Experience Oklahoma's Highest and Most Reviewed Home Builder

Experience Oklahoma's Highest and Most Reviewed Home Builder

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Bixby New Homes | Most Affordable

Bixby New Homes | Most Affordable

Shaw homes is the largest, Broken Arrow home builder. I think you know, honestly when it comes to Shaw homes, we really make your home buying experience very smooth and easy, and a lot of fun being one of the biggest Broken Arrow home builder in town. It also comes with a lot of options: a very knowledgeable sales staff after your model, home tour, it’s completed and you’ve got your floor plan narrow down to your top favorite. What your sales manager will do is set up the next appointment, which is the price out appointment. This appointment alone separates us from pretty much any other Broken Arrow home builder in town. We’Ve got absolutely nothing to hide. So during this appointment we will discuss with you everything that can be put into your future house exterior, including interior. Bixby New Homes This appointment will roughly take about 45 minutes, like I said before, this is seriously the appointment that separates us from all the other Broken Arrow home builders. We will discuss the different options during your model home tour. You were given a packet and that packet includes the different floor plans and a separate sheet of included features. The included features is exactly what it says: they’re included, so there’s no additional charges for the included features. The price out appointment will have everything, that’s included and we’ll discuss different options with you for you to upgrade.

For instance, if you are in a Premier Community, such as Village of Southern Trails, which is located right on a hundred and 1st and between 129th, which is Olive and 145th, which is also known as Aspen, this is a premier neighborhood and in this Premier Community. There are certain items that you will automatically get included, such as 3cm granite in the kitchen is an included option in this community, however, granite in the bathrooms is not included. So if you would like to upgrade those countertops in the bathroom to maybe it to CM granite or a 3 cm granite, there is a fee for that, even in the kitchen, if you wanted upgrade from a granite to quarts, there is a fee for that. Some of the included options in your home will be tile in the wet areas such as your bathrooms and kitchen, and Nook laundry room and your entry, Bixby New Homes the rest of the rooms, will have carpet, but popular Trend. Right now that I have been noticing personally is wood. Tile throughout the first floor, they are very durable and one of the benefits about tile, as you don’t have to worry about water damage such as. If you were to get water damage in the kitchen and you had wood floors in the kitchen, I won’t have to worry about that another included option in a Premier Community.

It’S going to be tile in the master shower now. This is going to be based off of the included selection, that included tiles that you will see in the design studio. You do have an option of upgrading the types of tile, but that will have a cost. As of your lighting, you will have the lighting allowance and that is based on whether or not you are building a one-story or a two-story home. Your lighting allowance appointment Bilby, stuffed bread and it will be in a separate location at Andrew’s Lighting here in Tulsa Oklahoma. Your lighting allowance for a one-story home is going to be ,500 and 2000 for a two-story home. Another thing: that’s included on all of our communities that people really do love is our gas cooktop. You got a 30 in Whirlpool gas cooktop, a Whirlpool dishwasher in a Whirlpool microwave, that’s built in when you’re at the design studio. You do have an option of upgrading it and then so those are just some of the options. Bixby New Homes The main thing about this appointment is the fact that you’re going to know exactly how much everything cost so even the tile in the entry you’re going to know exactly how much that cost for that area, and this is where you and your partner or whoever is Involved in purchasing the home with you, you guys can kind of go through these options and see what’s important and what’s not, and really you have a choice of getting the price down to where you are comfortable with location in square footage has a lot to do With it, too, but the upgrade that you put inside of your home, you know this is going to really make a big difference on your purchase price, and this is what separates us.

You know hangs down from pretty much any other Broken Arrow home builder, because you will have an itemized list of every little thing and how much it cost to build your house and other Broken Arrow home builders do not do that. They do not write things down. They don’t want you to walk away with something on paper, whether they’re worried about people finding out or they’re, not being honest, and we let you leave with an itemized list down to the penny of how much it’s going to cost, because we have absolutely nothing to Hide here at Shaw homes when it comes to price and how much your future house is going to cost you to build with us. Bixby New Homes This is an amazing opportunity that you are not going to be able to find anywhere else so make sure you get in touch with the people over at Shaw Homes and see how they can get you everything that you are looking for whenever it comes to Bixby New Homes. be sure to call them today at the number 918-688-5660 and see how they are going to be able to help you today. Go on their website and take a look at the things that they are going to be able to help you with. Get in touch with them today and see how they can help.

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