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Bixby New Home Builders | Top of the line results

Bixby New Home Builders | Top of the line results

This is brad naifeh. This is podcast number 6 on January 18th 2018, and we’re going to be talking about some jinx home builders in specifically, more specifically shaw homes, so sit back for the rye rogan talk about starting out the and hopefully can lead into the Redford homes. Depressed 1, 2, 3, 4 versions of the prescott. The single-story is 2404 square feet is a really nice 3 bedroom single story home. Then you have that is 2904 square feet, so it has 500 square feet upstairs just for the game still 3 bath home, but as the game room a little bit more square footage of 3000 152 at as a 4th bedroom, and then it also has a bathroom upstairs. So then you got the age, which is a five-bedroom with the large game. Room is 3003 62 and I’ve, seen that built with a second bathroom upstairs soon as possible, but there’s only two app. That starts right now and I’m going to go over the floor plan of the single-story homes, for sale and and now trying to get to the jinx air to be one of the best jinx home builders. Bixby New Home Builders There are, or there is this floor plan for people that like to retire seen a lot of families are retired couples pick the single-story version of size, pant refusal of it to the front door is up, is a study 10 5 by 11 7, but doesn’t closet. So he can be a 4th bedroom downstairs. They, like that take a left, and now you got a whole way to take you to the 2-second. The kids bedrooms are. However, you want to say that the second and third bedroom, but is it down this hallway past the bathroom? That’s a full bathroom. First, then you got your your closet right in the middle of the hallway, where the stairs are normally babe and then to your left and right in the bedrooms great set of thrall hidden. So you won’t back out by the way I see it, but the concept mason has a column as a corner post that were the great room is the end of the entry and you got to open walls and there’s a 12 foot 7 by 11-foot, one dining room and I said to open walls, and then you go to the great runs. Bixby New Home Builders Great room was great about that is going for huge window, so it’s 19 feet. 11 inches wide by 16, ft 6 in of the corner. Inside inter fire play something else that puts shaw homes different. We can move that fireplace inside you that choice on different models. We don’t move around in particular floor plans, but that’s a great interior fireplace the kitchen people at the nook shoes level, 3 by 12 foot, 1, the kitchens level 3 by 12 foot 8, and so you got a great island.

The can that’s just great open spaces kitchen, and then you go take a ride down the hall and you got the shoes. Bixby New Home Builders Pantry cute I mean love, walk in full size. Pantry best pantry have a pretty much other better for plants, any other separate utility room in that same hallway. Actually, it’s hidden goes back like you’re gone, it’s next to the side of the pantry, so it’s kind of like a hallway closet from the garage door to the kitchen. But if you take a ride immediately, there’s no utility run this 5 foot 4 wide by 10 foot 3, and then you walked into your laundry room. That’s also 5 foot 11 wide by 10, ft, 3 deep as well. So it’s one of those might be miss. Smart I have to double-check that. But that’s your downstairs great floor plan, the cover patio. We move it now. It’s outside the usb side, door of the house when I texted place one of the windows, so you got 2 big windows in the door right next to each other, even go to the master from civil court in through the gate right, big master, 19 3 by 13 ft 11 in you can put a door exterior door from your master. If you want one, you walk into the bathroom, you got your two sinks in your lab to got your bath time. You’re 60 inch shower all that’s in the five shelf linen closet. When you get your private toilet and then you have the master closet, which can also be a season 1. Some can be a seasonal that we show that was a seasonal closet, single floor store single story, floor plan. How about that again being with sean being one of the best jinx home builders? You can have plenty of choices with shaw homes. So that’s downstairs.

I’m, going to move on to the prescott a & g & h. I want to pull up the aging and talk about the differences. Again. The 8th only has the game room as you go to the downstairs. On the same, you got the stairs got this whole landing area. It’s also an l-shaped fire stairwell. You have a landing turn around back up the other side. Then you will have a huge landing in the a and then it what takes you to the game room? The game is 19 feet:11 inches by 16 ft. 8 in a big, huge gamer, but if you do the e, can we put bedroom between the stairs in the game? Room is at the see it as a 12 foot by 11 foot, 11 bedroom, and then it also at that on that landing area. Before you go to the game, Bixby New Home Builders when we put bathroom in the three right there, some really is two and a half bath with our with. Are you know, floor plan? I was mistaken, so that’s them, and then you have the v h. On the other end of the game room, it’s 11, foot 8 by 11, ft 11 in inches with the huge walk-in, pantry and i, have seen there’s room in the attic to put a second bathroom out. There really is probably something I would advise to do so. It would just be really a great setup, so that is the park would accept that is the prescott and I’m going to go over there quick excuse for not going to do the Redford I’m going to do the stone, brooks I’m, going to pull up at two versions of the stone brook, stone brook h and stone brook v ages. 3 bedroom and the v is for bedroom. These are all single-story, I mean one master, damn and a half bath also down and in the all the bedrooms up of the kids bedrooms and the 2467 is the age 26. 19 is the v as far as square footage. You walk into the porch covered area, and then you have the entry. You got your study to your left and then you got your parents you’re a good size pattern by the way, when you got your deal with utilities, room to the right that which does the walkthrough to the laundromat shoe closet master bath to the master bedroom. What’s great about this floor plan is in the great room and you have your corner fireplaces 18:3 by 1711, but this island in the kitchen faces. Bixby New Home Builders The nook is like the red ford model. So it’s plans that we have really popular being a pill at you like this and people, love that the big selling point of this model is the pantry. The stone brook pantry in the ventana pantry are absolutely huge corner and it goes all the way back.

Underneath the stairs the one by 12, ft 11, that island is great size and then, at least from the kitchen leads to the mattresses of great single-story level bottom level 4. But then you go upstairs and if you choose the age, you only have two bedrooms up the v has 3 bedrooms up and so the good size, the game room, is 15 foot 9 by 18 ft 7. There is only one bathroom upstairs you can put double sinks in there. Another good feature this upstairs bathroom. There is a door that shuts off the toilet in the bathtub shower combo, so you can be brushing your teeth. If you have one kid that might be male or female, vice versa and the other was in the shower, Bixby New Home Builders you can shut that door for some privacy, so it’s a great floor plan being a jinx home builder, shaw’s, very proud of giving the diversity of different different floor plans. So we need to review the checkout google reviews and when you review all that says, there’s a reason why shaw houses is is above the jinx home builders ranks number one. Look at listen to the google reviews. That’s your stone brooke family! Look for next week to talk about other homes that we have not discussed. January 18th

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