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Tulsa new houses for sale | Broken Arrow Builder

Tulsa new houses for sale | Broken Arrow Builder

So on this podcast today as a custom homes, broken arrow builder, Tulsa new houses for sale just tell you a little bit about our process and the way that we consistently take our couples that come in our model, homes all the way to getting to move into their brand new. We start that process with the model home tour. You come into the model home ideas and trying to ask me some questions about how to do how to build a new home in on more than happy to answer all those questions. But after we visit for the very first time, the very next time that we meet is going to be on our model home tour doors. We give at least three times a week, certainly every saturday in the morning every sunday evening and every monday evening, but like this week, I also gave him on tuesday afternoon and wednesday afternoon, so I’m more than happy to custom, a time that is good just for you and your family I typically take several families with me at the same time, so you all drive your own vehicle, so the price I will send out an invitation to remind you of our date to do a bottle home tour, the date and time and the address of where you’re going to meet me, and you will meet me over at most likely one of our broken arrow models and we will work our way back towards jenks and bixby the model home tour. It takes about 90 minutes and we can see 6 to 12 homes in that time frame.

Now that’s a large range 6 to 12, but it depends on how many questions you ask and speaking of questions. While we are on the model home tour. We do not talk about any pricing for the custom broken arrow builder. We have over 70 floor plans that we offer in some 20 + different neighborhood, so the pricing is different for each one, depending on lot cost, depending on what is required for that neighborhood upgrade landscape package excetera. Tulsa new houses for sale All those are fixed costs that go into the price of your home. So just cannot memorize floor plan. Pricing and square footage is in 20 plus different neighborhoods. So we don’t talk about pricing. Are models are furnished and decorated, so what we do talk about on the model home tour is how that home will function for you and your hand, family functions differently. So we talked about practical things like how far do you have to carry your groceries when you park in the garage? How far you going to be carrying those groceries to do the unloading or taking off your shoes? Do you kick them off in the kitchen? Or do you pick them up right in your master closet in the door?

Would you want a mud bay, shore homes in broken arrow? We have 16 furnished and decorated model home. If we can’t see them, we will schedule a follow-up visit to see the rest of them at the same time and, of course, you’re driving your own car. So if any kind of an emergency comes up, you’re free to go at any time, so we just we just give you information. It’s a lot of fun. You get to see about their single-story and two-story plans. You could just see how versatile our plans are, and then the path to your new shop is getting your financing in order. Tulsa new houses for sale You need to have your monthly payment quotes done. We have preferred lenders that you can work with that offer you an extra and sent it to get into a shop at home, and we have it’s just a 5-minute application. We use bank of oklahoma 1st oklahoma mortgage, so we do closing cost matching. We do conventional loans, fha loans, va loan care of all of your financing questions and any needs that you might have. The very next is the home site reservations. So we have driven through the neighborhood that you want to live in and you have decided on which site you want to be your new yard. We will do a reservation and you actually give us a check for $1,000 that will not be cashed and it is refunded after 7 days time, 7 days you decide to go to contract. We don’t rush you on any decision, so switching a home side is allowed.

If you change your mind, we actually take our time. The answer, all your questions. We will not cash the check, but that way any competing customers are blocked for that. From that home side and every one of our home side, why did the bat they all are different? And so it’s really important to get that home site reservation done. The fourth step is priced out then already pre priced of the most requested options that most people want in their home. So if you saw on the model home, for instance, plank oak floors, but let’s say you want me to price out hand-scraped. Tulsa new houses for sale Well, then, if that works, we have a video that runs along with it. That starts you from the exterior of your home and takes you all the way through the home and then of course, I have my program with those $400,000 I mean with those $400,000 in there. So you can just take that quote with you in writing to the dollar. Once we get done, then, as a broken arrow, custom, homes builder, the next step is purchase agreement that we have. That will is former director of sales. That will explain everything that I’ve explained it to you as well, but it will be my nothing has been missed. You watch the video and then we contract of course track. Any structural options that you would need to have done would have been pre arranged during the price out of phase for the contract, because once we get the floor, plan is final, but the finishes are not go on to the design studio process and in the design studio you’re going to meet your interior designer, which is going to be one of the same designers that work on our beautiful model, homes that you saw she’s going to help.

You pick out your paint colors your cabinet colors you’re, going to be handled by our design team in the design. Tulsa new houses for sale Studio then believe it or not. You can get all of those things accomplished in three visits, so with some homework in between as a custom homes builder in broken arrow. Is your plan review? That’s where you’re going to meet for the first time and he’s going to discuss all your paperwork, go over your selections, make sure that he understands exactly how you want your home built he’s going to review your site plan and blueprints and answer any questions that you have and then from then we will start building your home and then once the helmets built. The last of the ninth step is your closing that will be handled our are closer. The number to is, of course, your warranty and a pretty spectacular. Shaw home. So I’ll tell you about that. Another podcast

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