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Bixby New Homes | Best New Homes

Bixby New Homes | Best New Homes

If you’re looking for Bigsby home builders, you’re wondering if you’re going to want to check out one of our shell homes communities, it’s one of our brand new communities for Big v and it’s located on 121st, just between Memorial and Sheridan, it’s actually called Somerset. The thing I love about Somerset is Somerset is a gated community. So if you are searching on Google – and you happen to look at Bigsby homebuilders but you’re looking for a gay community, we have it the thing. I love about Somerset, as you can get in that Community. For about 3000 with lot included – and that is before our Shaw homes incentive like right now we have 15000 incentive, you can use off of upgrades or towards closing costs. Somerset is going to be a great gated community for you’re going to absolutely love it. Now. One of the things I want to talk about and Somerset is, as you’re pulling in the community you’re going to notice it’s a very small community neighborhood that has 500 homes in it matter. Bixby New Homes This community is about 40 hounds eyes, it’s small and it’s not over crowded. It doesn’t have all the amenities that people are looking at have little kids. We have season pass to Big Splash, but we were looking for a Bigsby home builder. That would give us a great location, that’s gated, and keep us in our budget, so, whether you’re retired, it’s a very quiet community, the school next door. You can’t hear I’ve had people stand inside our homes and say: oh my gosh, I don’t even hear traffic or anything go by this community and it’s because of the windows we place in. But when you’re looking for a quality, Bigsby home builder, you’re going to want to check out Shaw homes for sure, with Somerset being one of our top notch communities, we have a two-story model home. That’S one of our top sellers that we have in their call the Redford. Oh my God.

I love the Redford for someone that says you know. I want a hearth room. Well, that’s our Redford is absolutely to die, for we show it is a two-story, but if you’re looking at Bixby home builders, maybe you just want a one story: you’ll be able to build a one-story and you just can’t beat the price and it’s a split floor Plan so you’re going to get your master on one side of the house in your guest rooms. Bixby New Homes On the other one thing I love about when people are looking for Bigsby, home builders and they’re. Looking in the Bigsby area is we have five communities that you can actually build or Buy in in Somerset, we have to move in ready homes and Tori home for those who need a little bit more space. Now the one story is going to give you three bedrooms: formal dining, 2411 square feet of view. We did all the whites and Grays in there because that’s like the big thing right now in Tulsa, and it has a very, very Midtown feeling this home. It’S built and you’ll see why most of our buyers fall in love with the Monterey. So usually, if it’s in their budget, they do it and in this neighborhood for the selections after our incentive, our home is listed at 3:22. So when people are looking for Bigsby home builders and they’re Googling, where can I get a gated community? And I want a one-story plan under 350? Bixby New Homes That’S it I mean it’ll be gone once it hits, MLS it’ll be gone and then, if they have a family and they want to be near the school’s where you can walk right next door, I mean we have a beautiful gate that separates us from that. From that school, but I tell you what, if you drive through Somerset, you will see why you want to call that home. One of the things that I also love about Somerset is there’s only two streets. One of the streets backs up to a temporary green belt.

In the reason I call it a temporary is because it’s got beautiful, trees and woods, but that land is for sale. Whoever has millions will be able to develop it years down the road, but for now it’s just a really nice of you to have in your backyard and then for those who are like. I don’t even want trees. I don’t want to have that view. I just I just really want it to be quiet in a cul-de-sac or back up to you, know the school house or back up just to nothing, but an ink stablished neighborhood, the neighborhood that backs up to Somerset on the million-dollar homes. So in your you’ve got such a distant distance between you and your neighbor. It doesn’t matter if you’re looking for Bixby home builders and he won a nice gated quiet community Somerset is definitely going to check that box or two story. Bixby New Homes Market-Ready home we have in, there is actually our retford 1 E model, and I love it because you’ve got a split floor and then your gifts for the kids can be on the other side of the house in the snow. It’S right in the center, so right in the heart of the home. Is this: it’s a very open floor plan. We used to call it the Hearth room, but it’s actually the new Carrie at 16 foot long and we give you an option on fireplace. So in the house that we have for sale, we place that second fireplace in there man does. It show well that home actually has a walkout deck because of the home side. Bixby New Homes It sets on it kind of It kind of called for a really nice wooded deck outside to walk out and see the view of the trees and all the surrounding butt butt home is spectacular, actually that home will have a game room, a 4th bedroom in 1/3. Full bath upstairs it’s built on a 9-foot plate, so all the ceilings are crowded or extra one for the extra height compared to our other plans, but Somerset is just a. I just can’t speak enough about it. It’S such a beautiful community at such a great location, and I know when people are looking for Bigsby, home builders and they’re on that hundred and 21st, and you have the thing that separates us from the rest is our price and quality.

You are not going to find a builder that you’re going to be able to be in the 300,000 range and have a lot included and it be gated have a full sprinkler system, full guttering in extra Landscaping, a tile shower in the master, 3cm, granite and quartz. In the kitchen and in the laundry room and store you can walk the kids to school or, if you’re, just an empty nester. You know you’re right next door to Life Church. If you happen to go there, you can walk so for Bixby, home builders. Somerset is going to be an amazing amazing Community to be in that you’ll want to call home. You’Ll definitely want to check it out, and the great thing is Bradford furnish model as soon as you enter the gates in the Somerset and by the way. During the day, because so we can show our model, so you can actually drive through a pic of home. So I could you love, come in and book a tour look at our retford model and and that’s where we kind of beginner process. But if you, Google, Bixby home builders, Bixby New Homes you’re going to want to see Somerset, it’s the only gated communities that I know that you can be around ,000 and have a lot included. And actually, if you decide to use our incentive and take 10,000 off, you can be in the 290. Can you be in Bixby in a gated community with all of those features that I mentioned ,000 to use on incentive and and it being Bigsby so make sure that you check out and Google gated community is a Bigsby home builders and you will find you will Find the Builder that you want with Shaw homes, we are so excited to offer Somerset, it’s just one of our five summer communities to choose from so, if you’re, looking at Shaw homes and you’re looking at Bixby home builders, you want to check us out. It’S phenomenal. There are so much to choose from in the Bigsby area, but we have hands down the most Choice: oh Bigsby home builders, Shaw Homes, Somerset and just remember. That is a good one. You’Re going to want to call it home so check it out, go drive-thru, come see, Shaw homes, Bixby, home builders, the Builder of your choices, Shaw homes, hands down; we’ve got the market in Bigsby, going to be exciting, to see what you’ll be

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