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Experience Oklahoma's Highest and Most Reviewed Home Builder

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Bixby Home Builders | Great Reviews

Bixby Home Builders | Great Reviews

podcast 12 welcome to the show homes podcast. This is your wonderful guest talking about options that we have as bixby home builders best builder. We definitely have the most options for you. Totaling 27, neighborhoods in growing. All of our neighborhoods are interchangeable with all of our floor plans as well as off-site builds. So if you have any questions pertaining to witches could be billed where speak with your nearest sales manager at your nearest model in your nearest neighborhood community that we offer going to start off with Chisholm ranch now, just some ranch is going to be starting. The low $300,000 mark starting square foot range from 2404 to 3712. It is going to be a wonderful community that is actually going to be located on the south side of 121st street between mingo road and garnett road into the community by turning south on 105th avenue, this beautiful, beautiful community is going to be in bixby Oklahoma. So when you’re searching for bixby home builders, look no further shaw homes has your plate and platter of food that you’re looking to devour in this wonderful community overview area. Schools going to be bixby, school district is number for northeast elementary, intermediate elementary, bixby middle and bixby high school, a beautiful community that features two swimming pools at covered, entertainment, area, fire pit, arbor area in partial shade. The community has mini green. Home sites for at 121st and mingo. You can be near just about anything that you desire just seconds away from memorial drive, which takes you through the heart of Tulsa, north and south word and I still feel like you aren’t living in the city, which is fantastic, because it definitely has that rule 5 to its now great homesites, going to be there next community as well, and that community is going to be our crystal creek, now crystal creek for bixby home builders.

This is a great. This is a great opportunity for our customers to find us building in the 160s is where we’re starting in that neighborhood and that as we go through, the square footage range is 1323 on it to 2690. We definitely offer mini amenities at the area here at 41st and 3rd and 29th sexually 43rd street. The address is 13001 east 43rd street south, Tulsa Oklahoma 74135, going to be the high school at the school district, 9 of union of the crystal creek area, located close to highway 169 and highway 51. You have quick access all around the greater Tulsa area. Crystal creek is close to all kinds of shopping entertainment. If you know the area of your familiar I right there at 41st and 129th, downtown Tulsa is only about a 10-minute drive away and you can enjoy tons. Fine dining down there concerts events at the BOK and more its accessibility through all of Tulsa is very quick, very relative to anywhere that you’re trying to find crystal creek is a great community, great location, beautiful neighborhood, and we encourage you to see that on tour. I will let you know that we do have quite a few more so we’re going to hop into the next neighborhood or community as we like to call them as bixby home builders. Best builder I do have a tremendous home community, it’s going to be Edgewood estates. Edgewood estates located in jenks. However, again we can build your home. Are you like, starting in the 03 hundreds here in Edgewood, estates at square footage is 2349 to 3712 it’s going to be located in jenks Oklahoma, so that includes west elementary jinks middle school and jenks high school jenks school, district 5, for you excellent half, acre homesites on this property, and we encourage you to see that on our model, home tour next up is Elwood park, Elwood park, starting in the $280,000 range in jenks Oklahoma, however, very close to bixby broken arrow Tulsa. You have highway access very quickly throughout all of elmwood park and i, just a couple of miles from the creek turnpike, which is one of the connecting factors for all of Tulsa. We are 2349 square feet to 3730, 712 square feet, walking trails, playground, catch-and-release, pond again the schools, west elementary, jinks, middle and jenks high school i, just over 3 miles from downtown jenks and all the newer shops and restaurants on the other side of the river, a little over 1 mile from highway 75 and quick access to the creek turnpike. Has you on the way just about anywhere? You can go and plenty of our home sites in here in a couple of that we have available in elmwood park, so we look forward to it address located.

There is 2013 west 117th street jenks Oklahoma 74037 check on the flip side. For that one folks, our next is going to be the wonderful state at the river, so that is looking for bixby home builders, best builder you’ll come across shaw homes. Hopefully you’ll find out one of the communities in bixby starting to low $300,000 mark. This is kind of the crim della crim. When you speaking of new communities around the tulsa general area square footage 712. It is a wonderful community in d model home out there that you can find the sales manager along with, is 541 east 121st place, south bixby Oklahoma school district out there in northeastern elementary and intermediate elementary bixby middle school in bixby high school, that’s the school district for bixby. We encourage you. This is a brand-new community selling out quickly lots of home side’s left looking to develop more and i. Tell you what we are close to everything right off, 121st and sheridan on the west side of that intersection. You can find yourself to a memorial with in about a minute-and-a-half and the shopping in all types of dining in food, lifetime fitness. You can continue on target quiktrips everything right down the street from you, reasor’s all of your shopping, so convenient to all of your locales that you need to visit on a daily basis. We encourage you to check this out, speak with your local sales manager. Again when you’re looking for bixby home builders, you will find none better than here at shaw homes we have 27 neighborhoods available for occupancy next community on is going to be highlands at forest ridge got into this one I leave. We did actually want to go ahead and go into Oakridge. If this is a brand-new community starting in the low to 90s 2349 square feet to 3712 square feet is an l would make sure to check it out. We don’t have a model home there. Yet, however, visit in your remodel homes across the jinx bixby broken arrow, Tulsa area, you will find a sales manager more than apt and able to help you locate this wonderful community if you’re looking in the pics. Jinx, maybe a close second area as well. So we encourage you to check it out:wonderful home side’s, large home sites, great access to all, things, jinx bixby in Tulsa i, just over 3 miles from downtown jenks and all the newer shops and restaurants a little over a mile away from highway 75.

You have that really rapid access to creek turnpike, as you just go anywhere. You go on that interstates. Throughout our community area, schools going to be west, elementary of jenks jenks middle in jenks, high, school, also catch and release fishing ponds going to be located there, a neighborhood sidewalks, obviously we’re going to have a wonderful community. This is one of my favorite up-and-coming communities. If we had a model home I’d be working there right now, but we encourage you to check it out. Beautiful beautiful location couldn’t ask for much more than neighborhood small community, only a few home sites in there so get it while the gettin’s hot and we could you check that out. Folks at bixby home builders, best builder, the last beat of y’all talked about on this-is going to be quail creek of bixby self-starting in the high 200 square. Footage range of 2102 to 3712 quail creek is located in between sheridan memorial on 121st street. There is no model home there, but we do have a couple of home sites are remaining in that wonderful community north elementary in bixby bixby schools, bixby, middle, school, bixby, high school. That’s going to be a fantastic four south side of 121st and make sure to check it out winding singular a devoted road to that community, and it opens up to a plethora of opportunity for you to build at. So we encourage you to check that out located just south on 121st street in between sheridan memorial check out in bixby, so we can build anywhere you like, but we know you like corral creek. We know you like to stay to the river. Will keep them coming folks on the next? One will see you over and out

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