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Bixby New Home Builders | Best option available

Bixby New Home Builders | Best option available

Home builders show homes.com you’ll be able to find everything you’re looking for in The Bigs the area and one of the things that I love us we have five communities we’ve got Spring Hill Farms we’ve got Chisholm Ranch we’ve got quo Creek we’ve got Somerset we have seven legs and Estates at the river so I take that back we have seven beautiful Bigsby locations they’re all going to be Bigsby schools if you’ve been searching Big’z Bixby home builders and you haven’t looked at Shaw homes yet then you probably not searching correctly you have to navigate and just say Shaw sorry you can say Bixby home builders and child homes is always going to pop up there’s not many Builders to do what are Builder does and he’s building a quality home keeping your function and all the things that are important to you and your family in mind and as the years go by we always ask the public you know what do you think this or that how what would you like for us to build what do you see 5 years from now when when is the next time you plan on vesting in these are all valid questions that we would ask you if you were just walking in off the tree but if you’re looking at and Googling Bigsby homebuilders and you have all these homes pop up just remember if you’re looking at Shaw homes will give you a model home tour we’re going to show you around we’re not going to waste your time but we’re going to show you all of our best plans and if you’re trying to stay in the Bigsby area there’s going to be 6 communities to choose from so our first Community is going to be Chisholm Ranch now Chisholm Ranch has no HOA fees yet if once I do they’ll be 550 year that’s going to pay for the community swimming pool.

In the community a little gathering area that they have now Chisholm Ranch is really nice and tucked away on its on 121st and it’s in between Memorial and Elwood it’s on 121st and it’s between Mingo and Garnett the thing I love is the location or only other location then we had was an ulcer pain and it really wasn’t the best location of all the locations but when you’re looking for Bigsby schools or you want to stay in the Bixby area it is just one of the hottest communities that we have now we’ve got two states the river which is on 121st and that’s between Sheridan and yell and then you have Somerset which is a gated community and then if you took a right on doing the Pod to the right on where you turn you’re going to see there’s a lot more variety and colors and you see one of the things I love about Shah homes.com is if you’re looking for a Bigsby homebuilders you definitely come to the right place because there’s no other Bixby new home builder that’s going to give you the quality in the function that we do Bixby new home builders is going to be pretty amazing because there’s not that many people that are able to looking big severe hand out a map and show you everything that we have to offer so Bixby home builders builder of your choices shell homes and if you search for Bixby new home builders you’re going to know that you’re not just going to find a plan and function but you’re going to find every single thing that you desired in that home to because right now or January instead of his giving you $15,000 Anyway You Want It and 15000 will buy you a lot of amenities the other thing that I love about the Bigsby locations since we have 5 Bigsby communities and out of those 5 you get a full sprinkler system full Gathering extra landscaping and one of the things I’ve Loved which I need double check is how much sod do you get cuz it’s always a full yard of sod I just don’t know what they do when they scrape it down to put a house up but if you’re Googling Shaw homes.com and you look at what we’re doing you’re going to be amazed with a new school on its way so it shall homes.com.

You’ll be able to see exactly what it is that your child will need for them to check it out you want to look at Shaw homes.com and find anything to help you out cuz it needs to be locations are there are prime prime property so if you looking at Bixby home builders in your checking out that sauce yeah going to the place she’s going to want to see when you’re going to see everything that use care Iris ah Leah free but y’all homes.com Builders Choice 28 years old Kershaw knives.com Builders Choice you’re going to see everything that you could possibly want the house so if you’re Googling Bixby new home builders and you want to check us out come in do a model home tour let us show you around we have 13 furnace models to choose from and will be able to find you the only one that will work for you and your your home’s Foundation you know your house better than Shaw homes does so if you’re looking for you know Bixby new home builders in you haven’t checked out Sean’s you’re going to walk in one of our models today and let us know you fly we are the Builder of choice so we have several furnace malls was got a two-story brick and seven lights then we have a one-story in Monterey plans and a one-story with pattern that we’ve built in Quail Creek you’re all of these homes are for sale in on the market and actually showing really nicely now if you haven’t Googled Bixby new home builders and you haven’t checked out Shaw homes you’re going to want to come in and let us show you our process let us take you on a tour and find at home price out the home that’s perfect for you if you want to move from build from ground up and let us take the time just to show you the best home site in that area and do what we need to do now there are a lot of things that we offer and turn your structure warranty is one of them we also will give you A3 warranty walkthrough on the home a week prior to closing 160 days after you’ve lived in the show home and then another one at your 11 month anniversary in the home so we’re going to make sure that you’re well taken care of so you want to check out Bigsby home builders Shaw home your builder of choice there’s no other Builder.

that’s going to give you what we do so Bixby new home builders Shaw homes we appreciate you listening and just remember we have Spring Hill Farms half acre so if you’re looking for Bigsby home builders and you want the two 80s or 290 and she’ll be on a half acre in Spring Hill Farm if you want a one story you’ll be in that and you can get in Quail Creek or Seven Lakes if your budget 300000 to 3:05 you can be in Estates at the river or Somerset which is our gated community and it’s just one of the best things that we have going today so Shaw homes.com built by builder of your choice 13 model awards for model homes I’m so Bixby home builders show homes.com and out of all the Bixby home builders where the only Builder that to come 13 Awards this year and parade 2017 that happened in June July Ash and come see us Shaw homes.com Bixby home builders your builder of choice in your Builder with a 10-year structural warranty nobody else can offer that and we are a Z1 show homes.com Bixby new home builders come check out our property of come see what are model home tour Is leta show you around and let us do the work while you relax and just pick your next home social homes.com your Builders Choice 28 years in business and a warranty that nobody else offers 10-year on structure to your on Plumbing and Electric and Lifetime on the roof social homes.com Bixby home builders

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