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Tulsa Homebuilders | Offering Tours Today

Tulsa Homebuilders | Offering Tours Today

So, if you’re in the broken arrow area-and you just want to see what we have to offer-there’s just so much stuff to offer families and ask brooke as one of our most upcoming communities to really give you a Tulsa homebuilders lot of bang for your back, so you’re able to just see what we can do in a new home, construction, nice trying to make a okay, then pick a different one and use a different one or we’re going to go inside and so as speaking of ashbrook. If we go into brighton village, that would be our next community take a different gun to shoot honey and in our brighton village community day, starting the low two forties and they’ll kind of go up from there. So it’s a great location but I mean Tulsa homebuilders it’s close to warren theater and in brighton village.

The square footage start at 1802 square feet and that’s going to give you a three bedroom with a study two bath, 3 car garage and you’re able to do a half acre home and they start around 240 s in marinette and plus. The study. So give me a Tulsa homebuilders really nice square footage size as far as homes on a half-acre lot and that neighborhood you save with the wagon county taxes, and you know they go up to 3712 square feet. So we can definitely build a 5-bedroom six-bedroom home game, room, 3, full bath, 3 car garage. So there’s just a lot to choose from in there and the area schools that we have for ashbrook are going to be broken. Arrow school, district 300, give you highland park elementary oneta middle school in broken, arrow high, school schools in there, and it’s located at 24000, east, 95th, street south, and that’s in broken arrow, zip code 74014. And if you’re wanting to find out more information, you can always call or online information Tulsa homebuilders number, which is 918-740-6944 and shannon will be able to help you in any way that you would need two. But one of the things that we love is even an ash breath with a half acre.

You still have our parade of homes in so you got $15,000 to spend anyway until the end of june parade of homes is going to start june 16th through the 24th I’m. Sorry 16th through the 28th, but it’ll just it’ll just be amazing. We always have a lot of people through the door. I would say in each of our main areas. Are models of they’ll have people through the door day, so it’ll be a great time to buy a home and see what else is out there and I would say, come and check out, show homes.Com if you’re looking for broken, arrow, custom, homes and-and so if you like, the ashbrook area, I mean it’s right by blue, bell ice cream. So if people are coming in Tulsa homebuilders between coweta and broken arrow or they just want to be close access to a highway, that’s going to be the best. The best price community and plan that you could be at. So just give you a lot of things to look forward to and I just go online charles homes.Com check them out, but that’s going to be one of our nicest half acre neighborhoods in broken arrow, perfect, but don’t get in your mommy’s flowers. If you’re looking for a community, we have a lot of heritage homes and then we have manchester series homes and I would Tulsa homebuilders say the majority of our. If you’re looking for broken arrow, custom homes, it’s going to be in the broken, are area and you’ll be able to see all kinds of different things to choose from, and today we have the majority of our home sites in the broken arrow communities. So it makes it nice for a buyer’s. But if you’re shopping, broken, arrow custom homes, you want to check out shaw homes come and see what we have to offer. I think you’re going to find exactly what you like in a new home

I know if you’re looking for broken arrow communities and you want to find no kingston. So if you’re looking for custom homes in broken, arrow, broken, arrow, custom homes and you check out brighton village, Tulsa homebuilders there’s going to be some really so if you’re in the broken arrow community and you check out brighton village one of the things that all tell you that you would probably love to see is at community, because it’s actually conveniently located less than a mile from the creek turnpike and it kind of enables our residents to get just about anywhere in the tulsa area in a short amount of time. And then warren theater is very close by it’s on the same road, just a little bit, west of there and walmart and many more shots or within a 2-mile drive and they’re closed at highway access, shopping, entertainment without the feeling that you live in the city. So it’s just a nice area and in that community Tulsa homebuilders don’t shoot henry with your neck community. We do offer a beachfront or a sorry a swimming pool and a clubhouse, and it is broken arrow. It has school district 3, which is spring creek, elementary, childers, middle school in broken, arrow, high school, and as far as available homes in that community, we always try to have at least under construction or coming along the floor plans. We offer over 75 floor plans to choose from, and that’s just a great area to vienna expecially, with the way the price starting soap Tulsa homebuilders from the low 200, with a lot included that just going to give you a really good at broken, arrow, custom, home neighborhood. So if you’re looking for broken arrow custom homes-and you are in that area, you definitely want to check that out and that, as far as other broken are areas, I would say just not too far from there we have highland, creek and highland creek is going to start in a low 200. It’s going to start with square footage of 1808 1802 square fionn up to 3712 square feet, that’s going to be the highest in that Tulsa homebuilders neighborhood and kind of top out for that community and the thing I love about highland creek is you’re actually in wagoner county. So your county taxes, but you’re in broken, arrow community, so in the highland creek neighborhood, the thing I love about is your wagoner county, so your taxes are cheaper and you’re, actually in broken, arrow, city limits, and so maybe you can take in there just leaving the plant and square footage is 3262 square feet:school district 3, it’s actually oakcrest elementary childers middle school in broken, arrow, high school, so those are all great schools. As far as the community goes, you know that community is going to have a a clubhouse. It’s going to have Tulsa homebuilders jogging trails, basketball, courts of park and soccer field, so you just have a lot to choose from in that neighborhood come over here where I can see you be wet tonight, I know we’re not getting wet tonight and so a little bit. Okay, so highland creek is a great neighborhood. It’s there’s two phases, so we can get you in phase 1 to give you a credit off the home site, because phase 2, of course, was more expensive.

So if you’re in one of our home sites at least 7,000-and it would give you a $7,500 credit-but we’ve got two more after that with a 7000 credit and then her face one sold out the phase, 2 there’s just a lot to Tulsa homebuilders choose from and as far as you know, about broken terraria when you’re looking for broken arrow, custom homes and you look in the highland creek area, get away from that or you can play with your water. Okay, no we’re going in a minute! If you better hurry! No, that’s dirty, don’t even get near it. So as far as highland creek, it’s just a great area to invest, and especially if you’re looking for broken arrow custom homes. So why don’t you get on your little get your lawn mower over there, and so it’s just going to give you a Tulsa homebuilders great area and place to be at no baby. Don’t get in that there could be a spider get back cuz. There was a spider in there earlier. Please go and get your water gun and walk around in the backyard and play cuz we’re about to go inside. It’s getting dark so as far as the broken arrow area, you know, broken arrow is the largest suburb of tulsa and homes will range anywhere from oh, my gosh 240 s, all the way up into the three hundred thousand plus it’s widely considered to be the safest, safest city in oklahoma, broken arrow is also known for one of the best and most affordable places to live in america for families. Today, and she know the charming town is now also home to a new performing Tulsa homebuilders arts center, a new museum of farmers, market expanding parts in an upcoming. Well, of course, the warren theaters already open, but it has upcoming shopping that a lot of people are going to call it. The broken arrow utica square. They they have many new shops in offices that are relocating to broken arrow and the revitalize downtown area. They called the rose district and said, there’s just a lot to do in the broken arrow area and a lot of things to see and I would say out of all of the broken arrow stuff. This is going to be one of the best hi baby. Are you ready to go and are you tired? Do you want to go in now? Okay can mommy have a kiss I love you and the broken arrow expecially, Tulsa homebuilders if you’re looking for new home construction or you just want to see custom, broken, arrow homes or broken arrow custom homes, do you want to check out some of our shaw homes, communities in neighborhoods cuz? We we try to keep a lot of stuff available for families today and there’s just a lot to look forward to in the broken arrow area and john mommy I’ll.

Give you a bath here in a minute, okay and then, as far as community to choose from in the broken are so, if you’re looking for a custom homes in broken arrow you just one s you want to so when you’re looking for broken arrow, custom homes, and you just can’t find what you like one of the things that you can find. Of course just a lot of great things for your family and to do and one of the things that we love is just finding things for people when they can’t find it on their owner. Maybe they just have no idea what Tulsa executive homes alternative they’re looking for and I just want to see. What’s out there, we just love being able to show people what we have to offer and there’s just so much to discover in the broken ear area, just a lot of great things, but one of the things that we love is just being able to do the model home tours cuz, there’s so many houses to see. So, if you’re looking for broken arrow custom home since you want to check out what we have, you just will absolutely love what we have to offer people it’s just absolutely amazing and there’s just nothing that compares to it. So not a whole lot besides that other than to come on and sign up for model home to let her show you why we are the number one builder in town there’s, Tulsa executive homes alternative just not many companies offer what she’ll does, but we love to meet you and i. We would love to show you around town, show you what broken or area has to offer and what you can get in a new home today. So come check us out

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