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Bixby New Homes | Great Kitchens

Bixby New Homes | Great Kitchens

Okay, that show homes custom, homes, broken arrow, if you go on to our website at shaw, homes.Com and I am actually trying to pull up the website right now. If you go and select find your home and the floor plan collection, you can see all of the different floor plans that are available now on the screen. Keep in mind some of the floor plans are going to be forced to let communities only go for it. Bixby New Homes Silverleaf actually starting price point will be, and so custom homes broken arrow. Some of those four point you’re really going to want to talk to a sales manager in that location. Unfortunately, silverleaf and crystal creek in tucson village, there’s only select majors that you can work and I am not one of those, so I can help you out with our heritage series and on our heritage series. We’ve got 60 for different floor plans. A lot of those floor plans. You know if the customer is it something that you are wanting to inquire a pending on. What does customs are is something that we can discuss about whether or not it is something that we can or cannot do, but typically, with the 64 floor plans being your options a lot of times, we end up finding something where you may not need a custom on it.

So, on the floor plan collection, this is where you can still like the floor plan. Look at the layout, some of them even have walkthrough videos. Some of them will even have a photo torso for infants, I’m looking at the cross, I said cheese and on the crescent p. If you select the photo tour, there’s actual photos of what this home looks like, which kind of helped out a lot, especially if looking at just a floor plan in itself is a little bit more difficult to read for you and you can select through and view the kitchen the great room at the layout of the appliances you can see the size of, for instance, like the master bedroom in the furniture that we had in there. So that way you can see. You know it’s a lot easier to gauge the room size when there’s actual furniture in there and that’s why the model home tour is also so helpful because we do take you to fully furnished and decorated home, so custom homes, broken arrow, when your taking a look we’ll have video as well, and some of them will not you’re just going to want to scroll through here in play around with all of the different options that we have. The particular model that I currently sitting is called the monroe one eye, and this is located in bixby and a community named estates at the river now on the website. Bixby New Homes The picture of the monroe that’s on here is my particular model. Monroe has 15 different versions and as of custom homes broken arrow, there are different customizations that we can do. We do have a model home located in a broken arrow. Community called the reserves at spring creek. That particular model does have a lot of custom that we put in so for infants, in the dining room, you’re going to get wings cutting and in the great room you have. The tic-tac-toe ceiling in our community called the village of southern trails you’re, going to get some custom options in there as well. So, for instance, in the neck, we have a wooden bench like a bench seat on window bench, seat options. So another thing to keep in mind with custom homes, broken arrow.

You can also do these custom cities such as bixby, since we filled in bixby and, of course, of course broken arrow. But once again it’s all really just a matter of what it is that you’re looking for and needing in your home, custom homes, broken arrow. So once again on the website, if your on shaw homes.Com, you can slept on find your home. This is going to give you a drop-down box, and you have you can do the communities that we’re currently also our move-in-ready homes or homes that we have on the ground. Some of them will be intending status because we have sold quite a few of our Bixby New Homes homes in the past couple of weeks, you’re going to see the selection of the model homes that we take, you on tour and then once again, the floor plan collection. The next one over is going to be the home buyers corner. This is just going to give you some basic information so help by invasive the construction process. Our preferred lenders go on here. We actually now have three so you’re going to see first oklahoma mortgage with juan, rodriguez and bank of oklahoma with ethan wagner. We have now also added lexi games with spirit. They do have some special promotions going on currently and then under the preferred lenders are going to see the design studio when you select on the design, studio. I’m.

Sorry, let me go back just so. You know, even though there’s not pictures of the design studio on our website design studio is located at our home office. It’s on 71st and 145th. You will have all of your design studio appointments right there at the home office -, your lighting, your lighting will be done. We have a lot of selections when it comes to our design studio, Bixby New Homes so it would have just completely filled up the page underneath our quality assurance program. This is where you’ll find our warranty information there’s also a q&a section now for the gallery, which is right next to the home buyers corner, you can select on kitchen or master suite, or we have a video gallery where you can watch some videos, but this is just going to show you some different options of our kitchens that we have currently in our model, homes, which can be very helpful, especially when you are in a design studio process, because there may be some cabinets that you were looking at.

Another helpful one is going to be the master suite. Also, the exterior exterior will be very helpful to break and siding or stucco and stone entry full on brick. You could see the different options that we have on our model homes, and then the video gallery is very helpful. This is going to show you some different that we have some of the homes that we’ve already currently have sold. You are able to worry about it. We can build one for you Bixby New Homes

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