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Tulsa Homebuilders | Model Homes Tours

Tulsa Homebuilders | Model Homes Tours

So, whenever people are looking for shaw homes and they’re wanting to find the perfect new home construction and they google custom, broken arrow homes, one of our people are one of the things that you can do is go on. Google and google show homes.Com or you could simply go on chow homes.Com and sign up for one of our model home tours. Now the Tulsa homebuilders awesome thing about the wind up, seeing on our tours all the homes that we offer in the price budget that you set for the new home. One of the things that we like is when people are shopping, broken, arrow, custom, homes, they think of shaw homes. First, because we’ve been in this business for 28 years and whenever you think custom show how much are going to think of custom, broken, arrow homes, you’re going to think of shaw, and they start anywhere from $160,000 going up. It just depends on what you’re looking for in a home, but one of the things that we pride ourselves and doing is offering the model home tours that takes about 90 minutes to see everything, but at least you’re seen exactly what you would like in a new home plan will function a little differently, so you’re able to see what maybe you and your families lifestyle will work in match up with one of her Tulsa homebuilders mobile home.

We absolutely love doing the model home tours are about 90 minutes long and we keep the area that you’re looking for talking about today, broken arrow custom home. So if you’re looking in the broken are area, the majority of our neighborhoods are going to be in broken arrow. The reason being is broken arrow has grown so much over the years. We just are constantly buying land in developing, because it’s one of our Tulsa homebuilders biggest feeling areas out of every ever built in. We have neighborhoods that started a hundred and sixty just depending on what location, and also if schools are important for some people are empty-nesters and they don’t have the little kids are schools to worry about, so they just want to start in location or sometimes it’s just price-driven they’re open to any area. They don’t have to they close to any school, but their price budget will drive them to a certain neighborhood or limit a few choices that they’d be able to have, but we always try to have something for everybody. So that’s the beauty of building, as you can kind of, keep the price that you need. That’s where we do for you to show you all the things that we have to offer. So, if you’re looking for custom shaw homes and you check out shaw homes.Com you’ll be able to sign up for one of our model home tours Tulsa homebuilders and will gladly take you around and show you what your choices are. With your budget and location in mind, some of our broken arrow neighborhoods.

We actually have a lot of amenities in most of them will have swimming pools. Creek. It’s going to keep you on low on your taxes and it actually has soccer field swimming pool fishing pond on sidewalk. So your taxes are a lot less so you’re not really that much compared to tulsa county. We have brighton village. So if you’re looking for custom shaw homes-and you want to be in south, broken arrow brighton village is going to be located, 121st actually on 121st and it’s in between Tulsa homebuilders county line, road and lynn lane, and that’s going to get you a nice south location right down the street from the warren movie theater. So there’s a lot of people that want to be close to activities for the family or just close to the highway. So that’ll keep you about 3/4 of a mile three fourths of a mile from the warren theater and give you a lot of things to do with your family. And then, if you go a little bit down the road 121st between 145th and 129th, you’re, going to see the reserve at spring creek and the reserve at spring, creek and you’re, able to be by the warren theater to the creek turnpike and what we have available as we are building a two-story home on our last available home side Tulsa homebuilders before sold out it’s our crescent plan and it’s actually more the space. We made it a four-bedroom, game, room, plus a study. This is a really nice open floor plan for those who want to have really pretty trees in the back. It’s got a great view.

It is unplatted killing someone to develop the land behind it if I wanted to, but for now it does have beautiful pine trees at except it’s actually just right down the street from the swimming pool in Tulsa homebuilders walking distance. So the kids can walk to the swimming pool and never have to get in your car and drive. I love the reserve at spring, creek cuz, it’s pretty small, there’s literally about 40 home sites neighborhood and it’s surrounded by the entire neighborhood is surrounded by trees. They outline the whole neighborhood on both sides on the west Tulsa homebuilders side and on the east side and I goes down to a dead-end cul-de-sac for the community. So if you’re out there swimming in the summer time, you’ll have your restrooms and a drinking fountain and everybody in that neighborhood, because it’s such a smaller small neighborhood everyone’s walking distance from the is the pulse it’s right in the dead center. So it’s really nicely located well-thought-out and we also have our model home for sale. So if you’re looking for a custom, shaw homes in broken arrow-and maybe you don’t want to build that, you need a 5 bedroom homes in game, room floor model, hummel accommodate that it’s actually 3762 square, we’ve lowered it from 405 listing price down to three, so they are highly motivated to get that one moved and it’s got 3 bedrooms and dining and a study down a huge 27 by 10 foot covered patio in the back and then upstairs. Tulsa homebuilders

It’s got to game rooms, one bedroom in a bath, so you have a lot to choose from. If you need space-and you really you wind up getting all of the upgrades at home for free, so if your list looking for a custom, broken, arrow, home or broken arrow custom home-and you can you lock that location, because Tulsa homebuilders it’s close to the highway, easy to jump on the highway and get down to downtown tulsa the airport just about anywhere and that’s going to be a really good plan at home. We also did a lot of custom feature, so it has the tic-tac-toe molding ceiling in the great room. It’s got wings, that goes a little bit higher than normal in the formal, dining call. The grays and whites and color actually has custom, shaker style, farmhouse cabinet, with the divider in the middle glass with lights in the kitchen, it’s got a custom island, so we added two feet onto the island and we added a sitting area on the end. And then we took all the front of the island. We did built in storage, so lot of people are able Tulsa homebuilders to look at that storage and use it to store things so shaw homes, oklahoma or shaw homes.Com come sign up on a tour, and let us show you around if you’re looking for a broken arrow custom home thanks for listening

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