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Bixby Home Builder | Phenomenal Builders

Bixby Home Builder | Phenomenal Builders

Podcast 1012 2018 matthews welcome to shaw homes. In today on this podcast going to discuss stupid community of our wonderful customers, you might be searching bixby home builders and guess what you’ll find shaw homes, something that we do better than anywhere else. The right neighborhood in the right, new home or just waiting to be discovered. I know you might be looking there initially, but guess what with are 25 community scattered across the entire area of tulsa? We have many options at mesut you, if you don’t have particular anchors holding you to the bixby location, such as our first community up ash brook, starting in about the mid $200,000 range. The square foot range is roughly 1802 to 3712, depending on what your selection needs are. The address to this location of our model home in ash brook is 24068 east, 95th, street, south, broken, arrow, Oklahoma, 74174 014, and this community is a wonderful half acre home side collection with half acre homesites. You do have some particular requirements. The selections inside of that it’s easily accessed off of highway 51 coweta exit cross streets most familiar to you, would be 95th street in between 91st and 101st street, bonita road or 241st east in broken arrow right off the highway 51 coweta exit. You follow that for two miles and then you’ll see a road or 241st street stop light intersection, I thought intersection, you’ll turn north and you will pass a brand new come and go gas station 5 blocks to your north. Bixby Home Builder As you travel on the west side of the road or your left, you will find ash brook community ash brook community, even though you might be looking for bixby home builders will be located in broken, arrow, very affordable bang-for-the-buck, and if you don’t have anything holding broken arrow of communities ash brook be located in broken, arrow school, district 3.

If you happen to have kiddos highland park elementary, school, oneta, ridge, middle school in broken, arrow high, school grace, the presence of ash brook. We do love the broken arrow school system, which was rated in the top 10 the past couple of years as schools in america. So please consider it located close to the forge ridge forest ridge golf course, the muskogee turnpike highway 51, Bixby Home Builder and much more at this neighborhood here ash brook. The community has a feeling of being away from it all. Yet is only minutes away from so much everything out this way towards broken arrow, google, maps and zoom out a little bit you’ll see most of the expansion that occurs within Tulsa happens. First read:it runs through Tulsa broken arrow. So, as we sit directly off this highway 51 within a couple of minute drive expanding out towards this half acre community, the most affordable, half acre community as bixby home builders best builder, we do have quite a few things available of this I’ll. Tell you a little bit about broken arrow, broken arrow. That’s also going to be one of the best and most affordable places to live in america for families. It’s a charming town and also has homes, performing, arts, center, farmers market at also the word theater shopping area expected to be completed in a few years and one of the most popular areas in Tulsa.

We invite you to our wonderful bottle home here in ash brook, what’s great about this or homesites offense, but it’s more to enjoy. The amenities are, in your backyard, really great place to raise kids any of the homes that you happen to see in ash brook, bill, bixby, jenks, broken, arrow, south, Tulsa, anywhere that we have a community being developed new Tulsa as well. Encourage you to come on out and check those homes out with us. A community that I have available around that area is brighton. Village 200 square foot is conveniently located off the creek turnpike to the south access to anywhere in Tulsa within a few minutes. So you have no issues with commutes and you could still be a little bit out there and get that little bit of a feel of country. There are tons of mature trees surrounding brighton village in communities very, very feeling of the wood aspect that you might like. A forestry aspect:lots of mature foliage. Again this is going to be in the broken arrow school district spring creek, Bixby Home Builder elementary, childers middle school and broken arrow high school. So there is one difference between those two which is the ridge middle school and the childers middle school. So the difference is right. There is some of the communities their clubhouse and it’s going to be located less than a mile from the creek turnpike. As I mentioned. They believe our residents could just about anywhere. Bixby Home Builder They want in Tulsa that short amount of time are within a couple of miles drive closed highway access, shopping, entertainment without the teachers to wonderful community got to come visit, brighton village of excellent. With this also we do have unavailable home there as well, will get about this at a later date, but it is our finley 1800 square foot home. It is available in the brighton village community.

Now for one of our best neighborhoods highland creek is going to be located at 22507 east 144th, street, south, broken, arrow, Oklahoma 74014. It is so starting in the low 200s are most affordable. Neighborhood here at highland creek square feet is 3262 square feet. It’s going to be oak crest elementary, childers middle broken, arrow, high school will be located off of 101st street for new orleans in broken, arrow cross, Bixby Home Builder section 2 with 225th street or evans road. If you might know it by that name, I conveniently located about a mile off of highway 51, as well as about a mile from the creek turnpike, so very easy access to all of Tulsa very quickly. We do have a couple of moving ready homes that will be available in this community. As of this time, excellent community with great amenities package as well. So we will have a pond clubhouse pool house pool to walking trails to reserve a basketball court, two of those actually two basketball courts, a soccer field and a sand volleyball court and a jungle gym for the younger kiddos excellent community package with the homeowners association not yet established. However, when it does become established, we would expect it to be about $350, based on her other experience, building developments out with what they come for their hoa dues as bixby homeowners best builder. We do supply in mini great neighborhoods around the area and anything that you see at any of our model. Homes are in our communities to be built in any of the other communities as well as off site. So if you’re, specifically looking for an area that you have for land development told her, we will definitely supply that, for you, we look forward to continuing this with you on the next segment. Thank you

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