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Tulsa New houses for sale | Kindle the flames

Tulsa New houses for sale All right, we are doing podcast number 25 here. I got to look for my ear thing, so I can do this much more comfortably, but apparently I cannot find it. So, let’s continue well in this particular model home I’m. Here at village of southern trails, we have really good color selections. A lot of people have complimented the way that this room is designed to jonah. She does a great job and oliver mobile homes have been designed by johnna.. She is our in-house designer bixby home builders in so she really does a great job in highlighting the space and making it look very, very beautiful. So we will go over some of the colors selections that she that she utilizes and so right now, in my current model, my model is called the monroe to p home home builders bixby, and it has the following:colors, the exterior main siding. Tulsa New houses for sale That’s all the wood siding that there is in the exterior of the home is kendall. Charcoal I’ll tell your kindle charcoal is very stately, a very stately color. When I was at silverleaf, it was the color of our cambridge, which is a four-bedroom home and as popular as that color is. It became kind of the standard staple people with selected. Is it in terms of the exterior color red silverleaf? Tulsa New houses for sale So that’s how popular was that kendall charcoal home builders bixby is also the color for the exterior fascia, the exterior soffit and the garage door. So while most of the color of this house in terms of painted areas or brick now the front door is is, is a stained spanish oak door and it is absolutely lovely. You can tell that it’s stained. The greens. Are it’s not two predominant, but it’s very, very nice. Nothing to do. Walls. I have customers come in all the time asking okay, what are the colors here and finally, I was able to bring that up. Interior walls, home builders bixby, the color is called northern cliffs, that is a benjamin moore paint number 1536 and northern cliffs is kind of a khaki and has elements of grey. It even has some elements of brown and green, so it’s kind of a catholic khaki color, mostly the browns and greys, but under certain light it certainly looks green or greenish kind of a muddy green. If you will now, we do have some accent colors and their that accent we have to. Tulsa New houses for sale Actually the accent color in the kitchen is called titanium, that’s in the kitchen walls and ceilings, and that also is a benjamin moore paint. Tulsa New houses for sale Oc 49, but I’ll tell you the the accent colors in the master, bedroom and master bath is absolutely beautiful, home builders bixby and it is called castle wall. That is a benjamin moore paint. 1573 I’ll tell you I get so many. Compliments on that color. It’s a very seafoam bluish, very light, very subtle, color and it just looks classy. It is absolutely beautiful. It’s a light blue, but a touch green and there is a definitely a sea foam type of paint and I know. I just lost a lot of masculine points on saying seafoam, but it is what it is. It’s, it’s very lovely. In fact, when me and my wife I home I’ll, tell you when, what’s the weather like today, I guess I should have pause, but most likely will you see phone in one of the walls bixby home builders now the other thing is there is an additional color in the dining room were using the copley gray. That’s a benjamin moore color, hc 104, and it’s great there’s really not much to say about that. The trim I actually had a customer who wanted to know something about the trim color and the it’s called sea pearl. That is a benjamin moore paint. Oc-19 I can’t say much about the about trim other than the trim in the doors other than they are a brand of white, not much to say they’re. Sorry! So do we have nick’s? We have the interior, I told you now the interior mantle now that’s something that mantle is actually spanish oath as well. It’s stain spanish oak, as is the stair railing, as is the island cabinet and the the kitchen hood and a master cabinets. Tulsa New houses for sale Those are all visual, spanish, oak and what’s need about that is in the kitchen. In particular, the the cabinets are that sea pearl color so that the subconscious annuity there good it’s in the wife, so you’ll see so the kitchen cabinet main cabinet colors is cipro, which is that off white and the island is a stain, spanish, oak i. Think the combination of the two makes the home just absolutely good. The kitchen in particular really stand out. It is absolutely beautiful. I’m bixby home builders. Now there is another, there was another color that is introduced in that color is for the bathrooms bathrooms 2 and 3 the it is painted. It’s painted the brandon brandon beige, that’s a benjamin, moore paint 977, you know to be honest with you. I did not even realize that bathroom too and bathroom three or a different color, I guess I need to hone in on my observation, skills show. Tulsa New houses for sale That is something that I need to work on home builders, bixby and the laundry cabinet tree is also a spanish joke. It’s stained, spanish oak, it looks lovely lovely lovely. Now there is no butler’s pantry. Unfortunately, what’s butler’s closet in the monroe to pee absolutely marvelous, now the cultured marble, which is the countertop bixby home builders in the bathroom bathrooms, it’s white there’s no swirls in it. There’s no grain in it, there’s no decorative colors or details when it is playing. What which is fine and all the door hinges or satin nickel. Let me tell you about set nickel. Tulsa New houses for sale

Tulsa New houses for sale There are three does ignatian of that style of metal should the first is satin. Nickel you’ll also hear brushed nickel and guess what it’s also number 3 stainless steel, so you’ll have the really is no distinguishing between the three or yeah between the three. It’s all, basically the same thing home builders bixby. Tulsa New houses for sale We are looking at satin nickel, brushed nickel in stainless steel. So in the case of my model home, it’s designated as satin nickel. If there is a difference between the three or between two, maybe I’d like to know, and then I should ask that, but I’m not going to assume you know, a small point tablet-style is is that to this is alarming. The cabinets. They chose is raised panel, cabinet style and i. Think it’s great that that heater and shaw homes we have a selection of cabinet style when I used to work for another home builder. All there was was raised panel i, don’t believe they had a separate panel style or cabinet style. So that’s good. We offer it here at shaw homes, bixby, home builders, Tulsa New houses for sale

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