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Tulsa new houses for sale | Particularly Good

Tulsa new houses for sale | Particularly Good.

Okay, palazzo homes, custom homes, broken arrow, so this model home tours approximately 90 minutes you’re, going to take a look at the great thing about these 6 to 12. That will take you to ernest and decorated, beautifully in your own car, Tulsa new houses for sale so it may have, or you may have an emergency or if you cannot finish up for model home you’re at liberty to leave in your own vehicle. There’s no pressure. This particular the model home tour he’s. So we just for information. Only what we’re going to do is focus on the function of there’s, always something for everyone turn the voice of health plans from one story to two story about that it, since we do have 64 different floor plans, we may not-or you may not really mean to do just because there may be a particular floor plan. That’s going to meet all of you so with a custom homes, broken arrow. Once we do the model home tour, the financing preferred lenders that we currently use ethan wagner with bank of oklahoma juan rodriguez with burst oklahoma and lexi games with spirit, fake particular promotions. That’s currently going on right now is they are giving away to shaw customers only bank of oklahoma and 1st oklahoma is getting away our custom, giving to our customers $1,300 in closing cost and at spirit think they are giving away $1,250 towards closing cost, which I’m sure they will actually match. Bank of oklahoma and 1st oklahoma there’s tons of different loan options that you can pick from. We’ve got conventional loans, Tulsa new houses for sale fha loans, native, americans and even rd loan, depending on the location of your wanting to build on what are the things to that.

We do get asked all the time so in particular, va loans, typically there’s no money down, but when you are building a home we will require a security deposit or otherwise we will just be building tons of homes, with no guarantee that it may actually close. So, yes, we do still require a security deposit. Tulsa new houses for sale If you are, for instance, doing a va loan and va loans are no money down is that we can actually return that deposit at closing. Also, they will give you a monthly payment. We have extra incentives for using our preferred lenders. Currently, our incentive is $15,000 for anything that you would like in your home, so whether you apply all $15,000 towards upgrade or if you would like to split that up and use $10,000 in upgrades and maybe $5,000 in closing-or let’s say you don’t want any upgrades at all and what we can Tulsa new houses for sale do is take $10,000 off of it’s literally a 5-minute application, there’s a 24-hour approval approval process and they also do the interest rate matching so step 3 when it comes to the path of your new show, home and custom homes broken arrow is going to be the home site reservation.

This is a $1,000 deposit. This is a refundable check for 7 days. We don’t cash. This check this check kind of separates our serious buyers and not so serious. Even though we don’t cash the check there’s no rush decisions. You are allowed to switch home sites. You can take your time and get all of your questions answered, but the best thing about it is i. All Tulsa new houses for sale competing customers are blocked from that site whenever things to remember or that home sites are so even though the particular floor plan and what you put inside it we can duplicate that over and over we can never duplicate the land. So that’s why. Homesite reservation is so crucial, especially if there is a home site that you absolutely fall in love with go ahead, get it off the market for at least 7 days, so that you can take the time and consider and think about. If you would like to proceed with your contract, except for your past here and you shot homes and custom homes broken arrow, it’s going to be the price out. This is going to be like the way that you want down to the dollar total price Tulsa new houses for sale print out on the spot. So you will actually have an itemized pricing that we will give you you’re going to have tons of options to choose from you’re going to work with knowledgeable staff. It’s approximately 45 minutes.

It just depends on how many questions you have and there’s no surprises and once again, all of your questions. Answers are allowed to be even after this point. The main thing about this is that we want you to know exactly how much certain things do cops in the house, because we have nothing to hide and it’s up to you on whether or not you would like to go ahead and have those upgrade put into your home right Tulsa new houses for sale now or do on later and then set fire to your path to your new shop at home and custom homes broken arrow is going to be the contract, so the purchase agreement is approximately a 45-minute meeting will actually the video is approximately 45 minutes, so total it’s about a one-hour meetings simply because you may have some more additional questions and signing up the paperwork and they’re watching the video. It’s approximately one hour, you’re going to watch a very informative contract. Video all of your structural options need Tulsa new houses for sale to be final. At this point, and in fact, if there are any structural changes, you will actually need to have that done before this meeting, because we need to have all of those loaded into your price out for when you go into contract. Your colors are not final. Your finishes are not final. Additional deposits will be due mortgage approval to your pre-approval letter. Does need to be email to the sauce old manager before this time. We also need to know whether the contract is going to be contingent or not. Tulsa new houses for sale

So you may have a home that you need to sell first before you can proceed with the new shaw home, which is fine. We do that all the time is there a delay which we would need to know that as well. We also need to know exactly which floor fan as well. By the time you sign. All of your paperwork is for infants. Will your floor plan have a right side, garage or a left side. Garage definitely do need to know by the contract and cannot be changed after you sign the contract. As Tulsa new houses for sale of anything else, inside of them

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