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tulsa custom home builders | Downstairs and Upstairs

tulsa custom home builders | Downstairs and Upstairs

Again, this is candice matter wish all hope says a custom homes, tulsa custom home builders broken arrow of move-in-ready homes that we would love to sell you and I am going to be glad to tell you about them. Today. First of all, in the union school district, we have our former model waterstone model home, that is for sale. Cedar hills is a gated community off of 101st street between garnettno, it’s between garnett, it’s a beautiful gated community there, but is actually in the union school district in the city of broken, arrow 3940 square foot model home there is are avery and it is located at 107, east 100th, place south, it is move-in ready, has 4 bedrooms has three and a three-car garage apps to up front when you first walk in the home to the right and then the very next tulsa custom home builders home you’ll walk pass on. Your ride is going to be the formal, dining room that has a walk through to the kitchen. Now the kitchen has a two stories. It, so it is pretty darn spectacular with lots and lots of cabinets and counter space available more than you typically see in most brand new homes with the open-concept.

You actually do. We put extra cabinets in there as well as a butler’s pantry, and then a walk in that has a motion sensor, light on it that automatically can’t you open the door. The great room is quite large, with built-in bookcases actually place the fireplaces centered in the on the great tulsa custom home builders room, all additionally, you have a walk-through area that leads from the kitchen past, the grapefruit, the master bedroom and it overlooks for large floor-to-ceiling windows, overlooking the patio this while I’m thinking about it is very, very large, quiet and then additionally downstairs. There’s a porce, the master suite, the master, the walkthrough utility room, laundry room. That is right off of the master bathroom. So you can take those wet tile straight to your laundry room. There’s lots of built-ins available tulsa custom home builders are that are already built in this laundry room and then there’s a hallway that leads basically to the left of the stairs. All the way back to a guest bedroom, that is an ensuite that has its own bathroom and closet. So it’s a nice private room for your guests with a huge walk-in closet.

Additionally downstairs there’s a second while there’s a powder bathroom and then the mud bench area that leads out to the three-car garage and then the magnificent staircase of the waterstone model. You have upstairs as a customer with for windows that overlooks the very large backyard bar area that has a refrigerator and a microwave in the sink tulsa custom home builders and cabinets home also has a theater room with the speakers already built into the back to the backs of the walls in there. So it’s a nice size, theater room. Additionally, there are two bedrooms upstairs that I’m split a jack and jill bathroom, that’s halfway between the two upstairs bedrooms. This is a gorgeous home. I would love to show it to you and it is for sale for the reduced price of only $439,900. So it’s a great located at 10709 east 100th, place south. This is a gated community. So, of course, you need me to tulsa custom home builders open the gate for you and then open the house for you. Additionally, as a custom homes, broken arrow builder, in millicent pond, we have a 2805 sqft notting hill, located at 917 south kalanchoe.

It is complete, 4 bedroom, 3 bath, 3 car garage, it’s on multi list of 1 81626 millicent pond for only $354,174. So as a customs homes, broken arrow builder, that’s just an incredible by right down the street in the village tulsa custom home builders at southern trails. We also that’s all homes have two homes available ready for you to move into. One of them is a single-story 2349 square foot redford this home is almost completely template. In fact, I was just showing it’s really pretty and it has a fenced-in backyard. The fencing’s already done for you it’s for its 3 bedroom, 3 bath, 3 car garage and it’s located at 30618, south, fir court, and it’s only $288,134. So that’s incredible:by for the village at southern, trails now, the village at southern trails has got a tulsa custom home builders beautiful community pool in it, for the family to swim in together, found a ride up front in the neighborhood that the kids just enjoy so much. Also at the custom homes broken arrow the village homes has 2,700 sqft monroe 2p. That says beckham that’s available located at 3725 south elder boulevard, it is complete, 4 bedroom and it is for the low low price of only $10,126 is adorable. I was actually in it last night too, and it’s just a great home. It’s a beautiful home and I have a model in that same neighborhood.

If you want to see what one looks like furnished and decorated, though that would be a great home for me tulsa custom home builders to be able to show you the north. We have got a 605 square-foot, notting hill el, that’s located at 3009, west, edgewater street, and we are in the process of building this home. So I don’t have an mls number on it for you to show you what that would look like and then we can go by and look at where it sits on the lot. So you can see what comes I did just sitting on its located at 30009, west, edgewater street, and it’s only $325,628. So me, rush creek north is a really exclusive neighborhood on the east side, 91st street tulsa custom home builders location, it’s just a great neighborhood, there’s some very high-end homes in there and it’s them early and meandering, there’s creek, so beautiful, beautiful hump. Additionally, as a custom homes, broken arrow builder, in brighton village, we have got a monroe to a single-story for sale. This home is 2172 square feet and it is located in brighton village at 6013, south 13th street, it’s going to be a 3 bedroom, 2 bath, 3 car garage. This home isn’t quite started yet, but I can show you know exactly what it looks like and it tulsa custom home builders should be completed in the next few months, and so I would love to show it to you. You can find us w. Shaw homes.Com or you can call me directly at 918-724-2280

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