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Bixby New Homes | Bixby’s finest

Bixby New Homes | Bixby’s finest

I’M going to talk about home builders and, if you’re going in the area in your Google in Bixby home builders, you’re going to find a community is called the Estates at the river in Estates at the river is going to be located on 121st Street between Sheridan And yell it’ll be a little bit closer to the Sheraton, but it’s between Sheridan and Yale and it’s a beautiful Community sets on the south side of the road phase. One is available right now and in Phase 1 there’s about a hundred twenty for Homesite Phase 2. Once it’s open with your Pro-V a year year-and-a-half two years out, that’ll have a swimming pool for the community. If someone wanted to come into Estates at the river and get a one-story home, Bixby New Homes the prices are going to start around three hundred and we’ll start about 305,000. With lot included in there and then no kind of go up from there just depending on size that you’re wanting, but at least you can get in a really high-end Community for the price, and then I would say, Estates at the river is going to be one Of the nicest Premier, communities and Bigsby that we have to offer it’s going to be the most expensive and we have we have a two-story in there right now available and on the two-story version we’ve built the Monroe. It’S called the Monroe 1e. So it gives you a game room, a bedroom in a bath up the thing I love about Estates at the river, as it’s really nicely located near the Riverside Drive. It’S also going to be close to anybody that lives in that South area, and they want to stay in the area that, maybe they just want to you know be close to their current home, but have a really nice high-end Community will that’s going to be a space At the River Estates at the river is going to probably, Bixby New Homes I think, are most expensive home in there’s, probably going to be around 400,000 it’ll easily easily. I have some nice homes in there and all the homes that are in the states of the river, especially if you’re looking for Bigsby home builders and check out Shaw homes and check out that Community is so nice in there. I would say: there’s about 20 homes going up in there now, but there’s a lot more. That will be built this coming year.

One thing I think a lot of people have enjoyed about a states of the river is you can easily stay on Riverside Drive and it’ll kind of circle around where you can jump on the Creek Turnpike, I’m so you’re real close by to the creek to jinx. It is Bixby school, so a lot of people love that, because Bixby schools are, you know with well within a block away, eventually they’re going to have a new school system out there somewhere, but as far as Bigsby home builders Shaw homes going to offer you the Best for the price – and that’s probably going to be our most expensive, but still for 305,000. With lot included, you can get our most expensive high-end Bigsby community and have you a one-story home? Bixby New Homes We have what we call SpringHill Farms now Spring Hill Farms is going to give you a half acre plus home side. So if you’ve been Googling in the area under Bigsby home builders – and you want a half acre or more you’re going to want to see Spring Hill Farms now we can get people in Spring Hill Farms in the 80s, with a half acre included, and that’s really Really hard to find him Bigsby, especially with a custom builder, you might see other builders else where do certain things, but it’s not going to be anything like what we build and I know when people are saying and I’ve looked around, I’m looking at Bixby home builders And I just haven’t looked at Shaw, Bixby New Homes yet you’re definitely going to want to check it out, but Springhill Farms. The thing I love about. It is well the location you can get on Highway 75 and, as you go South exit off of 171st Street and it’s going to be located between Peoria and Harvard and completely surrounded by horse. Ranches beautiful white railing when you pull in you’ll, see a pond with the fishing pond with a fountain and it’s surrounded by heavily wooded area with asphalt, walking trails throughout the neighborhood.

So people that want that peaceful Serenity of the country. But they want to be close enough to jump on the highway or get to amenities, that’s going to be Spring Hill Farms and on R1 stories, you’re looking in the to 80s, with a half acre included, that’ll get you three bedrooms: a private study plus a flex Room Plus at formal, dining and you’re, looking we’ve got to plans that we offer so in Big Sur home builders. If you’re looking for a one-story plan, one of our one-story plans is 2400 square feet and the other one is going to give you close to 2700 square feet in a one-story and then it’ll Step Up 2 2-story plans and ours to two-story plans are giving her Going to give you four bedrooms, plus a study plus a game room 3 full baths and of course all of our houses are going to include a three-car garage. Bixby New Homes But you can’t beat that on a half-acre I mean as far as Bixby home builders you’re. Looking at. Oh my gosh you’re, looking at roebic septic system, we include post., So you’re going to have saw it on the bigger portion of the yard. We’Re going to include the metal culvert in. I haven’t ever seen a Bixby home builder. That’S going to give you that, not for the to eighties and a half acre with a beautiful, beautiful, surrounded, neighborhood I mean outside of this neighborhood are nothing but horse. Ranches and people keep their properties of killing out there I mean we’ve built some homes that are easily 380,000 and we’ve also got 280000, but for a half acre to be in Bixby schools in a great location, you’re going to want to check out Shaw homes and Look at our Spring Hills, Farms, location the thing I love about Spring Hill Farms or it’s been so popular. Bixby New Homes We almost sold out. I think we got down to two home sites of come in my model and they say you know I’ve been looking at Bixby home builders. I want to check out what show offers. I want Bixby schools, but we just want space. We don’t want to be on top of our neighbor, then I tell him you don’t have to look at Bigsby homebuilders anymore. You found your spot. You just need to go to check out Spring Hill Farms matter fact.

There was a couple recently and I told them all I want you to do – is drive out there and you’re going to be calling me back to reserve your home side and that’s exactly what happened. They literally drove out there and within 30 minutes they said. There’S a lot: we want lot 11 block one, and so our next step was price out, but as far as Bigsby we’ve got five great locations with the shaw homes they’re going to start, you know I mean you could get in it in the 270 and then It’Ll go up to the to 80s and then up to the 300. If you want the most high-end property that we have but Bigsby home builders Shaw homes is going to give you the best locations for the money with all the included features that you would ever dream of now in Spring Hill Farms, it’s a half acre community and Our half acre communities. We only have one, that’s a Premier Community. This is not considered Premier, but with the 15,000 you’ll, be able to add everything that your heart desires in there. So I would say, come check out Shaw homes, Bixby, home builders. Look at Spring Hill Farms is an option. Bixby New Homes If you want to half acre plus I’m some of the corners run a little bit over half acre, but we bought every single lot that they had available and I should sale and we bought all the land they had available in that area. And I’m telling you we’re almost sold out the 10, the 10 that we just purchased. They won’t even be here at 2 months now, they’ll be gone. So if you’re looking for Bigsby home builders, you want Shaw, you want to come, see, Shaw homes. You want to see what are ,000 Williford you in a home you’ll be able to get hardwood flooring, crown molding, Bixby New Homes headers, upgraded iron front door. I don’t even know what else you would want to add. Tiled shower you’ll be able to get every single bit of those items with our new incentive and, if you just want to be in the 270 SO2 70s than you can use, Just the Ten Grand off with our incentive instead of ,000 upgrade just take ,000 off The price but Bigsby home builders Shaw homes, 5 Bigsby communities to choose from you can get in as Lowes at 270. Right now, with our incentive and you’ll want to come and see us and there’s nothing like it and out of all the Bigsby home builders, we give you the 10-year structural warranty, best price best locations, hands down, come see, Shaw homes,

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