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Bixby New Homes | Best Processes

Bixby New Homes | Best Processes

When buying a home or building a home with your custom homes broken, arrow I’m, it is important to have a process, and that is one of the highlights when building with shaw on is the fact that we do have a pretty rigid process and it’s what a lot of our customers tell us that the sets us apart from other custom homes broken arrow builders. We think it’s really important for our customers to feel comfortable with the process, and we want them to be able to know what is coming next in the process. Bixby New Homes We think it’s super important for our customers to feel at ease and 2 to take all of the stress and the difficulty out of building a new home or moving into a new home I’m. So that’s something that we feel like really sets us apart and something it’s very important for a lot of our customers to be at ease about with us here at shaw and custom homes broken arrow. There are a lot of builders and the area in bixby and changed as well. We like to be able to offer our customers a a different process.

We like them too, be able to feel at ease to know what the next step of the processes and know what the the step ahead of them looks like that’s. Why we really go over our process, time and time again, you’re going to know what are our processes? The first time you step into one of our model, we’re to go over with you kind of what to expect what will be coming and what will be happening in the future. Bixby New Homes We want you to know all of the steps to the process and everything that you will have to look forward to everything to prepare for moving forward. A lot of people have friends that have built-in have heard horror stories or yeah. I know people that have felt maybe with another custom homes broken arrow builder, and we don’t want them to be stressed or uncomfortable. Bixby New Homes We want them to have to be in a good place in test to be able to make decisions, and you know we always say that the best decision decision is easy to make is going to be an informed one. So we want to be able to take that stressed out of making that decision and because a lot of people have heard that building a home can be difficult or stressful and put sha hums.

We feel that the process should be simple. I should be stress-free, and we understand that possibly the person that stress to you that that building their home was so difficult, maybe did so with the company that didn’t have a proven process. Bixby New Homes Maybe they experience wouldn’t happen here and we haven’t experienced team in place and approving process to be able to do things to shaw homes, custom homes, broken arrow, it’s important to have a trusted builder on and be working with, an experienced team that knows what they’re doing and that are able to tell you kind of what to expect from here forward. Bixby New Homes We do like to tell our customers that we’ve done this a few thousand times. So it’s okay! If you have it, you aren’t out there on your own, trying to figure everything out. We’ve really pays for the what’s most important for our customers is to simply tell us what they like home style works. Best for you, what floor plan makes sense for your family. Is it important for your laundry room to be right off your kitchen? Is it important for your important for you to have a room right off of your your garage is that our customers are going to be able to tell us if they enjoy those are the kind of things that we leave up to the customer. We just need you to tell so you will have your shaw homes team right there with you from the contract to design studio, to drafting, to construction, to close to warranty for it and placed the guy to you and answer the questions we already know you will have, because we know all of those questions that you’re going to have to ask.

If actually probably, can already tell you what questions you’re going to have before you even have them. We have done this time and time again we know every problem that may arise. We are aware of any question that you might have, because we have done this so many times. So, what’s really important with our process and custom homes broken arrow is, if you are unsure of the processes talking to your new home specialist, about you’re, you’re, home and kind of house building a home with shaw homes work. Bixby New Homes That’s the easiest thing for us to do process so many times we are comfortable doing it’s something we go over with thousands of people every year, so you know even those that that don’t build with us. Just, come through the door and simply have questions for us. Those are always easy questions for us to answer, because we’ve been spending time. There is no such thing as a stupid question were talking about building a house. It’s it’s! No small feat. Bixby New Homes We know everything about it and we are happy to ask any question that you may have, because even if she’s built before-and there may be some changes in the process or changes in our process process, things that maybe we do differently, even if it’s also important to consider to keep changing, because we want to keep him prove to keep up with our competition with other custom homes broken arrow builders. And we want to be able to give our customer the very best product and were only able to do so. When we look back and reflect and improve on herself and that’s another reason that we have such a rigid process.

We are able to do things the same way, every time to see what area we do really need to focus on to see what area of the customer has questions about the most to see where we need to affect change for for our company to do the best job that we can for the salespeople to do the best job and be thorough as possible, with explaining the process for the client design studio so that they can be as transparent as possible with all of the options and all of the different ways that you can have selections options in that studio are drafting experts in our tractors to be there explanatory drafting up those this blueprint. Bixby New Homes It’s also really important for our construction managers to be able to contact our clients one-on-one when they are going to the build process. To make sure that every question is answered. We also want to make sure everything is finalized once we get to closing so making sure that we have everyone on board. For that exciting time, when you first get to transfer on hand to handle any type of questions like that for any custom, homes broken arrow build, we do want our customers to to feel 100% secure, which is why we have the process that we do here at shaw homes

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