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Bixby New Homes | Beautiful Homes For You

So at shaw homes being a bigsby home builder, I’m, going through or shaw homes.Com website, if you thought community bixby just going through the list of move-in-ready homes that we have available in our bixby communities as a bigsby home builder, we know that having those move-in-ready homes are important to a lot of our buyers. The next community we’re going to take a look at is called somerset. Somerset is located at 121st street on the north east corner of sheridan. This is a gated community homes out there start out at $300,000, and the square footage ranges from 2102 to 3712. Now as a bigsby home builder, we know that different types and styles of communities is important to our buyers. So this one is a smaller gated community. Now the available homes that we do have in somerset, we I believe we are now down to one which is the monterey. Bixby New Homes This home is a single story, home $3,339 $339,900 I apologize as a bigsby home builder. We also do try to fit everyone’s needs when it comes to these move-in-ready homes to have both two story in one story available for you size of bixby home builder. We also try to spread those out in different areas and communities. The monterey that we have located in somerset is a one-story house, 2419 square feet, 3 bedroom, 2, bath, 3 car garage home detail, and it takes just a minute for the next window to pop up, and you can actually see the pictures that we have of this gorgeous one-story monterey. Now this particular house has a stone entry brake on all four sides and brick on the gable stucco. On top, when you walk into this home immediately on your left, will be your formal dining room and then on your right will be your office, also a large dark, stain wood front door with door headers on the inside. The light that’s been to the home very, very gorgeous the chandelier and your formal dining is very elegant and romantic and the lighting fixture in the office is very gorgeous. He walked in from there and this is hardwood throughout the first floor and well, it’s a one-story so and then you all have a beautiful light, fixture chandelier that comes off of the entry and a coat closet right after your office. Then you walk into your great room and it does have a light and a ceiling fan three large windows that overlooks a beautiful wooded area to great views. Bixby New Homes Views can be very, very important to our buyers. So even with our move-in-ready homes, we do try to accommodate everybody. This is another style of fireplace in this house which is located on the corner of the great room. It’s a stone, fireplace not quite sure exactly what stone that is, it might beat the texas I’ll have to look it up, but the stone goes all the way up to the ceiling with a dark wood. Stained mantle that wraps around right. Next to your fireplace that’s going to lead you to the two additional bedrooms and a full-size bathroom. This is also a gas fireplace second full bathroom, real cute black and white tiles white cabinets white headknocker, a framed mirror even tile on the walls of the shower, a very large master shower with half open side heavy-duty glass door, granite countertop. Now the wood in the master bathroom is stained a dark wood. It looks like this is a 3cm granite countertop, with a drop in sink wave sink. Also, as a bigsby humble there, we do try to make our stand up showers a little bit different in every model. In this particular model, you’ve got a corner bench with gorgeous tiles. Bixby New Homes You also have the rainfall shower head on the ceiling and on the wall. A shampoo when is that to that could be to shampoo needs, and this is a the oversized-is the extra large shower in the master bathroom accommodate everyone’s needs on that the master bedroom? You have your recessed lighting. This easily fits a king, size, bed and very large furniture in the sitting area. You have three large windows and you can see the wooded lots the wooded acreage in the back and as a bigsby home builder. Once again, you know we decided in this move-in-ready house to go ahead and carpet the master, bathroom or bedroom. We do have the seasonal ref, it’s a very generous size. Closet you will I’m not going to lie. I need the a shepherd’s hook. Another department store for those seasonal racks. You also have some shelving in the master. Closet looks like you, have racks long, dress, shirts, sweaters blouses, the shells for shoes and purses in the utility, room. The white cabinets. However, your mud bench is staying the dark wood with hooks for backpacks and coats. It looks like that folding table in the laundry room is also at the granite seam style green it. As of coloring. That’s in the master bathroom. You also have a cup close to dry. We know, as a bixby home builder, that’s very important to a lot of our buyers to make sure you do have a spot, the dryer clothes, it’s a beautiful lot, beautiful house I definitely worth coming to take a look at also above the island Bixby New Homes

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