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Bixby New Homes | Focused on You

Bixby New Homes To 818 podcast 6 matthew, so what a lot of people always ask me home builders? They look for the best of the best and that’s always going to be shot home, so we can do is also i, always recommend that when you come into our homes, you always go into a bottle home to her model. Home tours are going to be something we do. Every weekend, saturday sunday monday saturday at 9 a.M. Sundays at 5 p.M. And is at 6 p.M. Take several families. At the same time, we take her own vehicle that way. If any emergency ever comes up, you can just cut and run if you have to and what we always do. We look at for the function behind the flow of the floor plan in mn. What’s there for you, if it really fits your style and your living situation, I mean we’ve developed the planet fitness 30 years of our experience, thousands of comments from customers over the past walkthrough model home told us what works. What doesn’t work until like minions and says, you’re, seeing a second or third version of a home that we redesigned the refill? What I always say is if you’re looking for bixby home builders, you found the right one, because we have the process, it really sets in place and we go through our process of what we do and how we do it. One of the key aspects is the home site reservation and then moving to purchase agreement what’s required to purchase, because then you found shaw homes. Well, shaw homes hear what we’ve done properly and enjoy the process of building a new home. Bixby New Homes So what we do from taking a home set reservations, $1,000, refundable, deposit for 7 days that holds the property and takes it all star software, because I do have 14 other sales managers to at any given time working with 10 to 20 customers a month and i, never know who is looking at which property, so there could be contention and to avoid contention between customers and sales people. What we do is we offer free homes that reservation with the customer to reserve the home site for seven days to think about it, pray about it, concern it logically pros and cons to see if it proper for them, $10,000 is not cash and what we do is we use that to basically a holding fee if it’s not to move forward with bixby home builders best builder. What we do is we give you the $1,000 back to you. If you do choose to afford, then what we will do is we will go to what’s called purchase agreement since we pulled the construction loan in any of our communities where you don’t have to worry about that financing issue cuz. We pull that for you and build a home for you to your specifications, colors and designs that we ask for a handshake of sorts of monetary exchange services for proctor. What not there really is no deal for the contract to be legitimate. We have to have some type of money, transfer and i. Also the secondary reason. Bixby New Homes More influential reason is that we’re pulling a $250,000 construction loan on your home. We ask that you come with a certain amount of money to a sub from 0 to $250,000 purchase price for a $5,000 earnest money, deposit and out of that $5,000 that $1,000 you put towards your home. That reservation will be included in that. So you giving us $1,000 a week ago and at purchase agreement, 7 days later. All we require additional to total $5,000 for deposit $2,000 purchase price. Now, if we do go up in price, so does the deposit. So if we go from $250,000 to $300,000, that is now a deposit requirement of $10,000 earnest money. $2,000 is subtracted from that. So when you looking at bixby home builders here in the tulsa area, you find shaw homes and we have a beautiful process and beneficial for the deposit. Helps you as well from 300 to $350,000 its $15,000 in earnest. Money at star are monetary handshake. We ask of you think $300 in north. We ask for 5% of the purchase price, and this is just the multiple reasons, but it also helps us understand that you are serious about building your home and you excited about and we’re not going to pull the money and build a home in a piece of property that you chose now and then walk away from it. So it’s just way to protect all parties involved and it is truly the way that we make a legal, binding purchase agreement with. That being said, all the money that you deposit here with shaw home, since we are bixby home builder, not go to a vacation fund, us I’m, your down payment when you close in your home 30 to 60 days prior. Bixby New Homes So when you do make a $10,000 deposit on a $275,000 home that $10,000 now goes towards your down payment on the home. So if you were putting down $20,000-and you gave us $10,000 at $10,000, if your home will be transferred into your down payment-is your mortgage., so hopefully that all made sense. Now, if you have any questions, please refer to any of the sales managers and any of our model homes around the area. Since you are looking at bixby home builders here in bixby, we do have the estates of the river model home and also the somerset model home, both of which are going to be on 121st and sheridan right around the area we have more scattered throughout broken, arrow, bixby and jinx as well, when moving in glenpool in owasso, so keep an eye out for those. If you have an upcoming interest in this community store locations, I would always say that when you are looking for bixby home builders be number one in many aspects, will there be all the options that we provide all the features that would provide floor plans five to seven hundred developments coming in the future. Bixby New Homes

Bixby New Homes We have some great new developments coming in the next couple of months and years that we have planned out, ready to be develops and encourage you to check those out. We always say that if you are even in the slightest interest curious about getting a new home, you need to come on to a model home to her, because the first thing it does our process and how the buying home process could be handled. And, furthermore, you are becoming very educated, a mixed construction process and what to expect. So, when you do happen to venture to other builders which may occur, then you are going to be privy to the knowledge that you should know about what state was included, which builder is legitimate, oklahoma state we do not have to have a building permit to build home, so any joe blow can go start up a home, building company and build homes in 6 months so background. You know it is extremely trustworthy going to be receiving with straw home. We set your expectations appropriately. We make sure that you were fully informed before having moving forward on any of our segments of our process model home tour, whether it be there homesite reservation price out the purchase agreement, construction phase, design studio, any of those options that we offer. Bixby New Homes We make sure that you are fully informed before we do so and let you come home with all the scenario ahead of you and it’s going to be very fun, the rest and in the field and what you’re looking for new construction. There’s a lot of areas that it’s good to be knowledgeable on if you’re interested for model home, glenpool, jenks, broken, arrow, tulsa, all of which encouraged to come on out with you-have all of our staffed model model home tours that we have every saturday, sunday and monday. We go on those get a lot of education see some beautiful have fun with the process, because this is your dream home with your first. Your last will make sure to make it your best, and we are very happy to have the courage to take the input that you might have four properties of our development of our homes. With all the information that you’ve. Given us. What you’re? Looking for criteria wise, we can definitely open up the options and possibilities for you to make sure that you get the most bang for your dollar and also the greatest home for you enjoy. So we look forward to seeing you on two guys and thank you so much Bixby New Homes

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