Experience Oklahoma's Highest and Most Reviewed Home Builder

Experience Oklahoma's Highest and Most Reviewed Home Builder

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Bixby New Homes | Greatest Company

Bixby New Homes | Greatest Company

Shaw homes is the biggest Broken Arrow home builder in town for the biggest home builder company and being a broken arrow home builder in the biggest Broken Arrow home builder. We have lined out the process to be very easy and smooth for you. So the first thing that we do is we will take you on a model home tour. Your sales manager, whoever you’re working with the first appointment, is going to be to schedule out your model home tour. Typically, on average, they will run about 90 minutes you’re going to be without probably anywhere from 6 to 12 homes, depending on what it is that you’re looking for these homes are all going to be fully furnished and decorated. Bixby New Homes You’Re going to drive in your own car, which is great so that way if an emergency happened, you know you can leave at any time. Cuz you’ll have your own vehicle during the model home tour yeah. We don’t really go for pricing. That’S going to be your next appointment, so that way, there’s no pressure. It’S us talking about the functionalities of each tell me why they were created, and it’s simply just you know, information only on all the different floor plans, you’re going to see amazing floor plans at how versatile they are and whether you are shopping for a one-story or A two-story, even all, of our model homes are typically built in the largest form, so we can kind of let you know you know what it would look like if it was a one-story.

Typically, where the stairs are Nina, it may turn into a coat closet or something, and it’s a lot of fun and, like I said, there’s no pressure, you know being being a broken arrow home builder in the best Broken Arrow home builder. The model home tour is the number one thing that people say that they find the most educational and useful, whether they build with us or purchase a used home or go to a different Builder. Bixby New Homes  They found that our model home tour, what’s the most educational and fun part of their home shopping experience. So after your model home tour, then you know we need to talk about your financing. We do have to Preferred lenders, Bixby New Homes one with Bank of Oklahoma, Ethan Wagner and Juan were Rodriguez with first Oklahoma. They are to Preferred lenders. This is where you want to discuss with them about the types of loan that you might you looking at, so whether it’s a conventional loan FHA PA native American Loan, a rule loan. The great thing about our preferred lenders, both of them, is that they will price match rates. So if you’re quoted a lower rate with another company, they will price match it go go over. The monthly quotes a monthly payments. It takes about 5 minutes for the application. In 24 hours for process, it’s real, quick and easy and they’re amazing to work with, but the good thing about this is once you get this and place. You’Ll know exactly what you’re comfortable with spending anal top of that you know.

We don’t want you to fall in love with something that you can’t afford. Step number 3 is going to be the Homesite reservation. This takes ,000 deposit ,000 check. It is refundable. For 7 days, so you don’t need a rush on making a decision. You can switch it from one location to another in those 7 days and you can take your time get all your questions answered. We don’t even cash the check we hold on to that check, Bixby New Homes but that check is what separates the serious buyers and then on serious buyers. The great thing about reserving the Homesite is that we’re able to pull it out of the system and no other managers can look at it with another customer because there’s a total of 13 managers and we don’t know who’s. Looking at what and homesites you know, they’re one of a kind, we can duplicate homes, but we can’t duplicate the land. So if there’s one that you like, because the size what it’s facing the direction, what it’s around you know, you definitely want to get it off. The market, at least until you know, for a fact whether or not you want to build with us and then number for this is going to be your price out. Bixby New Homes This is where you get your itemized list. It’S about a 45-minute meeting. You will know down to the dollar how much it’s going to cost to build your house, there’s going to be tons of options at your sales manager will go over, including the exterior of your house in the interior of your house. There’S no surprises on price.

A full itemized list that you get to leave with your price out is not your set in stone. You are allowed to make these changes even after contract when you’re in the design studio and then finally going to be your purchase agreement. Your purchase agreement you’re going to watch a very informative video about a 1 hour meeting during the purchase agreement. You want to make sure that all of your structural options are final and your home site selection is final. Your colors don’t have to be vinyl. The finishes. Do not have to be final, traditional deposits will be due. Your mortgage approval need to be. Do we need to know if this is going to be a contingent contract? Is there a delay a build, Bixby New Homes and then you sign your paperwork intern in your deposit and then you are done with that portion during the video. Typically after you watch the video very few people have questions after that, because it’s so informative during the whole entire process. What happens during the process the build process, a schedules, the different layouts trades, but the most important thing is making sure that all of your Customs are turned in whether or not your house is going to be right, side, garage or left side garage

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