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Bixby New Home Builders | Top Notch Company

Bixby New Home Builders | Top Notch Company

So welcome to today’s podcast for Shaw homes were really glad that you joined us today and I really want to chat with you today about some exciting stuff that’s going on in the South Tulsa area and that is our Bixby locations now what’s so great about the Bixby area is that there is a lot of shopping close by there’s all kinds of different restaurants and cool places to go if you like a good nightlife and we all know thatAaron likes a good night life so if you’re not going to just go on vacation to Mexico then I highly suggest that you contact Shaw homes and talk to us about being a Bixby home builder because as one of the Premier Companies in the greater Tulsa area we have been working on our floor plans for 35 years as a company and we have really just perfected the art of of Bixby home building so what I’d like to talk to you about today is some of the communities that are there for example there is the Quail Creek community which is on the south side of 121st Street just a little bit West of Memorial if you are headed Bixby New Home Builders that way and you get past Sheridan you passed it a little while before that if you want to look for the fry Creek ditch it’s not far from there and when you pull into Quail Creek you’re going to see the community just about a quarter of a mile down on the right hand side and we are currently offering Bixby New Home Builders homes in there from somewhere in the three hundreds and we love building homes in that area because it’s such a great call District if you are familiar with the Bixby North School District you know that there’s a lot of great schools in that area and plus you’re only about a half a mile away from a lot of multimillion-dollar homes over there and if you are a chain smoker there’s the Bixby smoke shop right there around the corner oh actually somebody just told me they moved it so forget that you should quit smoking anyways cuz it’s not good for you but all of that being said there is a new liquor store down on the corner of Sheridan and 121st so if you’re interested in working on becoming an alcoholic or something like that it would be a great place for you to stop by it’s easy access from that location so also you’re not that far from the Riverwalk area if you just head West on 121st Street eventually that turns into Riverside Drive and you’ll be right there by all the great restaurants over there although I heard Johnny Carino’s shut down and I’m in morning for that right now but there’s a lot of great restaurants.

Still there like the Red Rock Grill is there and Michael Fusco is still there also but anyways if you want to go to Riverwalk there’s a lot of great things they’re like flying Tee Golf Course and there’s an Andolini’s Pizza Restaurant if you like Andolini’s and anyways you should definitely check out this area it’s easy access to Major travel corridors if you need to get to Memorial to get to just about anything under the sun it is on Memorial between 121st and 91st there’s also access to the 169 highway or the creek turn bike from that location but as a Bixby home builder over the last 35 years we have been building all over the area and you might also be familiar with another one of our communities which is right around the corner from there which is called Seven Lakes Seven Lakes is located at about 126th and Sheridan and it’s a community that we’ve been building out for about the last 10 years and we’re getting into the final phases of development there right now its Bixby New Home Builders name Seven Lakes because there are actually seven ponds there we just didn’t think it sounded is cool to say seven ponds so we did name it Seven Lakes instead hope you guys don’t mind that but at Seven Lakes there’s some great amenities there like for example you can back up to a pond if you’d like to there is also there’s a lot of snakes there Bixby New Home Builders if you like water moccasins they’re plentiful in the pons there and there’s also a pool and Clubhouse and in the community which are really nice if you like to not swim with water moccasins so if you want to go fishing though there are the seven catch and release fishing pond and also on the east side of the community there is a connection to the pathway that goes to fry Creek which connects into the all the walking and biking trails that are part of Riverside so like I said as a Bixby home builder in the greater Tulsa area we have been building a lot of homes in this area actually we originally developed 7 lakes and then sold it off to a different company called Rule construction and I know that many of you have probably heard about all of his wonderful news that he has about his company which I won’t go into detail about here in this podcast but anyways and Seven Lakes there are six phases to the community and great neighborhood homes starred in the 300 over there as well they might be able to get in for just under that in a one-story home and then as we continue to move through the big speaker.

There’s also on the Northside of 121st Street just a little bit east of Sheridan is one of the entrances to Somerset Community which is also right next to the school that is a gated community and it is just one street that is in an L shape and it connects to Sheridan just a little bit north of 121st Street and as a Bixby home builder we like to make sure that we’re building near areas that have some beautiful homes surrounding them just like that Somerset Community does if you’re not familiar with the area just to the north of Somerset it’s called Greystone and there’s a lot of multimillion-dollar homes in that Community as well so if you’re not backing up to some of the trees which will eventually Bixby New Home Builders be bulldozed by somebody then it’s really nice to be able to back up to you no phones that have no million dollar values right behind you there’s also two little cul-de-sacs in that neighborhood I should point out if you want to cul-de-sac setting for your home and as a Bixby home builder over the last 35 years we’ve come to realize that a lot of our customers like to have a cul-de-sac Community setting where there’s less traffic on the road and since it’s a gated community with all the sex it’s great for families who have 15 to 20 kids like the Duggars so we would highly recommend that if you have any family that’s Catholic and has that many kids that you send them over to the Somerset Community so that their kids can play in the cul-de-sac and not get Run Over By Bixby New Home Builders Truckers so moving on to the west from there is another community that as a Bixby home builder we really like the location just a little bit West of there which is Estates at the river that Community is located on the south side of 121st Street just west of Sheridan and it’s got a beautiful wall along the entry and a future phase there will be a pool if the developer actually does what he says he’s going to do so you would be able to enjoy that in the future face but for right now show homes is building a lot of homes in there we own 40 home sites in total in the community and we would love to build a home for you in that area.

And also if you think about another community in the big speaker area where we can still build theirs Chisholm Ranch which is quite a bit east of the communities I was just mentioning Chisholm Ranch is close to Garnett on 121st Street it’s just a little bit West of haikey Creek Park and that Community has been there for a little over 10 years and is just now getting to his final but it’s a great neighborhood if you want to be in the Bixby School District which a lot of people like because there’s so many great things about the Bixby schools and if you look online and just search for Bixby schools you’ll be able to find all kinds of great information about what a great school system it is and how highly-ranked Bixby New Home Builders it is now of course they losing a lot of sporting events to Jenks schools but I mean pretty much everybody does except for Union so go Redskins but anyways that’s pretty much all I have to say about that area and so I just really thank you guys for stopping by to read this today and spend some of your time with us here at Shaw homes because we just love working with customers who are looking to build a new home and we feel like we provide one of the best processes and some of the best customer service of any builder in the greater Tulsa area so I hope you come by and join us next week where are podcast

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