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Bixby New Home Builders | non comparable results

Bixby New Home Builders | non comparable results

hi this is Brooklyn Michelle Holmes and I wanted to continue talking to you today about some of the options here is a Bixby home builder that we offer our clients for these model ready homes or Market ready homes that we have available now in most of these homes you are really getting the the best of the best here so you’re getting our award-winning Bixby New Home Builders design team that are choosing all of us elections in these homes so they are going to pick out everything that’s going to go inside this interior store really make it a beautiful state-of-the-art home you’re also getting the the knowledge from all of the previous filters kind of the best of the best hear what our customers has told us really works for them and what they really like and we look at the selections they have chosen in those neighborhoods and what is very popular and we go ahead and put those things in these homes because we really want to do what’s right by the customer and we want to try to read everyone’s mind is best that we can, so that’s really the advantage that you’re getting here on these market-ready home they are going to be the the highest-end that we that we can build them all staying within a reasonable price for that neighborhood because we do want to make sure that they’re comparable so that they do Bixby New Home Builders have a good resale value should you choose to to refill those home and I talked about some of the homes in the Manchester series before I know we do have promising new Manchester homes that are going in and nose are going to be a little bit different they are just some of the new floor plans that we have that are going to be a little bit larger on there going to be a 1800 square foot plus I’m so that’s really exciting as far as that style of home the Manchester series have always been under 1800 square foot so we’re really excited to be able to offer someone for something around 1800 1900 2000 to 2200 to the four new floor plans that we are going to be releasing her going to be the Ellington the Ellington comes in at 1876 square feet the Liberty that comes in at 1932 square feet the Newport that comes in at 2048 square feet and the Remington which comes in at 2207 square feet you’re going to see the price difference reflected on those the Ellington is going to be 190 8750 still Liberty is going to be 200 1200 in Newport is going to be 200 5800 and the Remington is going to be $218,810 really reasonable price for these homes.

I’m in these are all going to be in our new addition on Tucson Village and that’s going to be on Tucson which is a hundred 21st Street Broken Arrow and that’s going to be in between County County Line and Lynn Lane and County Line you’re really excited to release feces these new floor plans and we know that everyone is just going to love them a little bit more about some of the floor plans that we have available in our heritage series that are going to be moving right it’s a fixie home builder we know that it’s really important to have homes available and all of these theories and because not everyone is really going to want a 3000 square foot home not everyone is going to be able to afford a home with a certain size or in a certain neighborhood until we really want to accommodate everyone come here and give everyone the opportunity to to have a home that is readily available for them with all of the all of the things in it that they will want it so that’s really why we are able to offer all three of these on the first home that I would like to tell you about that is listed currently is going to be our Stone brook Omar Stone brook is a very popular floor plan and it is a really good way to to utilize the square footage in this Bixby New Home Builders home you’re not going to find always in this home I’m you’re not going to find Grand entryways here because there’s just not going to be a lot of wasted space so all of the square footage here is really going to be utilized and that’s something that we really really focused on especially on this floor plan the specific model is to the Stone brook has been really popular for us here and we know that other Bixby home builders are building a lot of homes that that maybe have a higher square footage but not all of that space is utilized on which is really just costing the customer more money.

it’s not really giving them a better product the smarter product it’s just a more expensive one and we know that our customers really appreciate that we put so much thought behind it into the design and why we lay the floor plans out the way that we do by the rooms are placed in situated the way that they are not something that I really see a lot of these Stone brook I’m so we currently have three stone books that are going at one that’s listed at two hundred ninety six thousand eight hundred 2410 Fairway Park we have another one that is listed at $319,900 and that one is in Millicent Pond and then we have another one in its Somerset that is for I’m sorry and Seven Oaks South that is 294790 min so it’s all three of those John Brooks those are in different locations they are the same floor plan but like I said they are going to be in a in a different location and that really is what differentiates the price of the most there and the next floor plan that we have available that is as great floor plan is our Finley so our family is on the lowest end of our of the square footage Bixby New Home Builders for the signature series homes in the first Findlay that we have is going to be in Brighton Village it’s listed at $227,005 I’m so does in Broken Arrow it is a great location here Britain Village is really great community and if you are looking for for a home that is right in that in that size this is a really great home and although it only is 3 bedroom 2 bath 3 car garage you’re also getting a den study here which is really really helpful and is a Bixby home builder we know it’s important not just to have this bedrooms in there but to also include that study within the floor as well so make sure you know that you’re also getting that as well we have another family that is going up and are Seven Oaks South community and it’s actually a hundred percent complete that’s a great great family as well it is listed at 238300. $396 MLS so you will have to check that out fast before someone else takes it out from under you.

That’s a great floor plan and we know that that’s something that our customers really appreciate having the next floor plan I want to tell you about is the Monroe to this actually the Monroe Touhy is a 4 bedroom 3 bath 3 car garage another Monroe Tui is going to be the only one of its kind that is being built at the moment it Bixby New Home Builders is listed at $299,900 in Highland Creek so that is a beautiful two-story home and I really recommend seeing that home is in Highland Creek so that is going to be one of the most affordable neighborhoods being able to get that size of home it’s almost 3000 square feet comes in at 2952 square feet so being able to get a home fat thighs and a brand new neighborhood for under 300,000 is really Bixby New Home Builders unbelievable we also have them pro tube to Monroe to one story so that’s going to be 2172 square feet and that is actually located in a rush from North and there’s some really great deals in that neighborhood right now I’m with a listing price of $269,900 and an with are incentives that’s a really really great price to come in and get that home

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