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Bixby New Homes Custom homes broken arrow from lead to contract process. Remember the 300% of your child home to take the customer through the process. Every time we do not have the ball pick up. What I want to talk about it? Whatever the customer was talked about, hundreds in the process, 10% of people hundredth time he’s going to come in at 5:30 types of ways drive. This is lee that click on the facebook app for the pearl necklace and then received a call from the thrive to schedule. The appointment. You will be email for the confirmation you already put the true, but you need to call him introduce yourself and check to make sure they know where they’re meeting you to further qualify them fall to get registration, online registration, script, online sales, counselor, custom, homes, broken arrow. This is either call or email are all mine, says counselor online sales counselor would look through her for you, an email to print information, w2 online sales, counselor scraper book in the two after they look at you or they will email you and let you know so. You make the call and introduce yourself easily gets her section script main office phone. This would be a call for work you from the call of the way the storm scripture you want or walking to the summer, to walk to the model home and meet you one of their open days. You will use the walk in script. Bixby New Homes Tucker on tour, realtor, disability tecumseh from cocoa and realtors are call a realtor that was shown. Homes recently use the realtor script. Guest registration trip report:hello. Is this the amazing hunter hi kyle? This is john davis, beer, shoppe ones. I saw that you book a time for them to give you a call I’ll be the new home specials taking on the, epicure and i. Absolutely can’t wait to know where the location is that will be getting you at custom, homes, broken, arrow, ever hang up the damn phone and text you a google maps pin to the address to have a smartphone awesome. Bixby New Homes Let me talk to you about the needs more please. When do you want to be in your new home? You currently rent your own. How many batteries do you need? How many bedrooms do you have how many bathrooms did you want how many cars cross did you were in the mood titian to the bedroom? Can’t you just mentioned:do you need to study? Do you want to forward I know? Where do you want to run to store? What kind of square footage are you looking for? What is your desired price range right now and march 15th at 9 p.M. To send you a map pin I mentioned earlier in the calendar. Invite so I can connect to my phone before I go to your mother for the questions, close wyler look forward to meeting you face to face and I know you’re going to have a blast on the tour and then a lot about the home. Buying experience, alarm model home tours, see you soon, bye, custom, homes, broken, arrow, email, confirmation! Bixby New Homes Don’t invite even invite for them to follow the perimeters subject:model home tours shaw home, set to calendar alert for the day before ppcc are not here in and out calendar invites online hi becky. This is john doe from john holmes. How are you doing today? I saw that you were looking to schedule a model home to anyone to ask what made you decide to look at it. If you shop around, are you need a free fruit or outside plant eating spoiled? You already have financing approved for me looking to move into a home loan monthly payment? Bixby New Homes Are you comfortable with just to clarify where the prices at home you’re looking for custom homes, broken arrow benefits? Let me give me a quick overview of the reason that I shot him sooner than any other, but since 1985, when we have more permission, fully decorated model homes for you to see on her to her than any other put on tulsa 3rd final, actually give you a march incentive for just coming from all no more i, add starbucks gift card, but what your schedule would saturday at 9 p.M. Work or sunday at 5 p.M. Work better. For you to come, see our modem to roku. I. Have you on the books for sunday at 9 p.M. On march, 15th, july 2017, so we’ll meet you at home at 24068, east 95th, street, south, broken, arrow they’re, going to learn about a lot about the home. Buying experience have a lot of fun and you’re going to see some stuff. You didn’t know about the home building process will see you then custom homes, broken, arrow, email, confirmation, 9/5, said you’re going to go home to rashad homes Bixby New Homes

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