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Experience Oklahoma's Highest and Most Reviewed Home Builder

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Yukon New Homes | Do You Build New Construction

Speaker 1: (00:00)
Welcome to Shaw homes, Yukon new homes, pinnacle community off of Southwest 29th and Sarah road easily accessible off of the freeway. Did you know that Shaw homes is the number one home builder in Tulsa. We are building in Tulsa as well as an Oklahoma city. We build in Yukon. We build in Edmond, deer Creek and Piedmont. We build Manchester premiere floor plans in two of our communities. One of the communities is pinnacle in Yukon. The other community is twin silos in deer Creek. The features of pinnacle in Yukon, we have a splash pad. We have a pond and we also have a playground. We build homes like the forsythia. It is 1,735 square feet in Shaw homes, Yukon new homes. This floor plan has vaulted great room, vaulted, patio two-story dormer and steady features of 41 inch mud bench. With shelf. This can be built as a two car garage or optional three car garage in Shaw homes, Yukon new homes in the pinnacle community.

Speaker 1: (01:29)
We build the Hawthorne. It is 1,879 square feet. It is a two-story entry. It has a makeup vanity in the master bath, a standing seam metal roof features a 67 inch mud bench with shelf. This one is going to be a two car side entry garage. We also build in Shaw homes, Yukon new homes. The Gardenia, this floor plan is 1,863 square feet. It features a 10 foot entry with crown molding, a pocket office. It features a 69 inch mud bench with shelf. This can be built with a two car garage or optional three car garage in Shaw homes, Yukon new homes. Another one of our wonderful floor plans is the Inverness. This one is 1,931 square feet. It features a 10 foot entry, three car garage bedroom. Four can also be a flex room. There is a feature of a 63 inch mud bench with shelf and Shaw homes, Yukon, new homes, pinnacle community, and also in the twin silos community.

Speaker 1: (02:45)
We built the Jasmine, which is 2014 square feet. This features a 10 foot entry hall with crown molding master sitting area with built-ins a tandem garage, as well as bedroom four can be a flex room, features a 48 inch mud bench with shelf. This can be built as a two car garage or three car garage was Shaw homes, Yukon, new homes and pinnacle community. My favorite floor plan is the Kincaid. It is 2099 square feet. This features a two-story entry, vaulted kitchen and vaulted great room. The front porch has a covered porch with beams. This one is a three-car garage bedroom. Four can also be used as a flex room. This features a 63 inch mud mench with shelf and Shaw homes, Yukon new homes, pinnacle community. We build the Payton. This is one of the largest floor plans that we build in this series, which is the Manchester premiere series.

Speaker 1: (03:51)
The Peyton is built with a two-story entry with railing overlook, a standing seam metal roof bedroom. Two can be a flex room. It features a 60 inch mud bench with shelf. You’re going to have master bedroom bedroom two on the first floor on the second floor, you’ll have bedroom three and bedroom four. So that means that bedroom two on the first floor would be the one you could use as your flex room. And then our final floor plan, which is the largest floor plan in the main Chester premier Yukon, new homes, Shaw homes is called the Magnolia. This one is 2,336 square feet. It features the two story entry master makeup vanity built-in study desk, a two and a half car courtyard garage, which is a side entry bedroom. Number five could be a game room. Bedroom. Number three could be a flex room, features a 48 inch mud bench with shelf.

Speaker 1: (04:56)
This one is going to have bedroom two bedroom, three master bedroom on the lower level. You’re going to have bedroom four and five on the upper level. As well as bathroom three, you could make bedroom five into a flex room in Shaw, Holmes, Yukon new homes. We have a new path that we’re following now with Shaw homes, Yukon new homes, it’s five easy steps to owning a Shaw home. Number one is pick your plan. We’ll take a 45 minute model home tour. I’ll take you through five to eight homes depending on your needs. They will be furnished and decorated because it’s easier to visualize if your furniture fits you’ll drive your own car in case you need to leave. For any reason, if an emergency comes up, you are free to go. There will be no pricing. So there’s no pressure to make a decision today. This is just an information gathering tour.

Speaker 2: (05:58)
We will be focused on function behind the design of the plans on the tour. There is something for everyone because we have three, four, and five bedroom plans. We also have one and two story homes. We also have a wide variety of square footages. Step two, you’ll pick your payment. This would be a mortgage application that takes about five minutes. You’ll receive approval within 24 hours. You’ll know what kind of monthly payment you’re comfortable with. How does that compare to what your current monthly payment is? Now, if you use a preferred lender, you’ll get an extra incentive. The current incentive for Manchester, premier homes is $4,000 towards your closing costs. Our Lindell lenders will do interest rate matching and closing costs, matching with anyone. Our preferred lenders offer all the same programs as any other lender. They offer conventional loans with 5%, 10% or 20% down.

Speaker 2: (07:01)
They offer FHA loans, which would be three and a half percent down. They offer native American loans, which would be 2.2, 5% down VA loans, which would be 0% down. And then we’re going to move on to the third easy step, which is to pick your place. You’ll do a $250 reserve for your home site. This is a seven day refundable deposit. We don’t cash the check during that period. That is so there are no rush decision. It also assures that any competing customers are blocked from your home site while you are gathering information. Switching home sites is allowed during the seven days. This way you can take your time and get all your questions answered before moving forward. Home sites are always one of a kind, when that home site that faces the direction you like with the backyard you like is gone. We cannot reproduce it.

Speaker 2: (08:01)
Homesite reservation checks need to be a personal check, not a business check or money order. Number four is going to be pick your finishes. This will be approximately 30 minute meeting. Shaw homes strives to have the most transparent pricing. We will meet at the model home to go through your favorite plan. We will show you a photo collage of all included features and all optional features to make it easy to decide what you like. We do this. So there are no surprises about what your total price will be. We will price it exactly to the dollar with only the features you specifically want. Not an approximation. You will receive an itemized price out sheet of any options you choose on the spot at this meeting. So there are no surprises. All pricing questions will answered on the spot at your Shaw homes, Yukon new homes in pinnacle.

Speaker 2: (09:00)
Number five would be the purchase agreement. This is about a 45 minute meeting. You will watch an informative video that will explain in detail the paperwork you are signing. This is to make sure that the proper expectations of our process are clear structural options. Home site, selection, garage, orientation, colors, and finishes will be final. At this time. Mortgage approval is due contingent 120 days with 48 hours first, right of refusal. Non-contingent for 120 days, additional down payment is due. This includes 250 Homesite reservation. If you do up to 12,000 and options, there will be a 2,500 down payment. Over 12,000 in options will be a $5,000 down payment over 20,000 in options. That will be a $10,000 down payment. Thank you for listening to Shaw homes, Yukon new homes. We hope to build your dream home soon.

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