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Bixby New Home Builders | Number one in the business

If you’re in the Bigsby area and you’re looking around for Bixby new home builders and you’re not quite for sure who to choose or select you’re going to want to check check out Sean’s. Com out of all the Bixby new home builders is going to be the only Builder that I know that’ll give you five locations in Bigsby one of which is Spring Hill Farms I was going to give you put you in the to 80s with the story and then it may be the 27041 story but you’re really the privacy and you’re buying a little bit of land where you don’t have a neighbor on top of you now there’s a lot of things that we offer in our company in we are right now we’re offering 15,000 incentive anyway people want to use it so if you’re on the show homes web page you’ll want to sign up for a model home tour so I could take you out and show you what you had to choose from there’s a lot of great plans great things that you’ll be able to stay with the shaw homes people so if you’re looking for Bixby new home builders and you looking for Shaw homes you’re going to want to check it out it’s going to be the best deal going and we just have so much toBixby New Home Builders offer families to phenomenal but show homes.com Bixby new home builders it’s going to be your Builders Choice now there’s going to be a lot of different things and different reasons people want to move either. So they can be closer to work sometimes it takes a further away from work sometimes it’s a be able to be involved so big be home builders show homes.com you’re going to want to fight and come and check us out so Bixby new home builder show homes.com you’ll be able to see every reason that people come in and look at our homes no one of the things that I love about Joel Osteen’s book is it says my friend Samuel always dreamed of owning his own business year after year he was faithful to his employees and he was always doing good things for somebody he wasn’t just encouraging he was everything so if you’re looking for Shaw homes.com

You want to see a place to land and call home you’ll definitely want to go on our model home tour we have so many different clients that Rave about our model home tour you know when we go on those it’s just such a nice thing because you’re able to see furnace plans and you’re able to see great great things that are just phenomenal it’s just going to be a great great place to be at so social homes.com Victory home builders show homes.com Bixby new home builders there’s so many things that you can do in a shell homes there’s just so many things that you can see and do and show him is going to be big Steve Builders Choice so if you’re looking for Bixby new home builders and you haven’t checked out Sean’s you’re definitely going to want to walk into our model and schedule free mobile home tour and takes about an hour and a half but you’re able to see everything that we offer in a home and some other thing that I absolutely love about Charles Holmes isBixby New Home Builders there’s not many places that you can just go in and schedule model home tour and go see everything that they have to offer as there are so many beautiful homes that she comes by far is set apart now I know that we love the show homes communities we love showing what we offer to clients in really Heaven 13 furnace models is something that no other Builder that I know of has so if you’re looking for Bixby home builders and you want to Fair Builder that has amazing amazing taste that is a man of integrity than you’ve come to Shaw homes and you’ve come to the right place just let us take you through our process and tell you what to expect in a home and there’s not a lot of people that have a process like we do but we’ve spent you know 28 years getting to the place that we’re at now so we’re able to offer the right Homes at the right price to fit every budget we actually have homes that start in the 160s and God now you can’t be in Bixby.

For 160s but you can denture being there in the 290 you can actually getting into 80s into 70s if you were doing a half acre homesites in Spring Hill Farms so that’s going to be a lot of times when people are $60 I don’t really know what exactly they’re looking for they just want to see what’s out there so our job is just to educate the buyer to show him around show them what their budget will buy today and they can make an informed decision based on what we’ve shown them for their budget keeping their family and mine so if you’re looking for a Bixby home builders and you just don’t know where to shop you’ll definitely want to stop in at Shaw homes because it is by far the best builder in town I mean we are the only Builder that I know that there were 113 Awards in one Year’s parade of homes that is a rule groundbreaker really nobody else is done that sound I just think that you need to check out y’all homes and go to Bixby home builders and just see what we have to offer inBixby New Home Builders the area now as far as the communities go you’ve got Quail Creek it’s on 121st between garnet and Mingo then you’ve got Quail Creek is going to be our best price out of all the Bixby can manatees on 121st and seven legs with got about seven homesites before were sold out it’s just a wonderful wonderful community and then we’ve got Somerset which is a community across from Quail Creek on the north side of 121st and it’s right next to the schools and the church so if you do go to look Life Church you’ve got to be walking distance to get there if your kids go to Bixby School you could actually walk in the front door you would never have to leave your neighborhood in Somerset now Somerset is a gated community.

So if you’re looking for Big C home builders in you want to check out one of our best gated communities it’s going to be Somerset now the prices in Somerset or going to be in the 290s with lot included and we have 70 foot wide homes sides and we also have 65 foot home sites for some of our special plans and we’ve got North the actually all of the north-facing home side’s they will come standard with a balcony on the back so a covered deck that’s what I probably should call it and there’s just a lot you can do for the money so if you’re looking for Bixby home builders and you haven’t checked out Shaw homes you’re going to want to walk into our model and schedule a tour and just start looking and seeing what shark can buy you or offer your family in the lifestyle and social homes.com Bixby new home builders you’re going to want to check out the builders have been in business for 28 years and do not plan on ever going elsewhere 28 years is a long time so Shaw homes.com your builder of choice come check us out do model home tour and let us help you find your next spot to land social homes.com Bigsby home builders it’s going to be the best experience you’ve ever had hands down and they’re just so many things to choose from wish all homes social homes.com be home builders your builder of choice there’s no other Builder like us and it’s home of the 10-year structural warranty social homes.com Bixby home builders we are the Builders Choice we would love love love to have you come in our door so that we can take you around and show you just what we have to offer and so we thank you we thank God for the business because if it wasn’t for him nobody would come out but we have an awesome company in a lot to offer so come check us out Shaw homes.com Bixby home builders

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