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Bixby Home Builders | Bixby’s finest

Bixby Home Builders | Bixby’s finest

podcast number 7 Matthew, so today we’re going to go ahead and continue on with our floor plan explanations and what’s going on with those I like to hear shaw homes go ahead and bring about the floor plan, so we’ve covered so far. That would be the addison addison p, the crescent and its versions, the Greenville and its versions. Bixby Home Builders So there are 15 versions of this home thanks dude 3 downstairs iterations and 5, upstairs iterations totaling, 15 different ways to build the home, bixby home builders best builder, one of the main reasons we do have these many floor plans and in this monroe version, why we have 15 is because of the versatility that allows customers to have the home to truly want. So these homes range from the smallest at 2112 square feet for the monroe three they go up at the monroe to which is the downstairs version, that’s 2172 square feet and the monroe one is 2274 square feet. There are a few key differences mainly to do with the spare bedrooms and how they are arranged with the bathroom and study the remainder of the home, which is the formal, dining the kitchen living room, the nook patio master, bedroom master, closet master bath, all remains the same. Bixby Home Builders It does not change from any of the floor plan. First first story versions at all:the monroe 1 monroe to monroe three, those rooms cook, the kitchen living room, master, bedroom, master, bathroom master, closet, dining room and entry stay all the same. What does change is the study, the staircase, if you have it closets and guest rooms, bathroom and laundry, that’s what changes and all the setups. So they are a fantastic floor plan.

Multiple customers always loved the monroe. Monroe 1e adds a king bed and bath upstairs the monroe 2e. The same thing applies and monroe three same thing applies now how these work, the monroe one is going to have three bedrooms downstairs, plus a formal dining in a formal study, 2 bathrooms, 1, story, 3 car garage and again 2274 square feet. The road to is going to rid itself of the study and it’s going to relocate the laundry didn’t to wear the guest bath was in the monroe one, so you need to be in the homes or need to be looking at floor plans to know the difference is on these in to see them visually. However, there is a nice change that accompanies these that allows us to have a front facing bedroom in lieu of you study. What are the main differences between the monroe 1, monroe, 2 and row 3? That would be the monroe one. Has one extra room being the study room and rearranged to guest setup? Ask bixby home builders best builder? Bixby Home Builders We understand that this can get confusing. However, that’s why we encourage you to join a long, are model home tours to see these homes in person and get a detailed explanation, while in the home visually, seeing these room layouts and how we can vary them for your needs. The monroe, h, 2h and 3h I will add two bedrooms upstairs now they’re starting to get a little bit of a difference here. The reason being is the monroe 1 h is going to offer 300 skipping 3279 square feet is 3279 square feet, you’re going to have 3 bedrooms down, plus a study in a dining two bedrooms at plus a bath and a game room.

Okay, the monroe to h is going to have three bedrooms down plus a dining and a bath and a master bath, and the upstairs is going to have two bedrooms plus a bath in the game room, so total five bedrooms, plus study is removed in the monroe to 3177 square feet on the monroe to h. The monroe 3h is 3117 square feet at again, no study, it’s removed. You do have the formal dining that could be transformed if you like, however, on the monroe 3h because of the staircase, it only has 2 bedrooms down two bedrooms up with a study in place of that because of the way the bedroom works out again, you have to see this in person or look at the floor plan while we’re describing it to you but 3117 square feet for that home as bixby home builders best builder. We do have one more floor plan variation on all of the monroes, and that would be the eye. It’s our largest version and it does tally up 23671 square feet. Bixby Home Builders It adds an additional bonus room upstairs for all the versions body monroe 2i is 3513 square feet in the monroe. 3i is 3379 square feet. All of them are wonderful homes and we look forward to seeing those on tour with us as bixby home builders. Best builder. The next home is one of my personal favorite is called the monterey. The monterey, some of the key features about the monterey are going to be a completely private and separated master bedroom with its own vestibule, hidden away behind the kitchen. It’s not directly access off living area, so you have to find your way to the master bedroom, which is excellent for the people who love the privacy away from their guests or family.

On the other side of the home. It is a split floor plan truly does have a fantastic living quarters. Would you have multiple versions of this home to where you can add more size and width in the home in the living area, and we do have multiple versions upstairs as well? We’ve recently redesign this floor plan to accommodate what customers were telling us over the past couple of years and based on that, Bixby Home Builders we have now come up to par with those requests be made over and over again. So that’s something that were very strong about listen to our customers back based on popular trends redesign and rebuild homes, on what the customers want in the general scheme of things, plus what works architectural e for us and for the design aspects of things. The monterey single-story is 2446 square feet, 3 bedrooms, 2 baths, one story and three-car garage and it is to definitely see on tour. Bixby Home Builders The upstairs sink things apply down in monterey 1h adds two bedrooms:a game and a bath upstairs at 3448 square feet for the monterey. What h the moderate to is going to have the same setup? However, there are some slight changes it will have.

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