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Tulsa custom home builders | Oversized and Great

Tulsa custom home builders | Oversized and Great

Does a custom homes, broken arrow builder here at shaw homes we have a very high set of standard included features and for this podcast I’m going to continue telling you about what is included in the in the kitchen are built in stainless steel Tulsa custom home builders appliances with an oven microwave cabinet. We actually have a cookie sheet. Dividers I actually put my serving trays up there too I’m there’s just plenty of room and it’s a great space above the the built-in, microwave and oven. This cabinet is just wonderful and then on the bottom of this cabinet. It has a large pot and pan drawer that I keep and then as a custom homes, broken arrow builder. We offer the appliances that we offer our built-in stainless steel, whirlpool 30-inch, it’s a5fred evan with an oversized window. Tulsa custom home builders It has a light and a timer and then also by whirlpool. We have a dishwasher with a silverware spray and a ventless microwave that is 1200 watt 1.6 cubic inch with a turntable and then, of course, a 30-inch gas burner cooktop with 5000 btu vernors and a gas line connection. Then we give you a custom hood vent.

Above your cooktop, in your choice of either the two door style or the three panels smooth and then of course. Additionally, we have lots of other different hoods that you can choose from, as wellwe also include a high-capacity food disposal in your sink and recessed lighting in the kitchen and the note there’s going to be 8 in the kitchen, as well as your custom made solid stained alder cabinets with a 36-inch upper in your choice of shaker farmhouse are raised panel door, Tulsa custom home builders styles, hidden hinges and crown molding, and your choice of paint or stain colors throughout the home. Your choice of doors or open arch above the refrigerator openingadditionally, the custom homes broken, arrow, builder and all of our homes were going to include a 2cm granite countertop in the kitchen, but in many of our homes, because it’s require speaks p and some of her broken arrow, neighborhood, flat or half full. Now then, we’re going to include also at fault, I’ll, fax and a water line, of course, to your ice maker in your refrigeratorthe kitchen is also going to have a stainless steel undermount, either with double or a single or multiple choices of delta faucets. With Tulsa custom home builders your choice of venetian, bronze, your arctic stainless or a chrome finish additional in your master suite. We are going to extend the trade ceiling up to 10 feet in the master bedroom. Your ceiling is also going to include a pre wire for a ceiling fan with the wire the bracing switch and is in the two separate switches you can operate. The light and fan independently, of course, comes out of your life budget allowance. Your light fixture allowance, we’re going to give you in your master bathroom will actually all your bathroom either a custom-made, solid, stain grade, alder or paint grade cabinets in your choice of the shakers.

Tulsa custom home builders The farmhouse style or the raised panel toward door styles. And then you get to pick the paint color or the stain color in. It’s, going to be included a cultured marble countertop with a 4in intrical backsplashand, a cultured marble. 6 foot garden tub with cultured marble decking and surround the tub is going to be determined by which plan you have six foot arch to unlike oval-shaped tub, and then some of them will be a corner tub depending on which plan you pick. Your shower is going to be a fiberglass shower with a framed glass door and your choice of oil, rubbed, bronze or brushed nickel or chrome finish with a recessed light over your shower on a separate squid in spanish, because it is Tulsa custom home builders going to be as ceramic tile shower. Then, of course, you’re going to have ceramic tile flooring included throughout the master bathroom, as well as your towel. Your towel ring and toilet paper holders in your choice of either the venetian bronze, color or the brushed nickel color for the chrome. Finish additionally, is a custom homes, broken arrow builder, your commode is going to be white and it’s going to be a multiple choices of delta plumbing fixtures and your choice of either the venetian bronze, the chrome or the brushed nickel finished. Then, in your laundry room as a custom homes, broken arrow builder, we are going to include custom made 30 inch, upper cabinets and rod and shelf Tulsa custom home builders for hanging laundry, also a lower cabinet with a 2cm granite countertop in your choice of shaker style, farmhouse style raised panel door, styles and they’re all going to come with hidden hinges, crown molding and, of course, the cabinet.

How many the cabinet searched term in by which floor plan you choose also in your laundry you’re, going to have an in-wall washer box, with both hot and cold supply and drain line, and then your choice of gas or 220 volt connection for your dryer. So you Tulsa custom home builders could tell us if you want electric or gas for your dryer flooring, that’s going to be included in shaw home as a custom homes, broken arrow, builder, your kitchen and your nook, as well as your bathrooms and the entryway, but the entryway from the front door and the entryway from the garage and then carpet in all the other areas. In your choice of color, with a 6 pound carpet pad. Then we’re also going to include a 36-inch superior builder vent for your fireplace with a starter switch, and then we also include a brick raised, hearth and surround with decorative stained or painted wood mantel in your choice of either the classics for the beam style, mantel also and utility room per plant, Tulsa custom home builders in your choice of styles of the shaker farmhouse or the raised panel door. Styles and of course all of our cabins come with hidden hinges and they can either be stained or painted your choice.

We also include bulldozed, archways and corners and all of your entry you’re living your dining room, kitchen hallway in trees and a 3in og base trim with a two and a quarter inch casing throughout the home’s interior on the first floor and then the second floor is for an empire playing as a custom homes, Tulsa custom home builders broken arrow builder. We also include masonite doors with painted trim and your choice of cheyenne. The roman are the riverside, the two panel square or the six panel colonial style door soap. We also include a westlock cove door, knobs and hinges in your choice of finish of either the aura bronze or the breast brushed nickel or the crumb. Additionally, we’re going to have cable, Tulsa custom home builders phone, jacks in the great room and the study of your home comes with a study, the master bedroom and the game room and bonus room. If your floor plan comes with the game, room

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