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Bixby New Home Builders | Great Homes

Bixby New Home Builders | Great Homes

Don’t want to talk to you just a little bit about one of our most popular floor plans the Wyndham the Wyndham is a number of different ways it can be built as small as 20 224 square feet and all the way up to at 3222 square feet is 561 square feet a random model ism is a real special home so if you have not experienced one of my weekly model home tours then let me extend this opportunity to you one more time because it is a beautiful floor plan that you would love to see it’s located in our lovely Seven Lakes neighborhood at 128th and South Sheridan Seven Lakes is a beautiful family community actually we were the original developer developer of that neighborhood it Bixby New Home Builders has a beautiful community pool that’s like a clover leaf design with no point of the pool any deeper than four and a half feet so it’s really just for floating and splashing and getting wet and cooling Bixby New Home Builders off section of the Clover Leaf design has a beachfront in the little tiny babies can really enjoy just in a very very shallow water splashing and playing my mom is sitting there really close beside them so let me tell you a little bit Bixby New Home Builders about the flexible feature that we’ve designed into the Wyndham floor planned to start I guess you need to understand how our smart Flex fit on our smart Flex features that we design into our mini Shaw homes Works smart Flex means that this window model home you are viewing on our website comes in different sizes so you can design it to fit your family’s need to have her many bedrooms you need if you need one or two game rooms whether you’re single or married with or without kids multi-generational adult kids moving back home after college or empty nesters this home can Flex as a one story or two story to fit your needs with any of our smart flex designs we start with a one-story plan and then if you need more spanked we had a staircase and start adding an upstairs Game Room bathroom bedrooms.

Now that you have an understanding of how our smart Flex design works let me tell you about the top three reasons why are customers really love the Wyndham first of all we called this plan the People’s Choice Home this home was born from its Brothers floor plan the Monroe the Monroe is one of our tried-and-true plan that we’ve had for many years now after hearing customer feedback year-after-year about the specific things that they would change about the Monroe well we decided to create a homemade plan from those suggestions and that’s where the Wyndham came into being what are the key design elements that we brought into the Wyndham was the walkthrough Bixby New Home Builders from the master closet to the laundry room we have found that when most people get home from the end of the work day they tend to be stripping process or the shedding process and changing into their comfortable clothes for the evening sometimes needing to take a shower or freshen up before enjoying the relaxing evening hours will this plan is set up with that idea and mine you enter from the garage and go down the hall throw your dirty clothes in the laundry and then step into the walk-in closet grab that one shirt that you’ve had since in those jeans with all the holes in them and then you can freshen up before spending time relaxing in your home I always like to say that you’re kicking off your shoes right there in your master closet instead of leaving them by the back door and then having to come back and pick them up later once a week I’m walking in the door of my garage with an armful of dry cleaned shirt and it’s so nice to be able to just walk them straight into the master closet and hang them up and they’re waiting for my husband the second reason our customers truly love the window is this home is ready to party when you are with it butler Pantry service.

Area going from the kitchen into the formal dining room or family gatherings at your place and have you ever noticed how everybody always ends up in the kitchen when you have people over will the Wyndham has a massive 10-foot Island that gives you plenty of seating room for people to gather and talk while the food preparation is going on I’m with the great room connected with a huge arched opening you won’t miss any of the big game when it’s on TV the finally last but not least the party can go outside to the huge 26 foot wide covered patio that comes standard on the Wyndham what do you plan on entertaining in the home in the outdoor living space this home has the Bixby New Home Builders room to accommodate between the seating area in the formal dining room and the Nook and the island and an outdoor table for 6 months up to 29 people you can seat easily at the Wyndham and that’s without even adding any additional at folding tables that you might have I told you about a quick overview of just a few of the many features that make this plan so popular I would invite you to Bixby New Home Builders discover the customizable smart flex features you can choose for your families needs model home and visiting with one of our realtor specialist who can tell you all the customized and made special just for you and your family we call that Wyndham the party home because we’ve had many receptions for business associates and realtors in that home and it truly can accommodate so many people I know I personally am from a very large family and when my family gets together it just seems like there’s never enough dating at all the tables but that would not be the case in the Wyndham not only with the table the dining room table.

But like I said that big massive 10-foot Island with all the bar stools or I would put the grandkids so if they spill anything it will be on the top floor of the kitchen which is great if you’d like to see our Wyndham model home in person then like I said just Join one of our weekly model home tours by either going to www. Shaw and just click on the booklet or link to join us on the 90-minute to to our model home presentation when two or three are beautifully furnished and decorated Model Homes you know Shaw homes has more completely decorated Model Homes than any other builder in the Tulsa area which is our customers all model home tours from our was the smartest thing they’ve done and they’re Bixby New Home Builders home shopping experience because while we’re on the tour we talked about how that Helm functions for you and your family every home functions differently we talked about how far you have to carry those groceries in from the garage you know it’s been my experience you can get really hung up on the pretty that’s why the model home tours so important and it says Shaw homes exclusive procedure so give us a call at 258-6161

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