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Bixby New Home Builders | Extravagant Homes

Bixby New Home Builders | Extravagant Homes

Hi this is Brooklyn’s Shaw homes and I wanted to continue telling you about some of the move in already home so they market-ready home that we have available here at Shaw homes I’m at the Bixby home builder we know it’s important to have a variety of homes that are available to our customers because some customers for whatever reason don’t have the availability to to build a home to take the time in the process and some just want to home if they can move into that’s that’s some brand-new that has C warranties there and that’s what we want to offer here to continue on some of the homes that we have available on Bixby New Home Builders one of my favorite floor plans is are Monterey the Monterey starts at 2419 square feet at this particular home that is located in Somerset is listed at $344,330 its a three-bedroom tube a three-car garage and it is a one-story is a beautiful beautiful floor plan with some really beautiful selections and it is well, I recommend coming and seeing this model immediately the the same floor plan is also available and Quail Creek it is listed at $324,883 it is a beautiful floor plan it’s got the master bedroom down as well as another bedroom down and what’s got that three bedrooms down and it is a beautiful beautiful floor plan and it’s really laid out nice and it is in a beautiful Community both in Quail Creek and in Somerset the next model I’d like to tell you about is going to be our nodding hell this is 2715 square feet so it’s a sizable home this one is inMillicent Pond it is $352,930 and I’m a beautiful home that I really recommend checking out if you’re looking for a home in that area around that square footage the Notting Hill at the beautiful beautiful two-story home it is at 4 bedroom 3 bath 3 car garage for that square footage really can’t beat that price it’s really beautiful another beautiful very popular Bixby New Home Builders floor plan and is going to be our Crescent now are Crescent we cannot keep the atom model home or the Market Redding homes available because they go so fast because it’s such a coveted floor plan it is on the smaller side for Heritage it’s 2095 square feet but truly it feels like it is so much more beautiful beautiful floor plan laid out really smart on this particular one locatedHighland Creek and it is listed at $252,949 it is currently under review does a three bedroom two bath 3 car garage beautiful floor plan that you should definitely check out in a beautiful neighborhood.

Save your crescent the next time I’d like to tell you about is going to be our Ventana Q Ventana Q is has a lot of similarities with the Crescent I’m in that it is a little bit more on the smaller side it’s still going to be more it’s 2595 square feet it is 4 bedroom 3 bath 3 car garage the reason I say it’s on the smaller side is just because it is going to be it’s just going to be a good size within that square footage so it’s going to feel really homie you’re not going to feel real spaced out from everyone else the only place where you will feel the space is going to be upstairs you have the great room upstairs that separating the two rooms so if you do have 2 kids especially if they’re on this team cheers on especially if they’re a boy or girl this is a perfect Bixby New Home Builders on that Ventana Q it’s just really nice to have those those rooms separated upstairs and give that kind of a roomie or feel up there as well second story is so helpful and this current one is listed at 319000 at 23 square feet and it is a beautiful lay out here so I really recommend checking out that Ventana Q in the final home that I’d like to tell you about is going to be our Redford another Redford’s going to be one of our top selling homes it’s just a really smart well laid-out floor plan and it’s been a really popular and this particular home will sell very fast it is listed at 297959 to 3 bedroom 2 bath 3 car garage it is a one-story Redford so it is 2349 square feet on a beautiful lot hearing know this I know this won’t last long if it is and I would park so the Redford and Anton are actually both in Ellwood Park very coveted home sites in a very coveted neighborhood and School District so that’s one of the hot items here with with those.

I know it’s really going to be it’s really going to be important for a lot of our buyers to consider those items and like I said before that’s that’s why we really like to make sure that we have homes that are that are all over we would like to be able to to offer different sized homes in different communities because we have fires that you know aren’t just from the even though we’re a Bixby home builder we know that there are homes in Cinque South Tulsa and Broken Arrow that our clients are really looking for and that is something that’s really important for us to be able to offer all of those things to our client to be able to give them you know everything that they were Bixby New Home Builders really looking for and that’s why we really pride ourselves in these these floor plans that we have taken the time to to construct and to remodel based on popular Trends or comments from customers overtime being able to get it you know with a fine-tooth comb and make sure that these floor plans are exactly what everyone wants and being able to design these homes with our design studio and being able to put the items in the home that we know that the majority of our customers have asked for the past and the majority of our customers have built in their homes we really want to pass that along to the next client and be able to give them the best of the best which is really what we have tried to to do with these market-ready homes we are really trying to think of the customer the different families we want to think about the different price for the different neighborhoods to Bixby New Home Builders be able to offer a multitude of options we know that from talking to other fix me home builders and talking to other realtors that it’s important to have a variety of available because the market really is looking for that right now there are the used Home Market it’s just not really what it used to be and there aren’t a lot of options.

For buyers that are looking for in a home that their you know aren’t going to have to be spending all this time doing it do it yourself Chatsworth renovating a bathroom so that’s something that we really wanted to focus on as well I’m being able to give our customers a finished product they can be happy with that nothing’s going to leak nothing’s gonna break you won’t have cracking Foundation have to worry about those things when you’re we are building with us or when you’re moving into a market-ready home that’s something that we wanted to be able to give to our customers kind of that piece of mind to be able to to share with them those those insights so that’s something that we we really think it’s important here at Shaw we want to be able to pass that down to our customer as well so just to be able to offer those amenities inside the home the different home sites and the different locations of those homes that are for neighborhoods to be able to Bixby New Home Builders offer different price points because ultimately you know everybody wants something different and some people are downsizing or some you know maybe moving from out of town I’m ultimately we wanted to be able to offer something for everyone which we feel like we’ve really done here with our move-in ready homes so please come and check them out I know that we’ll have a little something for everybody and it will have a little something for you so please get in contact with us and let us help you find your new home

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