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Experience Oklahoma's Highest and Most Reviewed Home Builder

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Bixby Home Builders | best in the world

Bixby Home Builders | best in the world

Podcast 518 2018 matthew, so I wanted to pick up where I left off last time on this podcast to explain the interior selections that we have as we do. This will experience a little bit more of what are interior selections offer for you. Power main concern is that you understand full threats of what we offer. So we try to give that to you on the included features sheet of the signature, inheritance series, collection of home, I’ll go and pick up, and we were in the interior section last time, so we’ll continue there I will. Let us know that we, when we’re doing paint we do as bixby home builders best builder. We do one color for all the walls and ceilings throughout the home and the garage one color for the doors and the trim and one accent color for the study or dining room. All non master. Full bags come with cultured marble, vanity tops and backsplash white fiberglass shower tub combination. Of course you can always have that change to whatever you liking is the commode. Faucets are a delta plumbing fixtures in variety of styles, from venetian bronze, brushed. Nickel chrome finish as bixby home builders oliver two-story homes will have an oak hand railing with oak newel square balusters at the bottom of the stairs, but the links vary based on the plan selection, to keep it in mind as a bixby home builders, best builder or letting allowance for your home when you build with us, is $1,500 and $2,000 for a two story home. So how this works is you would go to the lighting store, select all of your fixtures for all of your rooms and how your fans and etc what would come of that out of the total price if you are in a one-story home being built and select $1,500 worth of fixtures you’re out the door, even if you end up with $2,000 and you had a one-story home with the lighting allows of $1,500 that equals a $500 difference that you would have to there for pay at the time of purchase to the lighting store not to us. So keep that in mind as bixby home builders. We do have premier community changes. So some of these added features that we have the premier communities. In the reason we do.

This is the multiple fold. One is because of the requirements by the covenants and the bylaws in the community itself, and then another is simply we’re, including additional features to those to be up to the part of the area etcetera. So some of this commuter premier, community additional features, 3cm granite countertops, are included in the kitchen as opposed to two centimeter, which is included in all of our signature. Heritage series homes 53cm is going to give you an additional one, third of thickness. Well, actually, if you’re looking at it, you will have a 3 centimeter, granite countertop in the kitchen countertops in the kitchen island, as well. Your choice, of course, on the pattern and miss of that stone is up. To you add that sickness complementary to those premier communities. We do a ceramic tile shower in the master bathroom. So instead of fiberglass shower that we have in the master bathroom as standard we do offer in the premier community the ceramic tile shower I was just going to be your full tile shower. Getting you nice additional features of that as bixby home builders best build or something else to do is the knotty alder front door, 6 ft knotty, alder front door. This is an upgraded nice additional feature to a premier community, so some of our premier communities I’ll get into that. We do have quite a few and they are spread around the Tulsa area, some of them in bixby those some of those premier communities are estates at the river you’ll find this located at 121st and sheridan on the west side of the intersection about 4 or 5 blocks on your west of that intersection.

It’s a fantastic community, rather new going up quickly and homes are selling very fast, and this is one of our from your community that we do enjoy showing customers. That is a great community bixby community that we offer, which is our premier community, is quail creek quail creek again, is that 121st and sheridan. However, this one is on the east side of that intersection, heading eastward from 121st and sheridan. You will turn south want to see. Quail creek intersection or skis me community entrance seven lakes is also at 121st and sheridan. This is due south from the intersection, and this is one of our more mature communities with more developed neighborhood so far, and it is one of our great bixby communities that is very well representation of what we do in bixby and. Very. Very popular neighborhood is bixby home, but his best builder. We also have one of our newark north east corner of the intersection of 121st and sheridan. That has two insurances, either from sheridan or from 121st. It is a beautiful low count about 50 homes amongst those others. We have in millicent, pond, spring, creek, timber, creek village at southern, trails, well stone and Yorktown in jenks, so visiting ever salesman just be glad to help you with any of those needs other sites that are oversized for acreage, community home sites, how we did a few communities with these and I’m going to go over what’s included as far as the sod for your front yard backyard except apso for ruby estates, we have fully solid front yard and partially-sighted rear yard up to 15,000 square feet.

Total trivia states is each home site, so I have a lot of police out in front yard and possibly started rear yard about 15,000 square feet. Total there timber creek place, it’s up against a wooded area area home sites will have sod in the area that is cleared in grated part of the construction of the home beginning on the land and so you’ll see that how you will serve representations out there in timber creek it. Although it is a new community, we do have homes going up there right now, so you could probably go by and see those are. Have a sales manager assist you with the location of that community. Ash brook is really popular, neighborhood, half acre homesites. What we have here in broken, arrow in the yard, front and rear, is fully solid, spring, hill, farms, another is fully solid front and rear, and those are half acre to acre homesites Edgewood estates is fully sodded up to, but not including the enjoyment. These are a little different. So basically, your property has an enjoyment which is so we do sod all the way up to that line. Whichever that line is on your property and then off site, so if you were to have your own somewhere around the surrounding area, acreage that will do is 5000 square feet include the off-site build so as far as sod goes for off-site 5000 square feet for that as well, and that we thank you at bixby, home builders best builder. We do appreciate you all looking into our include features and hearing about her premier communities as well as what we do offer for those premier community. So we will talk to you soon

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