Experience Oklahoma's Highest and Most Reviewed Home Builder

Experience Oklahoma's Highest and Most Reviewed Home Builder

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Bixby New Homes | Best in the business

Bixby New Homes | Best in the business

Have you heard that building at home can be difficult for stressful will it show homes we make the process simple and stress-free. Maybe the person who told you that the company that didn’t maybe that person who told you it was stressful, I built with a company that didn’t have the proven process and experience team in place to do things. The way that we do it Shaw homes would like to tell our customers we’ve done this a few thousand times. So it’s okay, if you have it of the Bixby home builders, you are not out there by yourself trying to figure it all out. We are the very best we have the biggest team, the best warranties in place, to help you figure out all those questions that we know you have it’s. Okay, Bixby New Homes if you don’t even have the right questions. Cuz, we know from experience, need to know you have your shot teams right there with you from contract to design studio to Drafting and construction all the way. Through closing and warranty, we will have experienced experts in place to guide you and answer the questions that we already know like. I said that you’re going to have that. I can tell you ahead of time which of the four thousand questions that we hear over and over again, that you are going to need the answers to are processors. First, we have to be home builders. Of course we have 3 Model Homes actually for model homes. In Bixby, in addition to our other new eight model homes that we have the reason that we’ve gone to this expense to have all these Model Homes – don’t is so our customers can see, feel and touch exactly. The way there is going to look. Are models are beautifully furnished and decorated? Bixby New Homes Of course, like I said, we have more furnished and decorated model food in the other building in the Tulsa area.

Soap, it makes your shopping. Your home shopping experience fun because you, the tour, allows you to see all these different model homes in just a couple hours – and we know time is important. So it’s also important that they can help you figure out what home functions for you, the best. For instance, we have one for planar Monroe that is going to be built with two game rooms upstairs formal, dining room, Bixby New Homes Big, Daddy and great bedrooms. Well, let’s say you walk into that model home on your own and you see the utility room right off the garage. Well, maybe one of your must-have items is that you must have it right off of your master suite. Well, that’s one of bixby’s. We can actually talk to around the corner. Maybe you don’t need both of those gay friends. Maybe you just don’t want that game room right on top of your great room and the kids around on top of your head wish, I were with you on that model. Home tours, I could tell you we can put that separate location for you. What’S the next thing you’re going to have to work out is your financing and it’s all homes. We have three preferred lenders. We have got first Oklahoma mortgage, we have got Bank of Oklahoma and are there we have to work with one of our preferred lenders because we’re going to carry that construction loan on your home. Bixby New Homes So it’s important that we be comfortable with the fact that you’re going to be able to close with the down payment that you’re going to need in the closing costs that you’re going to need. When it comes to closing with one of our preferred vendors. They can help you accomplish this, and their rates are so competitive, their competitive, of course, with one another, but there are competitive with every other lending institution out there, whether it’s local or on the Internet Internet guys as Bixby home builders.

We have our own designs, tattoo and art designs, to do the same and decorate homes that furnish and decorate our first Model Homes work with our customers to help you customize your home pick you up pick out the best finishes for you. So not only are you getting the expertise of real estate professional to help you decide where you want to build your home and which room down and where do you want to have hardwood floors, Bixby New Homes but you’ve got your own design or to help you pick out all Those finishes you know what most Builders after contract, they send you from store to store to store with a stack of business cards, picking out light fixtures at one store and plumbing fixtures at the next door and hardwood flooring at the next door, where we eliminated driving Around time, town for you, nobody has time for that plus that’s what adds to that stress level. Your designers not going to let you worried for days and days on what grout Tundra, color you’re going to choose for your tile in your kitchen after you select your tile they’re, going to show you the top four or five grout colors that look the best with That decision making is easy. There’S no reason for you to carry around that color deck with you for weeks on end of the trunk of your car slipping around carpet samples all that cylinder. Bixby New Homes That’S another reason: we’ve gone to the expense of having these beautiful model homes. Builders, you can see the different tiles with different grout colors in the different cabinet colors in the different kinds of carpeting colors stucco.

All of the things that go into your home, you can see right here in our model. Homes, like I said earlier, we’ve done is a few thousand times. So it’s okay. If you have its, we know the process. We will guide you through it. We will not let you make mistakes, as I said we’re going to carry that construction loan. So we want you to be happy at the end, so you can successfully closed and live in your beautiful New Rochelle home and we don’t want, for any reason not be able to close. So we’re going to look out for you we’re going to bring to take that into consideration all along the way and make sure that you don’t make any costly mistakes after you get your financing done, then we’ll decide which of your core plan to watch the dogs Which neighborhood like the dogs and then we’ll do what’s called a price of a price that is where you just come, sit with me and walk through the model home. We point-by-point crab molting the different kinds of crown molding available at Point a tile. I point at backsplashes I appointed different options in the kitchen, whether it’s a pull out trash can or the different kinds of covers that you can have the different heights of cabinets that you can have and, of course, at the price that I’m also going to be Pointing up to you what are standard included, features are and how far those will take you and your beautiful new home and, of course each neighborhood has are certain overhead have different requirements as far as their their offer, a beautiful, solid wood front door. We also offer a landscape packages as well as all the way around your home. I mean it’s a beautifully furnished a beautifully finished home inside and out and, of course, with are different incentives that we offer you also get our December. Incentives is ,000 that you can spend anyway. You want on features, are upgrades of your toys, so yeah you can call us at Shaw homes, log on to Shaw homes.com, for more information.

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