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Experience Oklahoma's Highest and Most Reviewed Home Builder

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Bixby New Home Builders | Phenomenal Opportunity

Bixby New Home Builders | Phenomenal Opportunity

welcome back we’re talking about Bixby new home builders because we are the best of sha homes has been around for gosh I think Glenn’s been saying 26 years for the last three years but I would say that we’re approaching 28 29 years in business mr. Shaw is a phenomenal Builder I work for other builders and I was honored to come over to this company I didn’t choose them they chose me know I’m joking I chose them they didn’t want me but I kept coming back and mr. antis was so kind of feel sorry for me and hire me so I started working for them and out of all of our locations today I would have to say that Bigsby as one of our hottest communities around the big speaker immunity is just exploding I’ve never seen growth like this in such a area that I thought would be kind of out in the country and never produce a whole lot but businesses are thriving in their communities are popping up right and left and we just happened to pick 5 Bigsby locations better I would say or the best compared to any other Bixby new home builders around we have five of the top Bigsby communities if someone wants to land on 171st between Peoria and Harvard we have a brand new location called Spring Hill Farms of the beauty of Spring Hill Farms is you will have a half acre lot included with the price of your home we actually include you know driveways all the way to the street you get metal culverts you get almost a full sodded home site I mean some of them are even more than half acre I think the most expensive home site we have in there is like a thousand bucks extra because the location location will determine your house price every time but we chose this location because of the beauty that it holds its surrounded by horse ranches and out of the Bixby new home builders this one just takes the cake someone walks in the door and says he and I really don’t want to be on top of my neighbor would like a little land would like kind of a peaceful country setting but we want the conveniences of City then Spring Hill Farms is it there isn’t anything like it you can look and look search all you want we’ve already done the searching for you to make it easy for a client’s and we purchase them at such a steal that were able to pass that on to the homebuyer.

Not a lot of Bixby home builders can do what we do but one thing that we’ve perfected is price location function and variety out of the prices I think the average family if they’re wanting a one-story you have to be at a minimum of 2500 square feet in there and so we have to plan that we offer currently one is our Greenville plan I just love it it’s got a a master on one side of the house it’s a split plan guest star on the other side and speaking about the master site again you’ll have to private rooms off of the master one we call a study and one we call an exercise room for those of you who eat donuts and could care less what your body looks like you don’t care about your husband or wife ever looking at you again well you could make it your donut room it doesn’t have to be an exercise room at all of your goals are low keep them low I’m just joking let’s just call it an exercise room could be called a flex room if you have a newborn baby it’s perfect have the baby right next to you and then of course you have a private study next to that room so you have a study and a flex room right off the master on the other side of the house you got two guest rooms in a guest bath for empty nesters kind of gives you all the space that you need for young families starting out I’ve even had some that the family you know the kids are grown daughter leaving the nest going off to college so it’s a great place where they can come back to but you’re not dealing with the stairs anymore a new space upstairs at your heating and cooling then you’ve got in that plane I just love it because you’ve got up a nice open kitchen to the great room really a lot large oversized patio in the back and it comes in right under 2700 square feet I would say the price is around to 8291 play the half acre lot and then we have offering so we always try to offer the very best we watch her competition closely which is probably one person and they’re doing terrible they’re not even close to us so we we kind of have the market.

Today so and then our other one story plan that we offer in there is our Monterey to our Monterey one is a three-bedroom two-bath I’m sorry two and a half bath we just out of powder bath to it but our new Monterey to model is the expanded version so it’ll meet that 2500 square-foot Covenant in there you’ve got a master on one side it’s a split plan you’ve got a dining in the middle and then on the other side of the house you’ve got two guest rooms and a study and because we call it a Monterrey expanded I’ll tell you there’s never been a plan like this I’ve looked at other Bixby new home builders and they just that they can’t they have nothing they have nothing to offer that even comes remotely close to what we offer we blow them away I would honestly say there is no competition when it comes to Shaw homes and other Bixby home builders we’ve got the market we’re very grateful for that but on this plan we have one that we are building actually under construction currently in one of our Bixby locations in Quail Creek think they’re just now finishing up the design studio on it and it should be ready to move in ready in about 5 months this Monterey to model you’ll be able to build in Spring Hill Farms give you a half acre lot you’re going to be sitting at about 2600 square feet I’ve just Beauty this home offers you a huge Master Suite with the sitting area and a beautiful just Windows surrounding the whole back so you’ll have a panoramic view of Spring Hill Farms depending on what Homesite you choose but you’ll have that nice half acre no stairs to deal with and then if you choose and that Community to go with the two story it’s about 2600 2700 square foot minimum SAR two-story plans we’ve got plenty to choose from and they actually will start around 280 so you can’t beat that price for a half acre home site but out of all the Bixby home builders that we have in the area we’ve got them all bed they don’t have as many locations.

As we have been on offers many floor plans as we offer and they damn sure can’t come close to the price you know Springhill Farms is a great location and Bigsby if you want to be South you can actually get there from Highway 75 exit off 171st Street and then you will go back east on 171st Street and as soon as you pass Peoria you’re going to see Springhill farms located on the south side of 171st Street and if you go to Harvard you’ve passed it so you got to turn around got to Pond catch and release pain in the front White railing fence surrounded by trees the whole neighborhood surrounded by trees and walking trails at Sam Allen’s address Bigsby schools Firehouse is about a mile away so your insurance is cheap but you’re going to have that surrounded by horse ranch beautiful free community with walking and jogging trails ponds for fishing the perfect spot for empty nesters people that are starting a family young couple starting out that just want that secluded area away from all the noise but have City close to City convenience is so you can just jump on the highway and go wherever you want so I will talk about the other two communities coming up next that we have in the Bigsby area and the Bixby new home builders out of all the Bixby new home builders where the best Shaw homes is it.

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