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Bixby New Homes | Brooklyn Brings the Boom

Bixby New Homes The light fixtures in the kitchen for light fixtures really the biggest difference you’re going to see with the packages, so the option to go to the store and you will have $15,000 for a two-story home. Whatever you go, overwe have because we know that we can get all based on that pricing. Additional pre wires for ceiling fan ceiling fan is going to come standard great room in the room upstairs for pre wire, a ceiling fan with a switch. We also offer pendant lights over your your island in the kitchen, leaving to or 3 pendant lights, underneath of those cabinets. Little bit more light to your your countertops, the flush mount light, recessed light recessed lights are going to be offered in the patio in your kitchen in your pool package should have doing that double up under cooktop in wall options with appliances. Some of the other builders will do additional appliances like a refrigerator. Bixby New Homes There are so many options with those we we just kind of take that out of the price of the home, so that you can select your own and there are just so many options to make that a little easier on the customer next is going to be the countertops. This is another interesting part of the building process and we see with a lot of fix me home builders, a certain style or a certain color and everywhere we like to offer a multitude of options here with your kitchen countertop. So this is really something that you’re going to see a lot of a ride. Once you hit that designs, price. We’re, just worried about you, know, you’re. Looking at so there’s going to be to centimeter 3 cm + 6 cm is going to be standard. Premier community leader is going to be standard master bath. So what’s going to be optional, here is the kitchen, the island, the second third and fourth, like i, said:there’s different levels of courts as well. Grading to 6 cm kitchen sinks are going to be or 60-40 split. Bixby New Homes You also have the option of doing or farmhouse sink with the stainless steel. You can do the 50/50 split and with the farmhouse sink, you do have the option of white sterling silver also going to be looking at the half bath. The second third and fourth bath is cultured marble cabinet fronts. That’s really just to match your cabinets in there and if you wanted a cultured marble tub or if you wanted a drop in tub with a 6 inch tile, do you want the heavy glass or frameless glass with half so have the option of a bench seat:obscuring glass? It’s going to be over the top steel tub for the curbless shower if you different head knockers in that, it is important to offer all of these options in the bathroom and especially not in powder bathroom, and we want to make sure an offer and customizing so that you can really get what you’re. Looking for a $16 trim is going to be another solid part of the home building process. We see that that lack some of that trimming. It may just look a little unfinished, so we like to offer a ton of options from base trim to head moldings to beams base trim and traditional orco head molds for feet and under are going to be the difference on those doors on the triple or quadruple window kitchen and nook. The great room, flush or suspended us nearest can be free if you would like for that, and we also offer extending that mirror up to 96 in as well. The fireplace is also going to be a favorite of most expensive home builders in different veneers. We can extend their place up to the ceiling or shaker style to the shaker style with legs as well. We can also do different newel, post, craftsman, oak or shaker out for the spindles french doors are also going to be available for the study, study and game room important to offer their orbit the shelf Bixby New Homes

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