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So if you’re, looking for a shaw homes and you’ve been looking around in the broken arrow area, Tulsa custom home builders one of the greatest things that we offer is in a shawl custom home as you’re able to do a shawl model home tour. It’s about 90, minutes, long and i-think about doing it as you’re able to go around and see 13 of our furnace models to see what we have her choice. You’re also able to go around and just say everything that you could possibly do a model home. One of the things that we’re really proud our self into is our process in our process is complete, with several different steps really have 10 different steps, the first one being the model home tour. So it’s about 90 minutes long and look at 13 furnish models and we really focus on function and out of the plan, not price or anything like that. Tulsa custom home builders Fire ii thing that we like to concentrate on is really. The second thing is to reserve the one of a kind kind home site.

So we do a lot reservation dollars check down and it will hold hair loss so that you don’t miss out on somebody else. Getting the same. Favor like that you’ll be gone by the next day. We always liked you know, being able to drive and see the show model, homes that you have to choose Tulsa custom home builders from and then really after. We do the lot reservation, especially if you’re looking for broken arrow, custom homes you’ll want to do the reservation to save-a-lot, and that is if you’re looking for a broken arrow custom home and the third appointment is really to price out that favorite plan, so we’re able to plan and price it out with upgrades that you choose to place in it, not the builder. We also are able to show people. Mr. Shaw did in that model home that particular model home that either you Tulsa custom home builders want to incorporate, or maybe you don’t maybe there’s some structural things. You want to change things that you like to do so, there’s just a lot of different things that go into a to a house that you’re able to do and sell. We just try to focus on function and lay out, and then after we apply the upgrades expecially if you’re looking for a broken arrow custom home you’re able to go over and see all the choices that you have in the 13 furnish models and up I won’t get any more k.

I promise, pinky promise. Thank you for. Thank you. Asurion customer give him a dirty look. Mama give him a bad luck. Tulsa custom home builders Yeah running around mommy’s car yeah! That’s right! You look at shell model homes are build the function of a plant lily out of the plan and everything really custom home today. Now one of the things that I tell people is, if you’re looking at shaw homes-and you just haven’t, looked at homes in awhile I want to check out the shaw custom homes. We are the builder of choice, 10-year structural warranty, 2 years on plumbing and electric and lifetime on the row. So there’s just a lot of things that you’ll be able to get on a shell custom home and a lot of things. They will be able to meet one of the things that I love is when people are looking for a shawl model home at their able Tulsa custom home builders to see the function in the price and what they can do with one of our homes. It’s just such a nice thing, especially if you’re looking for a broken arrow custom home there’s just no other builder. That’s going to give you what sean’s is going to give you a there’s. No other builder, that’s going to give you the price that we offer and give you everything that you’re looking for in a new home, one of the things that we actually pride ourself an ozark process and a process you’re able to see. Tulsa custom home builders So, if you’re looking for a custom, broken arrow home, you just don’t know what there is to choose from you’re going to be able to probably just get a lot almond, there’s going to be able to do quite a bit everyone or buying a shaw home, and you are just not for sure what you like, get everything that you want in a shawl custom home and some always tell people. You know we have move-in ready homes, but honestly, if they’re, if they are looking to get exactly what they want for the price they want.

One of the great things about shaw homes is you’re able to build and get exactly what you want. So there’s nothing that we can’t Tulsa custom home builders do it shaw homes and you’re just going to have home as the 10-year structure is really going to help you out. Cuz it’ll help you figure out the flow of the plan, and we would just encourage you to go to shaw homes.Com check it out, just see what you can do in new home construction for the price in the budget. So, if you’re looking for shaw homes.Com-and you just want to see what you can do for the money, you’ll want to check out, show homes.Com and sign up for model home sign up for a model home Tulsa custom home builders check us out. One of the best things you can do is:do the model home tour, all your choices in a model home at the post office for papa. So when you’re looking for a shawl custom home greatest things that you can find us, the model, home choice warranty. Oh no, we’re not going to wash our thing today. Cuz it rain. One of the greatest things that we could do is going to model home touring and you’re able to see everything you can possibly do in a model home. One of the greatest things that you can do Tulsa custom home builders is just be able to go on a model home tour check out.

Broken, arrow, custom homes come check us out. We are home a z, 10-year structural warranty to your own plumbing Tulsa custom home builders and electric and lifetime on the road so come and check us out. Calm, and let us see why we are the builder of choice

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