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Bixby New Homes | Matthew doing it right

Bixby New Homes | Matthew doing it right

Bixby New Homes To 5:18 podcastone matthew, so until today about the wonderful company, we are shaw homes, bixby home builders. Best builder now will say this that grow in the homes that we build. A quality that we have the process is always increasing with our customers. They realize that they looking at bixby home builders, we always pop up as number one reason for this is because of our education level towards the customer and how we want them to actually see the process experience. Bixby New Homes The process realize what the process, and that is the process, can be very fun, and the reason for that is because you know we have a process in place that allows you to be educated and take all the worry and anxiety away from the situation and I will say this:that a lot of people have the expectations in the understanding that he know the possibility of having worries and anxieties and fears and headaches with the process of design and experiencing all these things in a negative connotation of negative stigma of the building industry. Has some people view this as a fun opportunity up front, and then they choose a random builder who only builds for 5 homes a year and hasn’t been established? It’s good, it doesn’t matter. The point is time, regardless of which direction you choose to go when you’re building a new home there can always be concerns and worries and out, and sometimes those are exacerbated increased because of the person you chose to build your home of the company that you chosen to build your home, and this ultimately turns out to relay this, isn’t place better communication and place where you text or get a call or ask question, doesn’t take two or three weeks to get back to the customer. Bixby New Homes That is a big sign in their eyes that they’re in good hands. So we try our best to make sure that we have quick communication on all fronts, whether it be the sales, the management or the construction crews, regardless of how it is. We went your process to be smooth and transacted nicely as bixby home builders best builder hear shaw homes, one of the main reasons. That is because we take the initiative up front to set the expectation properly to the customer, the case a lot of times what occurs in people’s ideals of building a home is when they go in, they ask for five questions before they go to purchase agreement before they purchase the home and start the process in those questions sometimes take weeks to get back to most builders that are in our area. Unfortunately, floors are guttering more whatever it was. You just laid out there and give an example, because the pricing is not in software. The pricing on paper, it’s in books, it’s in the and sometimes different pricing for each individual, how the far the distance is and what not. But here at the shop, we have a process in place that immediately upon the questioning of how much does something cost immediately? You’ll get a return dancer. We have software with live active software. We have four hundred thousand options in that software to her. If we can include an option or delete an option from what we are offering to in your addendum of how your home is built, then guess what you’ll immediately know within seconds minutes of your question, which is very imperative, is specifically on the satisfaction of the emotional standpoint of a customer being happy with their build in the process of making sure that answers are given quickly as well as we have a process in place which makes the customers feel at ease. Doing so, give them an opportunity to feel satisfied and feel happy with what is coming about with the process of the bill. You know as far as the best builder, when you look for that best builder, you always find shop, and this isn’t just a numbers thing. This is also a satisfaction customer wise and as far as the volume in which we build equality at which we built the options in which we have to build on the offer, the floor plans that we offer in the options that we offer to anybody to try to test that fact in this industry. The other builders have anything to compete with us. Now there are certain design, designs and styles of home, which are different elevations in different architecture. That I understand. Other builders use shop really like this is a free society. However, I would say that the general population are in thrall and love all of our designs, 10 architects in house, but we also use thousands of customer comments over the past couple of years that have walked through our homes and popular trends to redesign and rebuild our home, based on that which gives us, when people see our homes from the curb they walk inside and sierra, designs and cr architecture and see the flow of a home, they ultimately know they like most of it, if not all of it, and he walks through our doors, loves, are homes. So we’ve done this on purpose, and this allows us, as bixby home builders best builder, to present ourselves and a light where, yes, we might not have every design, as far is exterior farmhouse, looker, very modern, all these different things, but for our town for city and for what generally people love in oklahoma, we are the most generally accepted. As far as design goes. We are the most relevant. We are the most adequate design in architectural symmetric and also the design inside of the home, with the line of sight issues that some of the builders have we here with us, you would fix, be home builders best builder and that won’t be there to that, won’t be a case so about her design. Bixby New Homes

Bixby New Homes One of the reasons we are so good and I was honest because you, the customer walks through her home all of ar-15 model homes that we typically have, on average anywhere from 12 to 15 model homes that are fully furnished and decorated. These homes, people walk to every single day, were always office for always accompanying our neighborhood builders. Most of the time you never see a person in the home. This means that there can’t be face-to-face interaction and curiosities about the house can’t be answered. This is our staff with hours posted until you can always come into our home and see all their homes, and this is why, because we have so many comments from so many customers walking through, we take all their advice and all their suggestions, positive in in correct manner. We will pass along and that information will get the design of the pride and ego what they think looks good and they’re, not taking market consideration, they’re, not taking the market analysis for not taking a study group of any sort we have concurrent week-to-week month to month of year to year. We take all the information from all of our customers and helps us build a better company, Bixby New Homes because we are answering what you guys want. We provide that information up front. We hope that you guys are always in here with us to help design the homes and give us positive expectations of what you’re, looking for and I will continually make adjustments necessary to make sure that we have the most relevant, up-to-date and trinity home. That allows us, as sales managers take in consideration what people want and how their reaction to the trends, which generally are extremely well, it’s been received, and that’s because, in the parade of homes, we do have more words than any of the builder for the most awarded builder. Generally. Most of those were there for the interior, decor and design of a home, which is vitally important when it comes to the satisfaction of customers so come on out to any of our most near model. Homes to you, I speak with one of our sales manager about 2 hours, and you can see how pretty homes learn a lot about the process become educated with shaw homes and be with bixby home builders. Best you’ll see anywhere that you going to appreciate all of your input Bixby New Homes

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