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Bixby new home builders | Phenomenal new homes

Bixby new home builders | Phenomenal new homes

So when you’re thinking of bixby area and you’re, looking for bixby new home builders, you’re going to want to check out shaw homes.Com I know, a lot of people will search the internet first before they go anywhere else looking for bixby new home builders and they will usually stumble on shaw, homes.Com or shaw homes, and one of the areas that’s new and upcoming is called the r is the estates at the river now I absolutely love the estates at the river. The one thing about the estates at the river is:you can actually get in and build in the estates at the river as small as 308,000, and that will give you a lot included with a 4 bedroom, home plus the dining or 4 bedroom, plus a study the monroe. Three plan is going to be like i, said 308 with lot included, and it’s going to give you a lot of bang for your buck now. If somebody wanted to be around 2112 square feet, they could actually get in there and, if you’re looking for bixby new home builders in that price range, is kind of what you’re here that you want to do. You’re definitely going to be able to do that. We also have they go all the way up to our two story plan. So there’s nothing that you can’t build with us. It’ll start at 212 square feet and it will go all the way up to our largest floor plan, which is going to be our monroe one i, given you 3671 square feet and that tops out at 379 8th, and that gives you a huge home with everything that you could actually absolutely dream of. So4 37098 you’re going to have 3671 square feet and if you’ve been looking for the bixby new home builders and you’re, trying to look in the area-and you just don’t know what’s available, if you drive down 121st street right between sheridan and yale, that’s where you’re going to see estates at the river. It sets on the south side of 121st street, and you know it’s right across from half-million-dollar homes. You can actually get in this neighborhood now for that price in about a year from now to be a much more then that one of the things that I love about estates at the river. Is it we’ll have a phase two later on? It will give you a pond I’m.

Sorry, it will give you a pool, ass, neighborhood, swimming pool, community pool it’ll have grilling stations and they will be building a park. So it’ll have a community and once they do have homeowners associations, they won’t be any more than $550 a year. That’s usually the top top out that we see for homeowners, association, fee they’ll, probably wait until phase one is almost complete before they start that or they may wait until phase 2 is up and going to have the swimming pool ready to go before they charge homeowners dues. So if you’re looking for bigsby home builders-and he want to check out what shaw homes has you want to come by one of our model homes or come in and drive through the community? And let’s see, if you see yourself living here, a lot of times, people just have to drive through to see you know. Can we can you see yourself living in this community you’re, going to be able to find exactly what you want? Michelle holmes one of the things that I love that we’ve years is we offer model home tours now. This is something where we can take the client and we can tour all of the models that fit in your budget and how many rooms you need for that home in that budget and it’s just a great way to get what you want and to have the home in the location that you need now. As far as the states that the river goes, it’s going to give you such a great place to live newest communities that is really upcoming. We probably got 31 home sites in here before were sold out and as far as the community goes, it’s just been a great community to build in. We have to cul-de-sac come sites before those are sold out and we have four corner home sides, and then we have quite a few that back up to a temporary green belt or they back up to an area that you’ll never have a neighbor behind you. So it is kind of a greenbelt.

It backs up to the entrance street that you come in on, but there’s really hardly any traffic on it, because it’s a sod field across from that. So, if you’re, looking for him, bixby new home builders and you’re, looking for a good builder, you’re, definitely going to want to check out shaw homes, and the reason that we’ve been voted builder of choice is because we always offer the highest warranty. We offer the best quality in a home and we offer a process now. I always tell people ask the builder what is their process if they can’t answer you and tell you what their process is from contract to close, then I would probably Bixby new home builders walk out the door because you never want to deal with a company that doesn’t have a process, especially when your invest in your the biggest investment you’ll ever make in your life. You want to work with a company that actually has a process in our process. We have is from contract to close so from contract before even prior to contract our process, as we listen to the client and find out what you’re looking for in a home and then we’re going to schedule a model home tour will take you on the tour just to look out layout and function of the plan. But you need to consider or maybe didn’t realize when you walk through it and then we let you walk through the plan to see how it feels to you. After the model home tours, complete will usually tell you to take 48 hours and decide which plan works best for your family. Then our second appointment is to meet you back at that plan and walk you through room by room to point out what is included in what was an added feature that mr. Charles place in that model home. This helps us realize what is important in to create a wish list of for you to price out in that home in the community that you love and we always keep in mind at the budget of strict. We have home sites that have credits on them. So we can get you in that budget if you desire, maybe your bed, it’s a little bigger, but you desire oversized homesite. We keep that in mind, so we’ll find the home site according to what you told us that you’re looking for then after we itemize and price it out.

We usually go over that price list with you on a third appointment, just to adjust it or take anything out if needed. If you need to get the price down or get it right where you’re comfortable and then we move forward to purchase agreement once we do a purchase agreement, we turn it into our main office and they’re, calling you within the next week to schedule your first of three design meeting your Bixby new home builders first to design meanings will be 2 hours apart or two hours each and that’s to pick out all the selections in your home carpet hardwood flooring if you added it the granite, countertops your stain or paint on the cabinet, your main wall colors. So there’s about 10 color choices that you’ll choose in your home at the design center and then, of course, you can delete anything. We added at contract if you need to get the price down to cover something you like a little better cuz. There are some things that you could add at the design center. They offer over 4000 choices of upgrades, but we try to keep it simple and most people will choose what they seen in the home that they fell in love with, and they don’t usually expand on that unless they been on pinterest a while, but there’s nothing that we can’t customizer do for you to make this home yours 20 minutes sign off once you do that, you’re going to be called in your construction meeting a week later to go over your floor plans, make sure everything’s there, as you expected and just sign off them, is watching your home being built and it’ll be from time. We moved her at your home, you’ll, be in your home within five months and then you’ll have your 3 warranty walk-throughs with us to make sure your home is exactly like you expected, so that is our process come to shaw homes.Com check out. Why were the builder of choice and why we were? We won 13 awards in 2017 parade of homes in that wasn’t by mistake. It’s because if we were voted by the people out there that left our homes, social, homes.Com, bigsby homebuilders, come see why people choose us over the others

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