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Bixby New Homes | Homes unlike anywhere else

Bixby New Homes | Homes unlike anywhere else

Yo studios I was doing a nice long rant about government, shutdowns, bixby new homes builders, I think I’m just going to keep going with that for a while something I find hilarious. As I mentioned, nothing seems to skip a beat when the government shuts down. They say that when that happens, I don’t see it i. Guess we lose money because we’re paying government sees me essential government personnel to not work but again, I use, expand, expand government regulations, all that good jazz I would be absolutely terrified of a government shutdown, because the whole premise of your argument is that you know, and this socialized era of government. We need the government to step in and provide all of the services we need and government to regulate and and to provide all these very necessary services. And you know we’re more relieved. We we don’t care about the poor or the old for the mentally diseased or the addicted right. Yeah I’d be terrified if I was a government, a big government, lefty bixby new homes builder, because what happens when the government shutdown at least like clear skies man nobody’s like oh, my god, because the government was shut down the world’s very concerned at the american people finding that out and in some cases like in California, New York, you know, 60, plus percent of our income goes to the taxation and I’m like I’ve, been real worried about. That seems, like a stalker basically says like if you were a minor and you were brought over by your parents into the country illegally, you shouldn’t have to be deported because of that which, because, on the one hand it’s like that I mean that does seem fair. You know, I’m in their parents, chose to break the law. I get that I get that i. Get that, let’s be clear. America is the greatest country on earth. You are asked if you’re forced to leave the country, and even if you got to go to England country on earth, I mean so you’re punishing somebody for the sins of their father, which it does seem wrong. It does seem wrong and I feel for people like that. Don’t even speak another language, but on the other hand the problem is, is the president that it sets.

So what happened when Obama passed that law minor started flocking to the us in huge numbers? Many of them would come unaccompanied children, you know because they were miners. So what happened during the Obama administration was under age. So, yes, i, think the principal and the heart is in the right place with daca the same time. That doesn’t mean that every kid on planet earth gets to live in america. You know, in fact, that we can’t we simply can’t take them all. I love every single kid. That’s abused, I’d love to help every single kid. I really would, but it’s just not practical, and especially in a time when we as a nation economy, has been stagnant, at least for the past 8 years of the Obama administration under trump. So that’s good. But to me you know the simple fact remains:we can’t take care of everybody, not everybody gets to be an american and as hard as that is to swallow, you have to realize that it wouldn’t be america. If we did that, then we would be a third world country. We would teach us like that. Bixby New Homes We would not. We don’t have the resources, it’s just. What makes a lot of sense. He says it’s a big deal. It’s the democrats on the left. The democratic leadership is unwilling to compromise in any regard to dhaka. So in order for america 2 2 beep, the problem is most of them on some type of government assistance. Even if I know what you’re saying yeah most of them have to go to the hospital and go to work school and it’s something that they they’re not paying for they’re, not paying for it. The taxpayers are, and so the more people that come in that use the services that don’t into it the more strain and puts on everyone else, and we are now the republicans are to blame for the national debt crisis as democrats are making deals with each other left and right tire careers.

So the republicans want the big, strong military budget, the democrats and the problem is so much money to go around and you cannot have both a robust, modern, well-armed military and all these social welfare programs. There’s just not enough money to do both and the problem is they both been scratching each other’s back debt and that’s just what we know about. We have tons and tons of unfunded liabilities with medicare and medicaid very interesting situations that are rarely talked about. Unfunded liabilities could be as much as four times as you stayed and listened to. This rant try to really look at all sides of an argument and they’re unable to examine dojo points on either side of an issue, but I just think that is the absolute you know. What is your thought, but at the end of the day, if you listen to somebody and so smart unless of course, you’re so I’m, sorry again about that, so so ashamed and just very sorry:okay that’ll do it, then shaw homes, bixby new homes builders, fair and balanced by. Bixby home builder, driving over to silver leaf over there get going, is pretty light. I need to set up an appointment to take my car in just pretty brand new car. Pretty so that’s kind of exciting bunch of birds supplement causing heartburn I am now heading. First I need to see the movie over get ready for that picked up a lot of my open house signs as well you’re a what else? Whatever reason there is a brown, Bixby New Homes this area away, that’s cool what else? What else are my favorite? A winter vacation ideas listening to little, rich eisen dan patrick is my favorite sport crap out of me,

I think it’s probably a pretty common thing see what else girl on social media type of my wife, i? Have friends really comes down to just have to constantly I do not have pretty houses right now. That would be a problem. Let’s see what else they were, they were pretty bad I mean it was fine. There was an earthquake which caused the lot of issues. I’ve ever had recommend cruises to anybody, get a really good meal bingo cards on the ship. Let me do that normally I’m complaining, first newark community, center I would like to go i, don’t think we can get the next one. Let’s go back to another winter vacation, while she’s in nursing school to a beach where we can scuba dive I would love to go, spend a couple days doing that you can relax on the beach doing a cruise different destinations next to the caribbean broken arrow home builder, almost home I am very excited about this. Everything was from here looks like most thank you for listening.

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