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Bixby New homes At shell homes, being a bigsby home builder, I’m going to explain to you exactly how that’s going to work and how painless and easy and just a fun process that it is working and building a home. So the first of what we do when we meet our clients is that we’re going to take you on a model home tour? Now, even though we are a bixby home builder, where located 25 different communities all over greater tulsa. So as a bigsby home builder, we want to make sure that we’re asking you proper questions, such as where you would like to build square footage of home the different things that you are looking for, that you need in your home and what kind of budget that we should be mindful of based off of your questions, were going to take you on a model home tour. Now the model home tour is approximately 90 minutes, you’re going to look at 6 to 12 different homes, the great thing about these homes, as that they are fully furnished and decorated by are awarded interior designers, and this is subject to change based off of whether or not you are wanting a move in ready home you’re going to drive your own car, we’re not going to talk about the price and there’s no pressure. The model home tour is specifically to get information about the different floor plans that we offer we’re going to focus this appointment on the functionality of each home. Each floor plan has its own unique layout and they are created based off of what our customers have told us previously and based off of what the current trend is. We literally have something for everyone. All of these floor plans are so versatile and you’re going to have different options at square footage sizes from your one story to your store, two story, also being a bigsby home builder. We have our custom home side and that’s going to be waterstone. So if you are more on the custom home side, we will take you to our custom home that we have located at in yorktown after the model home tour. One of the things that we do recommend is getting your financing in order. We have our preferred lenders, which are preferred lenders going to be bank of oklahoma. First oklahoma bank and spirit thing, even as a bigsby home builder, we’re going to have different banking options and different rewards by using our preferred lenders. There’s closing costs matching we’ve got conventional loans, fha va loans, native american and even rd loans. They can give you monthly payment quotes are preferred. Lenders will also have additional incentives for shaw home customers. Bixby New homes Only the application literally takes approximately 5 minutes and you’ll have your approval within 24 hours. All of our preferred lenders will also have the interest rate matching in the step. Bixby New homes Three process of getting into your shaw home will be a home site reservation. One thing to keep in mind is the fact that, even though we can build a particular floor plan over and over again we’re not going to be able to duplicate the home site that you’re absolutely in love with reserved it as soon as possible. There’s a total of 13 managers that work at shaw homes, 13 sales managers that work at shaw homes-and we do not know what everyone is working with. The only thing that we know is once at home site reservation email is distributed out to all of the cells. Man diapers, so are the bixby home builder. Those home site, reservations are very important. Reservation will require a $1,000 deposit. It is refundable for 7 days this allows you and no rush decision. You can switch switch home sites with an o seven days. Take your time get all of your questions answers and we don’t even cash the check, but the most important thing about it is that competing customers are blocked blocked from the site. Some sites are always one of a kind, especially if you are particular about which direction the home is facing. Is it a green belt? Lot is it a corner lot in a cold cold aside, there’s various factors that will make your home site unique and that’s why you want to get it reserved as soon as possible. Now, during that seven day. This is when we’re going to do the price at appointment now as a bigsby home builder. This piece right here definitely separates us from a lot of the other builders at shaw homes. We don’t have anything to hide so during the price of appointment, we’re going to need your favorite floor plan. This meeting is approximately about 45 minutes long. Bixby New homes You will get an itemized pricing, so there’s no surprises and all of your questions answered the great thing about this is this is going to be price, the way that you want it, so the things that you want, you’re, the one after the base price you’re, the one that’s only going to you-know, make the deciding factor of what your final prices on your house, because you’re choosing the items that you want to upgrade inside the house, you’re going to know down to the dollar. How much it’s going to cost to build your shaw home. The total price print out will be done on the spot, you’re going to have tons of options to choose from, and on top of that, we’re going to answer all of your questions about the different options available to upgrade for your home, now, keep in mind the included features in a home is going to be amazing as well. It’s not like you’re. The base price only includes the the studs of the home you’re, going to have different options to pick from, but included so, for instance, our tile. The tile that we have the selections of free tile is actually far greater than any of our afraid of tile and being a bixby home builder wayne. Bixby New homes

As a fax important. We want to make sure that we have high-quality items for you to pick from that’s included and not just an upgrade so like I said after that final appointment as a price out you’re going to know exactly how much it’s going to cost to build your shaw home and, whichever community that you think on whichever home site that you pay. So even if a home site has a premium you’re going to know if a home site has a credit you’re going to know how much it’s going to do that. The itemized list that you’re going to lead, which is a great itemized list, because it’s going to have how much something’s going to costco even the entry way. If you upgrade the tile from 11 level, 1 to a level 2 you’re going to know how much it’s going to cost in just the entry and then at that point you know this is where you and your family can decide what’s important to cheat. You would like to take out. Even when you get into the design studio, it will be the same way. You can make changes prior to contract all the way into your design studio appointment interior. You can change without additional fees. The exterior changes wall designs Bixby New homes

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