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Bixby New Homes | Best Processes

Bixby New Homes | Best Processes

Getting back again talking about model home tours for you just discussing about so important as matter fact, we spend a ton of money and just taxes loan by having his house to sit on the ground that we don’t physically cell, so that people have the chance to walk through over and over and over and over again, can you imagine the kind of excitement it creates and that’s a lot of the reason why we are the number one builder especially custom home, broken, arrow builder and that’s factual, not an opinionated statement actual if you’re looking at revenue for building permits of the whole greater tulsa areaso, we are the number one builder. So we were discussing our first step of the process model home tour, which is a super cool stuff and a lot of fun and i. We get a chance to get to know you, the buyer. You get a chance to get to know us. The builder custom, home, broken, arrow builder, and it’s just a lot of fun is too casual environment. Super fun, i, discuss a little bit about the store and how we discuss function of a non function. For a bit because it’s so important, it’s easily the most overlooked, lmn of building or even buying for buyers out there in the market. What happens? Bixby New Homes Is people making emotional attachment to and instead of call value of a sunset in value they placed in the home. Understanding function?

It’s super nice to shop function because you needed to fit your lifestyle and we like to dive deep into that, because I’m not just tell my bedroom count bathroom count even bedroom bathroom, a garage count which is kind of what and how people shop I’m talking about flow of the home, the intimacy of the home, those kinds of things that littered more of a deeper signature, pro custom, home, broken, arrow builders. She don’t get a lot of and other builders, so again, functionally super important, I think I’m the kind of nail that one down a Bixby New Homes little bit so second little part of that tour is. We would not discuss price on the reason why we don’t discuss prices because we have a small, medium, large and extra-large version of all their homes. So what happens with prices? People determine if they can know how much you like a home if and by the way, if they can afford it or not happens all the time. I know I can’t afford this home i, don’t like it anymore or don’t take me to that home I can’t afford the home and I will or saying his woman. Take it as me how much as possible, because we have different sizes of that exact home. Same clothes same function same intimacy, so we wanted to take you in it because we can generally still build it. That’s generally speaking, Bixby New Homes I can’t make magic happen on the building market, but we can generally make it work so kind of crazy thought, but not to talk about price. That doesn’t mean i, don’t need to understand a budget because I mean I’m not going to take you to a 4000 square foot home. If you have, you know 1500 square foot budget, so yes, I mean we. We can’t there has to be some out.

There has to be some borders in mind and that that step is called the landings that we have three preferred lenders in the reason why we have three preferred lenders is because lending is very important. So say you go to quicken loans. We would need a full mortgage commitment from them. That means that they need to run you through underwriting and everything and not just give you a pre-approval, because what hap what happens if we start building a home and they can’t approve you anymore and you did it all, you did what you did everything right. You did everything I asked you two didn’t do any credit cards and buy a bunch of new stuff in and go buy a car. You are kept your credit score impact. Bixby New Homes You kept your job and it leaves your job. You kept, making the same amount of money or got even raise. You know you did everything and they all the sudden can approve you will how frustrated with you be as the buyer. How far should we be as the builder custom, home, broken, arrow builder or the fact is, we don’t have a relationship with quicken loans, so there’s not a trust, there’s no trust relationship established. So yes, we need a full mortgage. Commitment. Has your custom home broken arrow builder, whereas if you go use first, oklahoma bank, juan, rodriguez or ethan wagner, bank of oklahoma or even lexi at spirit bank, we have a trust, relationship. Cuz. Bixby New Homes We done hundreds of deals with these three lenders. They are also the two of the biggest financial institutions in tulsa. So generally people have some sort of account there and we just trust them to back their word, which is really really important. So whether you get pre-approved through one of those institutions are for mortgage commitment from somebody else. If you get that before the model home tour grade so cuz, then you can understand your budget. I have people all the time that come in they say. I can afford 250, but they can afford you really 300 or they say I can afford 300, but they really can’t afford to 50 generally, if you’re not a lender or have some sort of financial experience, you can usually don’t have the right budget had a guy come in the other day and he drives trucks in his budget was spot-on because he had done some work with the lender up front. He knew exactly where you needed to be, which was great, which means that I could show you more accurately what you would like to see.

It’s always kind of hard to see when I get people and I do get those people that come in and say I’m, not sure if my budget or they don’t want to tell you their budget. Listen we’re not out trying to push a house on you or push something you can afford. We don’t want that. So being honest about budget is always a good thing. I mean it’s just a good foot in the door. You know people have that uncomfortable feel because I don’t know you and they feel like you’re, trying to sell them. Something when, when they walk through your door, when will why are you walking through my door? Then I mean you’re here to see custom, home, broken, arrow, builders, shaw homes for model home? We didn’t chase you down and I’m, certainly not trying to push anything on you I’m excited to meet. You decided to help. Bixby New Homes You have a need week. We can meet that need very effectively, probably the best custom home, broken arrow builder, and we can meet that need then the best way that you’ll find so and building is super, exciting anyways. So the landing steps important, but it’s not necessarily the first that we need to do I mean sometimes i, just hate people out to see homes that aren’t even trying to build a home or buy a home. They just love. Looking at beautiful homes and, like i, said earlier about the teachers at my son’s school, who all ask me:one party of homes is and cuz I want to see beautiful homes they just they’re, not out shopping homes right now.

They just want to see beautiful home, so really cool model, home tour, still really cool step and lending is great. Understand budget before model home tour, but it can be done after model home to work and so I don’t want steps get convoluted here, but the first one is the model home to work. Now that model home tour talk a Bixby New Homes little bit more about practicality of it. What I mean about that is, you know we spend 30 years. We have their over 30 years of architectural experience and we spend a great deal of thought and designing the rooms and laying out the rooms away that we did and i. So if you can jump on the effort, work foundation and other people have laid. That means you’re going to start from a higher dimension. So why start at the bottom, when you think about our architectural stuff? Why not look at homes and just why not look at homes as a custom, home, broken, arrow builder? Why not go out and do the model home tour? Why do you? Why would you try to build a house without really looking at homes when you’ve done with their homes, you’re stepping through decades of people’s time and effort, thought money, and it’s such an advantage such an advantage in doing that I’m, not a home towards also more about the practicality they there 3 times a week, I personally do them again. My name is nigel or no.

My number is 918-518-1266 I personally, do these model home it’s horse, saturday mornings at 9, sunday at 5 and monday at 6 p.M. So it’s an amazing cool thing to do, but I personally, do these things and I would I found to be an awesome. Is that these model home tours generally speaking, are the highlight of people’s building? Insperience I only take out two to three families at the same time, so you know i, don’t like to take more than that in the reason. Bixby New Homes Why do you think that is it’s because custom, home broken arrow builders shaw homes? We want to make sure that we are attentive to all of our buyers needs, meaning that there is usually are a lot of questions that come up inside that tore the time that last about an hour and a half to two, and we want to be present and thoughtful and respectful and also available for people’s questions. I found that over after about two families, or so that it starts to get a lot of confusion. Cuz, you can’t get everybody’s questions, then also people don’t ask questions. Cuz I feel like they want to make sure that you have time, for others, Bixby New Homes just out of kindness, so 2 lb is usually what I do and I used to have all those toys book with that. The market here is insanely hot tulsa. Market is great right now, so super toilet or super cool

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