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Experience Oklahoma's Highest and Most Reviewed Home Builder

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Bixby New Home Builders | Build your perfect home

Bixby New Home Builders | Build your perfect home

Hey this is Brooklyn with shaw homes, and I would like to continue telling you to today about some of these included pictures that are in our water stone water stone hunger, going to be a little bit different than our series. Signature features are going to be really. That’s the finest options and upgrades that we offer. If you have a need for a home, if you’re looking around $450,000 plus water stone hounds I highly recommend xp home builders, Bixby New Home Builders we offer the most amenities here with our water. Ski water stone is a really beautiful line of custom built home. They are just a really beautiful series at homes. If you are looking for something in that price range, I highly recommend, considering and they’re really are so beautiful until we’ve talked about pictures included inside as well. Galley on the way to the master is a really important place that are really beautiful, dixie hummingbirds. You won’t see this feature at all this series of homes, apart from other house, beautiful, arched and trey from the nose of the transom windows, hear you’re getting a really nice visual feature here. You’re also going to have included that tuna quarter inch. White oak hardwood floor on the door, so it feels really really custom, Bixby New Home Builders really high-end, so important part of water stone home in no matter how you build it or what shoes are, if you really choose to do it more customer is a really beautiful in tray to a master bedroom. Grand entrance, which I think is, is a really great feature as a bigsby home builder. We know that when working with these clients that are looking for something a little more so as a big scene humbled or we know that it’s really important for our customers to have the option to include these features.

Given these options with the water stone homes, we know that other bixby home builders don’t have the selections that we do here, and it really sets us apart and really gives us an opportunity to fill a void that we see a home builders says he’s included. Features are really important to to set us apart and to set a new standard for what is being built, really focus the smaller items. Bixby New Home Builders They might not be a big ticket item, it might not be visually little touches here and there really make a huge difference or or headers or the trim on a cabinet that really sets us apart. It really makes a difference when you are building just to notice those smaller items and it makes a big impact visually and although it might be something you might not think about it, because it’s just a little trim, but when you see it across the entire cabinet, it really looks good and does finishing touches are really what make these custom homes have that wow factor other have to standards that we do. So that’s why we really love our water stone home and it really allows us to to be an offer, something really beautiful to our clients, I’m. So to move along to the next area, to bb hall, two bedrooms, two and three. We are also going to have the arched entry way to the hall here. Bixby New Home Builders The hallway light, with a switch as well as a finished really nice to have that extra storage space in that hallway, really not losing square footage there.

The square footage a whole lot, which is that when we do have a long hallway like this, we are making sure to use the space wisely with a closet, so you’re not just having an empty hallway and you’re. Also using that square footage wise lay in putting a closet there as well. What’s going to be included here, is going to be tiled floor. This is a wet area just like you’re, just like your mud room, just like your utility room there going to be a wet area as well, so we are going to talk instead of doing the hardwood because of proximity to water and often times these are going to be the areas where you have those links or were you have spells, Bixby New Home Builders and so it’s just more responsible option here on the tile with strict, strict or bricklin picture frames, police surrounded trim, that’s not an actual still going to have the tile as well. Also single lever, arched faucet, you also will have 3 cm granite top on an oval sink. Also included here is going to be easy. Bixby New Home Builders Choice on the speed of basic toilet will actually be the larger elongated one as well. So these are all things that are options in our heritage and signature series. So, for instance, the head knocker toilet cost. You additional chose those in the design studio or in your price out appointment. Should you add your signature series features are included in that base price set.

These are things that you don’t have to think about when you’re not really going to do that, because all of those features that you were wanting to have are already going to be there. Another are set apart from other bixby home builders, because we have those options because we are able to give those amenities to our customers. It really allows us to really be set apart, so important for a lot of heart. Bixby New Home Builders The option of the water stone. On the other floor plans, if you walk and talk a little landing area, call it what you want this walks right into the game on that makes that game room, 18, ft 7 in a 13 ft 11 has the same size, bathroom and also the same size bed room number for you. Just bass could combine the two bedrooms on h and make it a p combine those two rooms and one’s a bedroom homes in your number one builder. So, as you look at the i-4 plan that right I was going to the monroe to pee that poor plant is 27. Square ft even go upstairs when you walk through the stairs like when you get to the top of the stairs.

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