but this agent also can go too far in this step and what I mean by that is. Yes, you can be great at just making the buyer filleti’s getting to know them outstanding and wonderful, and it’s open model homes near me all great, because that’s building rapport, which is generally the first step. That’s really what you need to do to start off with, but the problem in there in lies that, if that’s what you’re great at and then that’s what you’re kind of drawn to, then you can overdo that we’re at you. Do nothing but talk, talk, talk, talk, talk and they talk, talk, talk, talk and he never get down to brass text and so because what you might not understand-and what probably most custom home broken arrow builders understand. Our custom broken ear agent understand, is that the longer the process takes the more tired buyers gift and that process can be like a short wick or it can be like a very drawn-out a process open model homes near me in each buyer is different, one, so crazy about that friend. Since I think you guys heard my story last time we talked about how the old lady that came in town a day early and found a house.

She didn’t want to give me the time and day because she had such a such a small wick where she didn’t want to talk anymore about home. She found one, and that was it. She didn’t open model homes near me want any parents anymore homes, and then you might have somebody that wants to go through tn homes, and so, if you are there, always getting always building rapport rapport rapport, never getting around to brass tacks, and you have a short wick person. Then you’ve missed your opportunity, which was kind of what happened to me. Even though I never went I never built constant amounts of rapport I met her for an hour or two that day and I built a good enough report that they wanted to come back and meet me. But she was so tired from just looking at houses for a day that she didn’t give me another opportunity, even though she agreed that we had a better house with better materials and better and open model homes near me a better vehicle and then so there is limits on salesperson centric, which they don’t really go into in this book, but I found it to be true and I hope all custom homes, broken arrow, builders, understand and custom homes broken arrow agents understand that there is limits on salesperson, centric and being buyer centric. There’s a balance, and so I hope. You understand that I hope you’re able to get that again. Nigel arnold shaw homes, custom homes broken arrow, and we will talk again soon

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