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Bixby New Home Builders | Amazing Floor plans

Hi, this is jacqueline smith, shot homes and I wanted to continue. Talking to you today about our water, stone home I’ll be home. Are. We like to offer a range of options for our clients that are wanting and more customize home teachers that are hiring stone offers and I wanted to just go over some of those included features. Bixby New Home Builders Now please previously talked about the included features on the exterior of the home. Then, what’s included in the entryway to study my utility room now I’d like to talk about what some of the included features are in great room. So, what’s going to be included here is going to be arched entry ways an option here is going to be set in bookcases with the lower storage and the our tv cabinet. If you should choose to do additional entryway so that the two large arched entryways you’re, also going to have the tuna quarter inch white oak wood floors in the great room for recessed lights, with a three-way switch, you will also have three and a half inch ceiling fan. So that’s how I stack stone to the mantle vent free, fireplace with gas logs. Another option here is going to be at the 5.1 surround sound wiring, as well as with the hidden storage under, the stairs or four options in the great room, Bixby New Home Builders as well as what is included in that room as well kitchen area floors, granite countertops can I be demi, bullnose, bullnose or flat polished you’re, also going to have the under mount blanco kitchen sink, so that’s going to be the granite to, and the standard sizes equal equivalent to spencer disposal switch for oil also included in the kitchen will be stone, backsplash kitchen receptacles, so those are going to be your your two trash bins, pendant lights and that’s going to be to pendant lights that are going to hang over the far as the knotty alder cabinets in your refrigerator cabinet. So that’s your refrigerator!

This is really important to our higher-end, really like to offer the top of the line cabinets here with them with all the furnishings and trimmings of an eye stye, it’s important that we really put all the bells and whistles in the kitchen. This is where your entertaining this is, where you’re spending a lot of your time. This is where you’ll have it it’s important for our clients to have that to have that space really be top of the line, which is why we really trick out these cabinets. The way that we do you’re going to have to tilt out tray 3 to be really helpful when you’re in the kitchen cooktop just giving you a little extra space, fair in your kitchen, Bixby New Home Builders as well as the trash pull out today’s going to be a for toucans there you’re also going to have the trim on the bottom of the cabinet included, as well as the custom sloped vent, hood, really change the look. It’s higher end, it’s a lot of woodwork. This is something that normally would be a pretty large expense for some homes, $60, which is really going to set us apart for getting you a true custom builds that is really worth the price there. Another teacher in that kitchen is going to be the windows 10 brown header, on the door. It just makes a huge difference and visually. It makes it look more. Bixby New Home Builders Rich more polished, more finished work here on these cats, anonymous finishing some optional items and textured hexagon ceiling treatment with a crown and older kitchen is going to finish, which will be hand textured and glaze future reference, the exterior door to the patio. So it’s going to be something that you would like to have another option to do here as well, depending on the floor plan or something that you really don’t need.

So that’s kind of up to you when you’re choosing a floor plan or when you are custom buildings going to be several options that you might think that I’ve said that. Maybe we don’t offer that you’d like to add on there and that’s, what’s so great about being able to do a custom bills like these, you really have all of the options to go forward and do kind of whatever you’re thinking. So we are our customers, which is why we like to offer.. We know that. That’s, really important. We just really want to make sure that that that’s something that we can go forward and offer for the bixby home builder. We know that it’s really important to have all those choices because they are custom, but they’re also going to include all of these features that some of our higher-end clientele really do appreciate. It’s not something you’re having to choose in a price out or design studio appointment as you wave the son of our signature, heritage series homes, Bixby New Home Builders it’s it’s something that is already included, which is why you see that hire ticket price and why you see only certain home sites being able to do those water stone home they’re, just really really great options for for the price point. If you were to take a signature, heritage series home and put all these amenities and then you’re going to find them at the same price point. So it’s something that we really like to offer for those that are thinking about building in that price range and that’s what you get when you select a water stone home. Is identical with the stairs so identical to what we’ve been talking about us have the walk through, Bixby New Home Builders which is really important feature on the 2p. You know the thing about the to the monroe to the one in the three push the garage out:10 ft, the two is tucked in that’s why we eliminate the study. I wish, sometimes that make it rl series which would look nice if we did that, we could probably do that somehow. But that’s for the staff is the monroe to peel of a different configuration similar to the one p is a 4 bedroom. Home is 2700 square feet, which really is great for a two-story home downstairs.

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