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Tulsa new houses for sale | Manchester Collection

Tulsa new houses for sale | Manchester Collection

Choosing your home to build your custom homes broken arrow home. We should be your first choice because we offer a variety of different homes for different buyers, a different price points, so, whether you’re looking to start a family you’re, a first-time home buyer or maybe you’re looking to downsize or maybe you’re growing your family at one of our larger price point design for all different types of walks of life and all different situations that people may find themselves in homes, broken, arrow home. We feature multiple different collections for manchester collection, which is our lowest price. Tulsa new houses for sale

Point collection is going to start in the 160s. We have three different neighborhoods. This manchester collectionwe’re, going to have crystal creek community, which is our only tulsa community within the manchester collection, with union school district, is located in the city of tulsa, available for move-in, ready for your custom homes broken arrow home option for multiple home sites throughout the community, available to build on we feature homes from 1300 square feet, available for move-in, ready, listed $184,000, this beautiful custom homes, broken arrow home over 1300 square feet. This particular one has hardwood floors throughout this broken arrow home. If you don’t have a ton of square footage, which is a wonderful feature for custom homes broken arrow home available in this neighborhood for move-in, ready, which features of a 3 car garage 2 bath on a semi-private. Tulsa new houses for sale

Large lot is a beautiful option with a covered front, porch and back patio door located in our crystal creek option for your custom home per second community in broken arrow, 1st street and 208th street from the high school middle school, elementary school close by, which are very enticing features for your custom homes, broken arrow home. If you’re looking to build custom homes, broken arrow home, we all know how expensive those can be to me. Those is the bay wood floor plan available for a hundred and seventy-four thousand, which features sending group have in it. It’s an open concept, floor plan with high vaulted ceilings in the master and the living areas also sit very secluded lot for something with the unique privacy aspect. This would definitely be enticing home. Custom homes broken arrow that we have available for move-in ready at only $184,000, is going to be our cambridge for plan. Tulsa new houses for sale

This floor plan is probably the most cost-effective way to get a four bedroom. Two broken arrow custom homes broken arrow home your space. Then some of our more super open concept floor plans still feature a cover. Backpack edition bedrooms are all located in the same hallway as your children for your custom homes broken arrow home. If looking for maybe newark community, that’s a little farther south. We are about to launch our tucson village in south broken, arrow, 1st and county line, and is one of the most I’ve seen to date. Features large, mature, custom, homes, broken arrow home begins on the 16th of june to walk your multiple floor plans that we have available. Innis community, like our liberty plan, our liberty floor plan of the new floor plan that we are currently building on our manchester collection as an option for your custom homes broken arrow, which is going to feature almost 2,000 square feet of living space in a three bedroom. So you’re going to have larger bedrooms a much larger is a much larger table for 20 it’s so large.

Tulsa new houses for sale This is one of my particular favorite floor plans, which is our newest two-story floor plan in the manchester collection to build custom homes, broken arrow homes, option disc for plan is 2200 square feet of living. Space downstairs game room upstairs. So it’s a wonderful entertaining entertaining area for the entire family to use. So as of next week, the 16th of june during our parade of homes be able to walk through the different floor plans that we offer to see all of these different features which features a bookshelf in the living room area. This is a wonderful custom, conversation piece that, when choosing to build your custom homes broken arrow home collection features the different size for homes in this collection offer built in plano options. Specific official to consider one of these other options are the birkdale floor plan are going to offer built-in pocket, that’s wonderful options and still stay active option. Custom homes broken arrow, pocket office, conveniently close to the kitchen in your custom homes, broken, arrow, home them, and ask questions. They will all be open later till 7 p.M. For yourself. We love to have you out to take a look at the different features that we offer as a builder. The quality that delivers at this smaller square footage just to show that you will still get the same building quality in your custom homes, broken, arrow home, smaller square footage as the large one

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