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Bixby New Home Builders | Bixby’s very best

Bixby New Home Builders | Bixby’s very best

So if you’re, looking in the, bigs, bay area home builders, I know a lot of people will surf on the internet first and maybe they’ll google bixby new home builders, but they’re, not for sure exactly seven lakes, we have a brand-new market-ready home center to build in the funny thing is:is we actually built this home are best at 327000i’m? Sorry, it’s it’s going to be 340 mm. No, we did an incentive on it, so we took 15 grand off and it brought it to 327 9:07, and that is going to be our of choice in that neighborhood because of a true greenbelt. So you’d never have neighbors behind you. So if you’re looking for bixby new home builders and you need a 4-bedroom plus the game room plus two and a half bath, plus a study plus a three-car garage you’re, going to find it with our stone brook v plan in seven, lakes and there’s no I mean there’s just nothing to think about. When you see that plan, it is amazing, I love all the colors, they did all the greys and whites that are really popular. Now it’s been looking at the home builders in you check out, seven lakes seven lakes is actually located on south, it’s on sheridan south on sheridan, and it’s a it’s one block south from 121st street. So it’s about in your mind. You think it’d be about a hundred and 23rd street and sheridan. But when you pull in that community, we actually built a beachfront swimming pool. It has a clubhouse, that’s fully furnished with all the chairs and all the tables as a ventless gas fireplace. It also has a full kitchen with a refrigerator granite countertop so that you can have private parties in rent the clubhouse out and then, of course, at we built and walk in showers, and it has restrooms a drinking fountain and seven. Lakes also has seven different man-made lakes in it to fish at and a lot of people will walk around and some of them towards the bag. Actually near our market-ready home.

You be able to walk out your back door and come take a walk very, very nice as far as big city home builders, if you’re looking at shaw homes or you haven’t yet you want to go on our line and check on shaw homes.Com, because we show all of our bigsby communities. Seven lakes has been very well-established. It’s been there for 10 years now, and one of the things I love about seven lakes. Is there a five phases in that community? And so there’s nothing that looks cookie cutter I would say that there’s about four for builders in there that can build homes and I just absolutely been a nice community most of the homes under reader place that backed up to a ponder greenbelt. There are some exceptions for we having debt to another home site and you would actually get credits on those home sites with shell homes, but as far as seven lakes, the community at cells are small as floor planner monroe 3, it’s 21 12 square feet, giving you three bedrooms, Bixby New Home Builders plus the study plus a 3 car garage you’ll, be at 297 510, a few home sites that will back up to the pond. There’s two exact got one corner home site and there’s actually one large I’m in a few that have credits on in the back up to other properties that are near the fishing ponds. 8 home sites before were sold out in the air and as far as bixby new home builders you’ll definitely want to check seven lakes out because there’s nobody that can get you in at the price that we have in that neighborhood. It is absolutely phenomenal, but anyways that bixby new home builders show homes has that whole entire market, but seven lakes is going to run as far as the homeowners association about $550 a year and homeowners association fees. It’s not going to be much! That’s something that we love about. That community can get an upgraded, premier, community and you’re also going to have several things in there that we include, which is going to be well.

It’s going to have extra landscaping you’ll have a tiled shower in the master and you’ll have 3cm granite or quartz. It will have additional landscaping in a full sprinkler system, which is really nice not to have to worry about, and if you drive through seven lakes, that you’re going to notice, is you actually get a tree in the front yard? That’s part of the covenants in there, and so that’s going to be included in your prize and we actually just put our model home for sale. Cuz, like I said we have about seven home sites available before were sold out that we have in it honestly. The listing price should be 440 6986, but we took $47,086 off bringing it to the listing price if that’s actually giving you 35 63 square feet now that particular home has a dining room. Master down. It’s got a 10 x, 27 covered patio in the back, and then it’s got a butler’s pantry between the dining in the kitchen which I love and you actually in the upstairs area. You will have to game room so a game room over the great room. Then you’ll have a humongous bonus room over the garage, that’s finished out, plus two bedrooms and a bath. Now that plan won’t last long, because that particular model home we built on a pond home site. So it’s got water views from the great room, the master suite the game room in the kitchen and nook, and so that’s something special about that home site that we chose and, like i, said, that model it’ll go quick for 39099. So if you’re looking for bixby new home builders in you’re, looking in the seven lakes area, we were definitely going to be able to build until our 7 lots or sold out. But we also have the two market-ready homes that are move-in ready now and will give you a great home for the price in the location. Now you’re you’re going to be one block from the bigsby school.

So if you have children in the schools are right there around the corner, you’re also going to be one block from the life church. So if you go to church or if you don’t go to church, you need to check out life church, it’s actually my home church and that’s going to give you a a great connection with your family and people in the area to get to know me and kind of mingle and just have new friends. But this this location is going to give you a lot of amenities for the kids. For the summer time, it’ll have sidewalks great location, that’s near all the shopping, we’re going to have like almost like it’s going in right now, around spirit event center, there’s a lot of restaurants. There shopping their sprouts and we have a target super center. There’s there’s a lot. They even have like a paleo chef store that you can pick up your own food daily. There they’ve got bakeries they’ve got rested,, we have a lot of driving restaurants and we actually have at Walmart grocery store if you’re a Walmart person. We’ve got that too, but you’re going to be in your also going to be right down the street from riverside drive, which is more shopping and restaurant, and it has the jenks aquarium it’s about 5 minutes away, so you’re close by everything but you’re in a real prime digsby location. So when your google and bixby new home builder she’ll want to check out charles homes.Com and see why we are the builder of choice by people come to us an investor money enough thanks for listening

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