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Experience Oklahoma's Highest and Most Reviewed Home Builder

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Owasso New Home Builder | Building Your Dream Home Today

Speaker 1: (00:01)
This is the Monroe to P this is a home that we sell in many different areas, specifically in a Owasso new home builder. We walk into a beautiful entrance with a two story ceiling, a coat closet, over to the right, and on the left, a dining room slash study, depending on what room you want to make it walking further into the house. There are stairs that go up to the game, room and bedroom. And if you walk forward, there is a living room with beautiful furniture. These are the types of homes that you will see as an Awaso home builder and things that we can build for you. As a Monroe to P we have a kitchen and a nook with a wonderful pantry and great cabinets and countertops. We have wonderful appliances as a toll, as an Owasso new home builder that are white with the stain that a lot of people are liking farmhouse sink, beautiful Y walls with trim.

Speaker 1: (01:25)
We have a great back yard, wonderful fixed windows as an a  home builder fireplace that can be extended to ceiling height with a nine foot plate line. All feelings wonderfully high as an a new home builder. We have a linen closet by the master bedroom. The master bedroom is a large master bedroom and this floor plan with a reading nook and a corner entry to the bathroom as an a WASO new home builder. We have plenty of different plans to show that have great master bedrooms. When you walk into the master bathroom, we have a water closet that separates the toilet from the rest of the bathroom and a wonderful soaking tub that stands alone. Something that is Pinterest worthy, that is now standard in our homes. In this floor plan, we have a, his and hers sink, which is wonderful as an Owasso new home builder. We have a great shower that is beautiful. It is five feet in length with a wonderful closet. The closet is a great space to store your clothes, even

Speaker 2: (02:59)
Including seasonal storage. If you want to add that as an option with space, for your shoes space, for your jewelry and other great things that you will find the closet circles around to the laundry room, which is a large space for a UN a Owasso new home builder. When we circle around out of the laundry room, it brings us to a hallway. This hallway connects the living room and the other guest rooms on the other side of the house, where we have two spacious guest rooms as an new home builder with a full bathroom, including a shower and tub with this beautiful mud bench, all of our ceilings are nine feet, and some of them are even taller under the stairs. There’s a great closet. When those tornadoes hit as a WASO new home builder, we want to be prepared. We can build storm shelters in the garage, or you can use this space under the stairs when those tornado sirens go off.

Speaker 2: (04:15)
So you don’t have to go to the garage coming back around toward the front door for a  new home builder, Shaw homes. We have staircase that goes upstairs to a game room and a bedroom. This floor plan has four different variations that can allow for five bedrooms or four bedrooms. You can have a larger game room in the other variations as a Owasso new home builder. We like to offer a lot of different options upstairs. In this floor plan, there is a full bathroom that has a bathtub and a shower and a sink, and some cabinets. This floor plan has beautiful features for many different lifestyles. As a WASO new home builder, we offer it for everybody. We want everybody to feel comfortable and find a floor plan that fits for them as a WASO new home builder. We want to create a place to live for you.

Speaker 2: (05:30)
We take pride in our ability to reach many different lifestyles in families, as a Owasso new home builder. We want to create a happy place for you and your loved ones, whether it’s you and your pets, you and your mother, you and your family. We as a WASO new homebuilder, want to create that space for this floor plan. The Monroe to P is a great floor plan for a  new home builder, with plenty of storage and space to be in live. We want to create a space for you as a WASO new home builder to make you happy. We hope that you like these floor plans and enjoy large ceilings and spacious master bedrooms, because this plan has it all. Maybe there’s a different plan for you as a  new home builder. We want to create what works for you. We have one story plans, two story plans in many different budgets to work with as a new home builder, we want to find a budget that works for you.

Speaker 2: (06:51)
These homes at Shaw homes have many different opportunities and lifestyles that we can accommodate. We want to create a space for you as a Owasso new home builder. We want to present great product at a great time with great integrity as a WASO new home builder. We want to make sure this is the place for you. When looking for a home, it’s important to find what works for you. So find what works for you at Shaw homes. This is a great place to be with many different price points and floor plans. There are many different options to help you find what is best. We have one story floor plans, two story floor plans, square footage that ranges from 1400 square feet to over 3000 square feet. We have many different products from our Manchester, our Manchester premiere, our heritage theories, and even our luxury series.

Speaker 2: (08:02)
If you have a budget, we want to work with you. We have many different opportunities for families and those looking for homes in the Owasso area. If you are looking for a home in the Owasso area, this is the place for you. Shaw homes has many different things to offer and has an abundance of wonderful staff to help you find the dream home you are looking for. Don’t doubt it. We have it. We have everything that you could be looking for at Shaw homes in a new home, in a WASO, as a new builder. We want to show you the different doors that we have, the different paints that we have, the different cabinets that have, and the different floors that we have, uh, WASO is a wonderful place to live. And we would love to build your new home. Shaw homes is a great product and a wonderful place to buy a home with 500,000 different options.

Speaker 2: (09:16)
We can build a home for you. This is a place to build a home. There is wonderful cabinets and countertops to choose from to make the home feel unique to you. Maybe you want to put in wood floors, or perhaps you prefer tile. We have it all. There are many options as a Owasso new home builder to create the home of your dreams and to live happily ever after. There are many different things to choose from to please you and your family for years to come as a  new home builder, we are here for you.

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