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Experience Oklahoma's Highest and Most Reviewed Home Builder

Experience Oklahoma's Highest and Most Reviewed Home Builder

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Bixby New Homes | Brooklyn Builds

Bixby New Homes | Brooklyn Builds

Bixby New Homes When going over, the price out really want to make sure that you talk about every option that each bixby home builder will be will be doing. You want to make sure that you get all of the auction discussed and talked about so that you can get the pricing for all of his options and unless those customers now what all of the options are everything from exterior interior kitchen countertops and needs some random items that you might want to think about as well. You want to make sure that you discuss all of these options so that your customer knows exactly when they are building with bixby home builder, exactly what the cost will be to build, and we don’t want to have any surprises show up in the  Bixby New Homes design studio, and so that’s why we’ve made this kind of exhaustive price out checklist to go over all of the options that are going and they’re going to need to be discussed when looking at a price out. I just want to tell you what some of those are special some of the paper ticket items. You really need to know what the pricing are on. Those items and its effects be humbled. Are we know that it’s important for our customers to on this item, because that might make a significant difference as to what Bixby New Homes or what floor plan I need to I need to resync what amenities putting in that home care of the home type of exterior materials? Does the customer want a multitude of options and that we, as a fixie home builder, all four sides of our heritage series homes will come with brick as far as the options within brick that can be discussed in design studio, that’s not going to affect the price. Unless you are thinking about painting that brick, that will be an additional charge. Would you be interested at looking at stucco stucco with that you want to discuss with your with your client as well. We see a lot of bixby home builders, offer different exterior, hidden somewhere else or hidden within those items as well. So you just like to be upfront and patience of the stone are going to be. If that’s, what you choose, or both options, you’re going to see what stone is to have it ordered or dry stacked. The dry stack is going to be a little because that is going to be shipped auction there. As far as pricing for stuff that’s also available. The the garage doors are also going to be available to see prices there hardware overlay garage door, and you can also a garage door also if you would like pricing for full gutters on all four sides. What comes standard is gutters on the front of the home. If you would like any additional hosts tickets available sprinklers that you would like price for the hell, you are premier community sprinklers are going to come standard and you would like to have a sprinkler system put in if you would like pricing for any additional waterproof plugs or any additional coach lamps or flood lights. That’s also going to be available. Another option here is going to be. If you would like to add a gas stub to that back. Patio as well, is a really important, so there are options, knotty, alder door as well, so all of this door types are going to be a little bit different, but we want to make sure options for you in the interior if you would like to have any additional locations where you desire, day, the game room and the great room. So if you would like to also available at this time, we also offer an hdmi just seeing any wires hanging from the tv personally. I think that this is us for the cost. I think this is a a really great option here we see a lot of xp homebuilders, utilizing these and I think that they’re I think it’s just a really convenient way to store all of those those cables, 4th bedroom or 5th bedroom. Most of the time you’ll see this used in the great room, especially if they’re going to have that television over the mantle I see this just about every time. I kind of convenient all right, the kitchen, the kitchens were important parts of the house and it’s a bixby home builder. We like to be able to to estimate and to give an exact price on all the options that you’d like to add in that kitchen comments are going to be where we first really love. First, the size of the cabinet design, three horizontal stripe next to door solid glass door, also be home builders. We see a lot of people using that just to get that trash can off the floor and out of sight so that you’re not having to dig through pots and pans. What will come standard will be half shelf the pot and pan drawer is. This is definitely one of the most popular I would say:it’s just makes it real refrigerator, cabinet wall, that’s just to give a little bit more of those refrigerators and to make it look a little bit more polished to give you a few extra inches when you are using a stovetop, the spice rack Bixby New Homes

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